Prep Baseball Report

Utah I.D: Pitcher Analysis

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

We close out 2020 with the final breakdown of the pitchers, that attended the PBR Utah Fall Prospect I.D., that took place on November 28th at Crimson Cliffs High School. The event featured over 65 prospects with all high school classes represented. Many of the players who attended were two way players and those that profiled better as position players were listed at other positions. The players below are either a profile candidate for the mound, or a solid bet to be a two way type. 

We breakdown below, the Top 10 Prospects, as well as the Best of the Rest from the event. 

Top 10 Prospects

Listed Alphabetically

Aidan Boice RHP / 1B / Skyline, UT / 2022

XL tall frame with a good looking pitchers build. With long arms and legs, and arm speed to project added velo as he gains arm strength over the next couple of years, it’s easy to see big strides made. Athletic and repeats his delivery from a step to the side in starting a NWU high flexible kick to delivery. Gets the hand out of the glove on time and into the power position at foot strike. His landing is inline with the plate, as he arches his back and clears his head to allow for an OH clean fluid arm stroke. Would like to see him align his shoulders more and lower his arm angle a bit, which will allow for added life. Currently his FB 81-84 features four seam straight life, though he repeats and hits the mitt with flashes of command. The OH slot though helps his best pitch, being a spike CB 64-66 that he shows a loose wrist and the feel to spin, with top to bottom shape and quality depth. The spacing of the FB/CB velos are ideal and will only improve with added arm strength, as he has time on his side. The CH 74-77 has fading life and needs a bit more movement, yet has the arm speed and deception with the feel to tinker with the ball in getting there. Recommended to me by an umpire who worked the plate in the summer, while Aidan was on the mound for his legion team, and raved to me about his ability to pitch and how he went about his business. Look forward to seeing Boice at future events and following his progress. 

Jace Carroll RHP / 1B / Stansbury, UT / 2022

An XXL very tall frame with big hands and feet, coupled with very long legs and a high waisted look. The frame has considerable room to fill and get stronger as he matures. Could be a late bloomer physically. Reminds me of former MLB RHP-Brandon McCarthy at the same stage of development. From a tall address, he takes a rock step in front to turn and pivot, while utilizing a semi hand pump for rhythm and timing. He breaks his hands high at the face and creates a fuller fluid arm swing and gets his arm up and in the power position above the shoulder at foot strike, with ext. out front. The FB 81-84 as he adds size/strength and weight gains, should take the jump over the next year. The CB 67-70 has medium depth and solid TQ shape with the right differential off the FB. The CH 75-78 is a bit too hard now, yet shows some fade with FB arm speed. As his FB jumps, the CH will space enough to be an effective 3rd pitch in time. Intriguing body, mechanics, projectability and ability to throw K’s. Will definitely be following him in his journey. 

Cameron Day RHP / 1B / Layton, UT / 2021

(WILL ATTEND the PBR Super 60 in February) Day is a recent U Utah signee, who has a very bright future and a potential big arm, when all is said and done. With a FB up to 93-94 all summer/fall, Day didn’t disappoint at the Fall Prospect ID. A loose, flexible NWU med kick delivery that’s online and his arm is above his back shoulder at foot strike, getting into a power slot. With good ext. out front and a near “flat” back to finish, Day’s FB 90-94 with a spin rate high of 2219 on his best bolt at 93.6 MPH. The CB 71-73 had tight sweeping horizontal action vs vertical depth. The CH 79-81 had solid arm speed and the variation of his 3 pitch speeds, creating a lot of ground for a batter to cover. With good size, arm speed/strength and a FB up to 94 w/solid hand, eye to hit the mitt, Day’s 3 pitch mix has a starter’s role written all over him. He is not as squarely on area scouts radar as of yet, but based on talent throughout the region, he should and will be in time. This is the kind of arm that would’ve been my type in my past MLB scouting career, to take and watch him exceed expectations.

