Prep Baseball Report

2021 Utah Top Prospect Games: Quick Hits

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Utah Top Prospect Games

Pleasant Grove HS (Viking Field) Home to Champions

The first annual Top Prospect Games featured 48 of Utah's own, in showing off their tools in the morning position player workout, followed by two games in the afternoon and evening on a blistering 95 degree day, in seeing pitcher vs. hitters matchups in a simulated game style setting. 


Below is a snapshot of some players who stood out at the event and we look forward to seeing each of them and others at future open and invite-only events. 

Known players who stood out along with new players that caught my attention. The snapshots are used with metrics along with the “eye test” as this is my specialty being a former 20 year MLB scout. The metrics support the eye test or back up what my eyes are “seeing.” Some metrics are just that and don’t always translate to games. Of Note, the difference between Trackman and Blast Motion is: Blast Motion bat sensors are a tool to analyze the mechanics of the swing and the efficiency of the swing, whereas Trackman measures different data once the ball has left the bat. Blast Motion can capture what your strengths and weaknesses are in the swing mechanics and also help you design a development program to get better in those areas of the metrics, which will lead to better data in Trackman, once the ball impacts the bat and the data that is measured in exit velocity and distance outcomes. But one thing is always CONSTANT, and that is: you have to be able to put these metrics to use in games, with strike zone discipline, pitch recognition, eye hand coordination and the ability to be on time with the baseball and have an APPROACH in different counts. Knowing a pitchers repertoire and what he’s trying to do to get you out and staying with your approach and also having the ability to adjust pitch to pitch and AB to AB. Some players are just metrics hitters or 5:00 BP hitters and can’t put the metrics to use once the national anthem is played. Some of the hitters below have each of these traits I’ve talked about and are better at some of these than others. But the overall theme is metrics give you a true sense of where you stack up for good or bad and let you know where you need to improve. But in the end, college coaches get intrigued by numbers and it peaks their interest in wanting to get on a plane or in a car, to now come see you play. If you can’t perform and show the physical traits to project these numbers and get better at them, it doesn’t matter in the end. You can either hit or you can’t!


Cade Montgomery, RHP, 5-11 165 (Davis HS) Uncommitted

The only 2021 in attendance, as Cade has come on strong during the '21 now completed HS season, and has snuck under the radar! We had talks between the family and myself, in getting him to this event, to get this kid on the radar. With a strong season, featuring a 2.32 ERA in 48.1 IP's, Cade pitched to a perfect 5-0 record, while giving up only 29 hits, 32 BB and struck out 88 hitters, which was 16.38 K per 9 inns. Armed with a fast medium to short HTQ arm stroke, the ball jumps from the hand, with the FB 86-90 T91 and shows area control with spot command at times. The CB 69-72 has shape and biting depth, yet needs to throw it harder and with more conviction. Nothing that a good college pitching coach can't fix and harness. A 5'3" sophomore in 2019 wasn't looking to play college baseball, as he was not up to size, brought a whole new dimension during CoVid, as Montgomery shot up 8 inches to 5'11" and his FB jumped 10 MPH! Now armed with a body and arm to take him places, colleges are starting to call the young RH'er with available scholarship money. A great kid that is an unbelievable student, as he carried a 4.0 GPA with a 32 ACT, one that any school would want to get in their doors. Look for this name on the college scene in the future!


Parker Goff, C, 5-11 175 R-R (Riverton HS) BYU

The BYU commit and the son of a former Utah catcher. Goff has athleticism and plenty of room to grow to continue molding himself into a next level receiver. With a 1.95-2.05 pop time with a fringe avg arm, yet quick feet coupled with a solid transfer, Goff a .400 hitter during the ‘21 season with 20 RBI, 8 2B’s, a triple and one HR, projects as a gap to gap type that sprays the ball around the field. Has a bit of a higher leg kick for timing, that needs to tone it a bit, but he gets the barrel out front and times up pitches. Lean and athletic as noted, the frame has room for strength and added weight and can see him playing at 5-11 190 and as he gets stronger, the arm projects to avg, but the contact skills play at the plate, with added power as he develops physically. 

Mic Paul, CF, 5-10 175 L-L (Olympus HS) U Arizona

The #1 player in the ‘22 class since last fall, has now come to his 3rd PBR event and never seems to disappoint. Always one of the top 2 runners at each event, Mic was this event's speed leader with a 6.54 personal best 60 and tracked down balls with good reads and jumps in the game play, as well as showing off his avg arm at 86 mph from the OF. A strong game player and a 2021 Utah 2nd Team All-State and 1st Team All-Region performer. Paul had 30+ SB’s in the spring season and was the lead off hitter and catalyst for an Olympus team that was on fire all season long with a 25-4 record at the 5A level with many young future college prospects dotting the roster. The Arizona commit has strong makeup and character and is a team leader with an engaging personality. 

