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Underclass Games: 2021 Top Prospects

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

PLANO, TX - Players from the 2020 and 2021 classes met at Prestonwood Christian Academy on Saturday, October 21 in Prep Baseball Report Texas’ Fall Underclass Games. The event was loaded with talented sophomores and freshman from around the state. Today we bring you the top prospects list from the freshman class. 


C / 3B / CARTHAGE, TX / 2021

Leach has a lean-muscular frame with a well defined lower half and strong upper body at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. The freshman has a high motor and is a “top-step” vocal leader on the field.  A switch-hitter, Leach shows good barrel awareness and a loose hack with rhythm and strength from both sides of the plate. From the right-side, he starts from a tall, slightly open, balanced stance with relaxed rhythm in his hands. Simple load back as he triggers his hands, then lands square with a short stride as he fires his lower half to initiate his hack with a powerful weight transfer. Short path to contact with good extension as he accelerates the barrel with strength in his hands and an exit velocity of 89 mph. From the left side, Leach starts from a wider base with his weight slightly shifted forward. Uses a smooth load as he triggers his hands back, powerful lower-half rotation as he fires his hips, slotting his hands down into the zone. Still has a short path with high end strength at contact, more lift with a higher finish and bottom-hand dominant path from the left side. Drove deep fly balls from center - to - left-centerfield during batting practice. Made hard contact during the game as he smoked two singles on the barrel. Projectable offensive tools. Behind the plate, leach has a quiet setup with good lower half mobility and strength with strong hands as he receives the baseball. Quick exchange and footwork on throws to second base, high end arm strength (77 mph) and consistent pop times of 2.04-2.09 with accuracy from a short, high-¾ slot. Throws behind runners during games, quick twitch actions behind the plate. Aggressive base runner.


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C / 3B / TIVY, TX / 2021

White has an athletic, strong frame at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. The sophomore has a confident demeanor on the field, and posted some of the best pop times of the event ranging from 1.97-2.11. He receives the ball with a quiet body and soft hands, and shows a good feel blocking. Quick-directional footwork on throws to second base, mid-line exchange, arm works quick out in front on release with carry and a 78 mph velocity from the crouch. A right-handed hitter, White has a simple swing, starting from a slightly open, balanced stance with good flex in his lower half. Smooth load back with relaxed, early rhythm, hands slide back as he lands balanced with a short stride. Quick hands through the zone with a flat path, good extension through contact with strength in the barrel and some pop to the pull side with an exit velocity of 86 mph. White showed good feel for the barrel during the game, where he squared up two balls with a single through the left side and a deep fly ball to centerfield.


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