Payton Gubler SS / RHP / Desert Hills, UT / 2022

A two way multi faceted “baseball player” that can beat you 3 ways as an amateur, with his glove, his arm and the bat. The Desert Hills SS also takes his turn in the rotation and has created a name for himself over the past year, playing for the powerful Team Utah ‘22, and the Mets Scout Team ’22 in AZ. Gubler showed at the Fall Prospect ID, why he will be a very strong player at the next level. A recent BYU commit, Payton had the 2nd best exit velo in his class at 95.4, and produced another at 95.1 and 94.3. A strong BP session, with a classic RHH stance and starts with the bat at a 45, and rocks back to load and fires his hands in a short compact manner, with length out front and whips the bat into a strong and high one hand finish. At SS, he showed dance to his educated feet, and showed actions and is fluid in his approach to the baseball. As he gathers and separates the hands, he gets his arm up quick and gets off a strong and accurate throw across the diamond. An all around player that also produced 90 MPH FB’s in his pen session, Gubler profiles in the MIF, but could be a strong two way type at BYU and provide roster flexibility for a nationally ranked program. Doesn't show big tools, but is schooled in the fundamentals and knows how to play the game. A sum of all his parts type, which is what a “baseball player” is. Plays the game the right way!

Cooper Hansen LHP / OF / Riverton, UT / 2024

Hansen has the look and mannerisms of a ball player, as he showed well both as a hitter and as a LHP. Unlike some good freshmen that are over developed at a young age and stand out physically over their peers, Cooper has an athletic even props build and carries himself well. From a good HS program that has produced quite a few D1 and college level prospects, although his velo was 79-81, you can project steady increases over the next 4 calendar years! What he did was show the ability to feature a balanced high compact kick to delivery with a short HTQ arm stroke that he repeats and hits the mitt with. The CB had some depth and TQ shape with depth. As a hitter, he displayed an exit velo of 86.6 with the ability to drive the baseball deep to the big part of the field on a line. He features a classic upright even props square stance and loads his bat slightly before picking up his foot and setting it down softly. He features a short compact stroke w/some slight uphill and whips the bat into a high one hand finish. In the OF he aggressively charges the ball and fields it cleanly out front and gets into solid throwing position. Shows a TQ arm stroke with good ext and projs arm strength over the next four years. Will be a good one to watch moving forward.

Jonny Hatch 3B / RHP / Bingham , UT / 2022

A Lg thin frame with wiry strength, Hatch has physical proj with another 20 Lbs left to fill and get even stronger with maturity. As a pitcher, he shows a side step and methodical pivot to balance and then lifts his lead leg into a high flexible kick with a compact delivery. A medium clean HTQ clean arm stroke with finish out front and repeats to fill up the zone for K’s. The FB 82-86 has straight life and shows solid hand/eye to hit the mitt. The FB looks to carry more as he adds arm strength coupled with physical maturity. The CB 71-75 has even spacing of velo off the FB and has medium short depth. With a tweak with some hand adjs thru release, he should add more depth as he continues to add inns and exp. The CH 78-79 shows fade and has proper velo and arm speed and with added FB velocity will create more area for a hitter to cover. The defensive work at SS, he shows soft hands and some bounce with his lower ½, and fields out front, yet gets a little too deep at times, but his feet carry through the ball, and he gets off clean accurate throws to 1B. The bat has strength now and has some rock back to load at a 45 and gets good separation with his lower ½ and fires the bat with a short compact stroke with length and contact out front. He does get upright and shows a rotating base through contact, if he gets down into his legs more, with his hand speed and EV of 95, he should carry even more thump as he continues to fill out. Intriguing set of tools to develop over the next 2 years before entering college. 