Jake Lindsay, SS/C, 6-2 185 R-R (Weber HS) 

A player that I was looking forward to seeing as he had a very strong ‘21 HS campaign. With a blistering .462 BA and 35 runs scored from the leadoff spot, Lindsay had 12 2B’s, 2 3B’s and 2 HR with 24 RBI, en route to an All-State season. A SS by trade, Jake had to take on the responsibility of leading the charge from behind the plate, when the regular catcher was injured the rest of the season. Tightly wound and lean with athleticism and good movement patterns, Jake is also his HS’s starting QB on the football team and in listening to him communicate at SS in talking to his teammates and interacting with others, he shows definite leadership qualities! Look for this name in the future and colleges need to get in contact with him, as he is someone you definitely want in YOUR team!

Maxton Peck, C/1B, 6-0 205 R-R (Bingham HS)

A stocky strong powerful kid, that for his size can run a little bit at a 7.08/60 yard dash, Max wasn’t able to throw from behind the plate, as he has had an arm injury that will get taken care of here soon, but we were able to see him for the second time behind the plate receive in games and he has come a long ways and when the arm is healthy we will see what we have, but the 1B in the spring at powerhouse Bingham HS, put together a strong spring, as I saw him play a couple of times early and he put together an All-State campaign as a middle of the order force for the Miners. Peck carried a .486 BA, 25 runs scored, 24 RBI’s with 4 2B’s, 3 3B’s and a HR! 

Cole Watterson, CF, 5-9 160, R-R (Sky View HS)

The leader in the clubhouse at the Preseason All-State event with a 6.55/60, he followed that up with the second fastest time of 6.59 at the Top Prospect Games. A strong HS season catapulted Cade to All-State honors as he carried .390 BA on a team that hit .251 as a team! Cade stole 24 bases from the leadoff spot and ran down balls in CF as he played very well defensively in the game portion of this event. Small and compact with a ripped muscular build. Watterson is twitchy with an unorthodox type of swing and stroke, but the contact skills are there with the hand/eye to hit balls to either side of a SS, and he’s a threat for an INF hit most of the time. The speed plays and can’t be taught, but he does track balls in CF with good instincts and takes avg routes. 

Canyon Kutch. C/OF, 6-0 175 R-R (Crimson Cliffs HS)

Canyon is a player that I’ve seen a lot, being close to my home in Southern Utah. Still working on the bat and production from that area of his game, but he does have a solid load into a 45 degree load and stays inside the baseball, just waiting for the bat to develop. He does catch and receive well and sticks pitches with little to no glove or head movement. A strong leader with an engaging personality that works well with pitchers and this is his strong suit. A 2.07-2.19 pop can be worked on with a good long toss program, as he has solid throwing mechanics and good transfers. The arm can be strengthened, and his feet play though. Looking for big improvements over the next calendar year!

Tate Lewis, 1B/C/OF, 6-0 190 R-R (Pleasant Grove HS)

The well built lean muscular Lewis had a strong season hitting .300 with 25 runs scored on a prolific HS offense. Lewis had 24 RBI to go along with 7 2B’s a triple and 2 HR’s. A tall square stance and even proportioned, Tate starts with the bat at a 45 in a pre-set load and turns the knob well, then stays inside the baseball with his longer arms and drives balls on a line with projectable strength and avg bat speed. A versatile defender that played 1B for the 28-4 Vikings, who were state 6A runner ups, and can handle the OF and wouldn’t surprise me if he is the starting catcher next spring. This is a gut feel type college guy, that his best is yet to come!

Jackson Hollingshaus, RHP, 6-2 190 (Maple Mountain HS)

He moved in from NorCal and played this spring in his new home state of Utah. A surprise that was good to see. A smooth, comfortable high kick to delivery with an EZ arm and the FB 81-86 worked at 84-86 with tailing life with reports of 89 from those in CA. The CB 68-72 is a bit soft now, but with his new coach in Jeremy Thomas (former pro pitcher and pitching coach at Dixie State and BYU) there’s definitely more in there to tap from. I can see where the velocity could be higher? A strong lean athletic body, and one that can still add some weight and gain added strength with maturity. Jackson should be an arm to most definitely follow this summer and into the fall. 


Sam Lindsey, OF/C, 6-0 185 R-R (Snow Canyon HS)

Have seen this kid since he was 12 years old, as we used to be next door neighbors. A Future Games invite and a strong game player, that’s been advanced for his age. The same has continued as he entered his sophomore season for the Warriors, who routed the competition at 28-4 enroute to the 4A state title. Lindsey put up 99 mph EV with 77 mph bat speed and was the metric leader at the Top Prospect Games event. A versatile defender who has caught moving through the ranks, but with a potential draft pick at catcher this year, Lindsey may have found a home in RF. Shows solid movement patterns on approach to the baseball and has a fringe to avg arm, that will project nicely as he continues to lengthen out in the OF. A 7.03/60 is plenty enough and is a heady base runner with instincts for the game. A strong season catapulted Sam to All-Region and All-State honors this past season, as he hit .371 with 22 RBI, 9 2B’s, 2 3B’s and 3 HR’s. Look for this kid to make a name for himself moving forward. 

