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Uncommitted Prospect Rundown: Top Prospects

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With 2019 coming to a close and the 2020 high school season quickly approaching there are a handful of talented uncommitted prospects that are likely to attract the attention of a few programs. Our boot-on-the-ground scouting team have seen 500+ players at showcase events, all with dreams of playing baseball at the next level. Several prospects have performed well over the course of the year and PBR shines a spotlight on some of those prospects as the year comes to a close. The "Uncommitted Spotlight" is meant to cast a brighter light onto 2020 talent still looking for a place to call home next fall. Below is a rundown of the top uncommitted prospects from the 2020 and 2021 classes.

* Players named are uncommitted to the best of our knowledge 


Cade Maclin RHP / OF / Liberty Christian, TX / 2020

Maclin has a wiry, projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 150-pounds, with plenty of room to add strength in the next couple of years. The right-hander works from a high slot with a quick arm swing. Athletic lower half finish, even though he varies his delivery at times. Fastball has tilt at 85-87 mph, to go with a good downer shape on his curveball that he threw for strikes at 67-69 mph 

Jalen Davenport RHP / OF / Klein Collins, TX / 2020

Athletic, muscular frame at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Davenport topped out at 87 once, 86 a couple of times, but the right-hander throws a fastball that cuts and sinks with good movement at 81-86 mph. Works from a 3/4 slot with a long arm swing and drop and drive delivery. Changeup was his best off speed pitch at 75-76 mph, and he spun his breaking ball at 64-69 mph.

Augustus Gray Harrison RHP / SS / Westlake, TX / 2020

Harrison has an athletic, wiry frame at 6-foot-1, 160-pounds. The right-hander worked a strong inning with his fastball getting up to 88, pitching at 85-87 with good feel for a 12/6 curveball at 71-73 mph.

Austin Atkinson LHP / OF / Plano, TX / 2020

Atkinson is a long and lean 6-foot-5 160-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and left-handed pitcher in Texas’ 2020 class.  He ran a 7.84 60 and a 5.19 home to first.  He has a 74 mph exit velo. At the plate, open stance, controlled leg kick, smooth load in back side with slight hand load, swing on a downhill plane, mostly pull side line drives during batting practice.  In the outfield, 76 mph positional velo, over the top release, loose arm action, momentum though the catch, fluid footwork to the ball, clean exchange, mostly accurate throws. On the mound, Atkinson is a 6-foot-5 160-pound left-handed pitcher in Texas’ 2020 class. Atkinson is long and lean, high ceiling with arm action and frame, loose high three quarters release, controlled delivery, smooth tempo, repeats, slightly across body at times, throws downhill, fastball at 76-81 mph, works bottom of zone, breaking ball, sharp and late at times, 61-64 mph, change up as late life with running action, 70-72 mph.

Mason Brandenberger LHP / OF / Clifton, TX / 2020

It’s still early for pitcher, but 2020 LHP Mason Brandenberger (Clifton HS) has no trouble commanding four pitches for a strike. The left-hander has sharpened up his slider a bit since football season ended, now throwing that pitch at 72-73 mph with 2/8 shape. He still dotted up his fastball to both sides of the plate at 80-81 mph, and has elite feel for pitching. His curveball has 1/7 shape with good rotation and depth, while his change up was also quality at 72-73 mph. Brandenberger is one of our favorite arms in the ‘20 class because he can throw any pitch in any count, and whichever school pulls the trigger on him is going to be glad they got him. He plays multiple sports, while his competitiveness and presence also set him apart.

Sho Reagan RHP / Martin, TX / 2020

The right-hander appears a few inches taller than his listed height of 6-foot-3, 156-pounds, and still has a ton of room to fill out his long-limbed frame. Working with a coiled up delivery, Reagan creates good deception before hand break and showed arm side life on an 87-88 mph fastball. His slider is still inconsistent, but shows promise as it flashes sharp break at times at 75-77. Reagan is an arm that college coaches will want to follow closely as he continues to fill out his frame and sync up his delivery.


Clayton Miller SS / 2B / Stratford, TX / 2020

Miller had a solid all around day, beginning with a 7.02 60-yard dash, then he took outstanding round of BP with a fluid hack, threw 84 across the diamond, then absolutely mowed down hitters in one inning of work. He pumped strikes with command of three with his fastball sitting 81-83, a 67-69 mph curveball and a 75-76 mph changeup. The right-handed hitter has a simple load as he triggers his hands back and lowers his center of gravity, striding forward, landing stacked with separation. Efficient path to ball with quick hands through the zone and gap approach. Easy weight transfer with no waisted movement, gap approach with line drive power and solid feel for the barrel.

Noah Boughton C / 3B / Covenant Christian, TX / 2020

E6-foot, 185-pounds, Left-handed swing with small leg kick, has a flat stroke with feel for the barrell. From behind the plate, worked well with pitchers, hands work well in transfer, makes throws down to 2B at 76 mph, and showed a pop time of 2.10. Also ran a 7.53 60-yard dash.


Jalon Mack SS / 2B / Jesuit, TX / 2020

6-foot, 182-pound frame, Mack ran a  7.10 60-yard dash and had strong showing during BP from both sides of the plate. Very simple set up in both swings, barrel is in the zone a long time, some juice to pull side. Up to 90 mph exit velocity off the tee. Athletic actions in the field, moves well side to side, easy transfer with glove, and whippy lower arm slot up to 78 across the diamond. Mack has the athletic ability and natural feel to be a nice late addition to a college.

Evan Cameron

SS / OF / College Park, TX / 2020

5-foot-9 170-pound frame, ran a 6.99 60-yard dash. Right handed swing, potential of power from an 88 mph exit velocity off the tee. Smooth and easy swing producing good power. IF work is fundamental showing range and a short arm action in back. Across the diamond velocity was 81 mph.

Wesley Mitchell 3B / RHP / Houston Christian, TX / 2020

6-foot-3 185-pound frame running a 60-yard dash time of 7.35. Right handed swing, With an exit velocity of 91 mph from an open stance with a small leg kick in good use of hips and lower half. At 3B, showed good use of footwork and glove work with a long arm and rows of 84 mph. Off the mound fastball topped at 86, sat at 82-83, curveball 70-71, and change up 72-77. Delivery was clean and simple with fast twitch shown in good use of lower half.

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