Grant Scholzen, SS/2B, 5-9 150 L-R (Hurricane HS)

Another strong game player with a baseball background and natural feel and instincts for the game. A high baseball IQ type, had a very good showing at the Top Prospect Games, as he had a couple of walks and a liner to RF, and with the ball in front, legged out a sliding 2B with a late throw. Playing both middle INF spots, he made several on the move plays with K’s across the diamond from SS. At 2B, he made a play coming in and to his left and glove flipped the ball to the 1B’man to get the runner at first. Now healthy after playing through a grade one hamstring strain in the spring, that turned into a much worse reoccurrence that shut him down half way through the region season, but was able to hit .314 while playing as a shell of himself. A Future Games invite and top 5 ranked player in his class, if he stays healthy this summer as he is now, he will continue to garner college interest that has been there since his freshman year. 

Matt Hazzard, LHP, 6-2 225 (Cedar HS)

A thick mature filled out build, who is originally from Chicago, was in the upper 70’s, touching 80 a year ago, but has seen a substantial increase, with the FB reaching 86 with an OH arching CB, from a high compact kick to delivery. Has peppered the K zone in the past and has moved his performances forward in recent weeks, with more K zone consistency. Missed bats throughout his one inn in the simulated game conditions. Will be interesting to see where he goes from here, as a physical LHP, reaching the mid 80’s as a sophomore. 

Wyatt Falk, RHP, 6-1 185 (Carbon HS)

A lean tall athletic build with strong legs and thickness through his thighs. Gathers well through a high kick to compact delivery. Med to full compact HTQ arm stroke with a loose wrist to finish pitches. Needs to get better ext over his front side at follow through, but looks to have not received much instruction, which lends itself to further overall mechanical and velocity development. The FB 80-84 and sat at 82. The CB 63-65 feathers and flips into the zone with loose rotation. Needs to throw it harder and more conviction. Shows shape and depth, though that’s a start in spinning the baseball. Has a solid year at the 3A level with 42 K outs in 30 IP’s with a 2.77 ERA in leading Carbon to a 3A runner up finish. Want to see more to see where his development is down the road! 


Easton Davies, RHP, 6-1 180 (Orem HS)

A really good showing and performance for Easton at the Top Prospect Games, as he received his first D1 offer after this last weekend. It’s my belief this will be the first of many in his young HS career. A very talented young athletic lean build with plenty of room to grow and add size and strength in the coming years. Only 15 years old and armed with a 86-88 mph FB that sat between those numbers. Kids this age fluctuate vastly with their velocity, but the FB remained tight in its numbers and jumped at the plate with ease. It wouldn’t be going out on a limb, to say that if he remains healthy over the next 3 years, this is a mid 90’s arm waiting to happen. The SL 72-75 has CB velocity now, with late biting SL action. A 80 mph pitch type in the future. Accepted an invite to the PBR Future Games and will be fun to see what he can do at a young age on that type of college recruiting stage! 

Easton Barrett, LHP/OF, 5-10 155 (Springville HS) 

Barrett had a very good freshman season, hitting .359 in the everyday varsity lineup with 22 runs scored, 15 RBI with 7 2B’s and 5 3B’s. On the mound he served primarily in late relief to lock down wins, sporting a 2.78 ERA in 13 apps, with 46 K outs in 27 IP! One that impressed at the Preseason All-State in March. Easton is a top 10 ranked player in his class with PBR Utah and shows a deceptive closed front side, with a late shoulder turn and the FB now has jumped to 82-85 in a 3 month span and the breaking ball sweeps away from LHH and he is a tough out, as hitters don’t pick him up. More to come over the next 3 years!

Jett Walker, SS/RHP, 5-10 140 R-R (American Fork HS)

A lean, thin athletic frame with a young immature build that looks to have a late bloomer type increase in Ht/Wt. has athletic bloodlines, with his father being an All-Conference DB in football at BYU, and as a sport athlete, was drafted out of HS by the Montreal Expos. Also has a brother who is an OF’er at Dixie State U. Jett has smooth movement patterns with glove actions and shows proper footwork with accurate throws across the diamond with a clean and mechanically sound arm stroke. With the bat, he shows a clean path with a sound enough hitting stroke, to have the base to build on as a hitter. Ran a 6.91/60 and look for that to improve in time as he continues to add size, weight and leg strength. Very interesting young player!

Corbin Gull, MIF, 5-9 155, L-R (Salem Hills HS)

An interesting young 15 year old that attended our first Utah event last November. Looks to have added some strength in the last 7 months since we last saw him. Has glove actions and is online and accurate with his throws. A leverage type load with a deep gather to ready the swing. The deep load, helps him get some punch into the baseball, yet does show some arm bar that creates some sweep and pull tendencies, yet it creates some buggy whip to power the ball as it exits the barrel. One to definitely keep an eye on, as he moves through HS.