Ashton Johnson LHP / OF / Olympus , UT / 2022

Med frame and solidly built ‘22 LHP with a simple clean delivery. A classic north/south approach and steps back at a 45 degree angle and gathers with a compact flexible NWU high kick and coils well up top and breaks his hands over the rubber. He lands on his toe and slightly closes with the toe on foot strike. The arm is a medium to full circle arc with a HTQ arm stroke and gets enough ext. out front, yet is somewhat upright. Would like to see him bend his back out front and get to an ideal flat back to finish. This would asd another couple of MPH to the FB 79-82 that he throws for K’s and has angle and downhill plane. The CB 70-72 has some finish and TQ tilt with med and full depth at times. The CH also 70-72 is ideal with another foot added to the FB. Throws K’s with all 3 and has had success pitching for Mountain West and the Mets Scout Team ‘22 in AZ in the fall. With 2 years of HS remaining it wouldn’t surprise me to see him take another step with the FB and he knows how to pitch. 

Jaxson Reiser OF / RHP / Bingham , UT / 2024

An intriguing 6-2 175 class of ‘24 with a bright future and is the younger brother of 2021 Justis Reiser-LHP, a BYU commit and Jaxson may have even more upside. A young 14 year old incoming freshman who should be able to contribute to the varsity this next spring. A lean athletic strongly built wiry build with definite proj, to go along with added growth and strength gains with natural maturity. A two way type that shows flashes on both sides of the baseball and on the mound. As an OF, defensively he moves well into the baseball, fielding out front, and getting his body with momentum into his throws. Does need to raise his arm to no less than HTQ with his throwing stroke, as he throws from a LTQ almost side arm slot like Hunter Pence. As a hitter, he starts from an even props upright stance, and rocks into his back leg and loads the bat at a 45 degree angle, while taking a soft foot strike out front. He gets good separation, but would like to see him get hinged into his back leg, which will give him better balance and allow him to stay back on off speed. The bat path is short with some length out front and has some uphill. Would like to see a more linear path and is very correctable. On the mound, he shows the potential to throw hard one day, as he reached FB max of 83, with late hop. The delivery has a base to work from and the size and arm speed to carry more as he develops over time. The delivery is a medium to high kick with balance and breaks over the rubber. The arm works from a loose full circle HTQ arm stroke with a loose wrist to finish pitches. Shows the feel to spin the ball and slows his arm somewhat, while needing to throw the CB harder and with more intent. The CH shows feel w/fade and late mild sink. Just like the CB, he needs to throw with FB arm speed and intent. Has the makings in different facets of the game, to make some noise over the next 4 years, and I look forward to seeing his progress moving forward. 

Traton Staheli RHP / PIne View, UT / 2021


Staheli is oozing with physical projection with the best is yet to come type w/the FB velocity. A recent BYU signee w/a tall loose and lanky build Staheli has broad shoulders with long arms and legs, with a pitchers rear, which lends to added lower leg development in time. At 6-6 190, the frame suggests 25-30 more Lbs. in due time, and it’s easy to see the FB climbing into the mid 90’s in the near future. The second best arm at the Fall Prospect ID, Traton showed a compact high kick from a NWU delivery. The delivery stretches out with some length, and his arm action from a HTQ slot is loose and live. With a FB up to 92 all summer/fall, Staheli was 88-90 at the event with a CB 74-78 and a CH 78-82. There’s solid spacing of his 3 pitch mix, and with another foot added to the FB in time, his spacing will be ideal. 


Another arm locally that hasn’t produced much at the Hs level until this, the summer after his junior year. Playing every weekend in and out of state with CBA Summit Utah, Traton has made big strides while showing he’s a late bloomer that has found his footing and is taking advantage of it. A XL tall frame with wide shoulders, tapering down to a streamlined look, that reminds me physically of a young John Lackey. At 605 190, he has the frame to carry 25-30 more Lbs at maturity. Has a classic rock step from the 1B side of the mound with a bent and firm back leg, allowing him to get into his lower ½ and drove the slope of the mound to get downhill. The arm is loose, live and shows average arm speed, while carrying more with added strength. The FB 88-93 CZ 91 features some cut life at times down and carrying life up top. Generated S/M’s all summer. The CB 75-77 can be thrown harder and shows solid TQ shape with depth and avg bite. Will be a weapon in time. CH used sparingly. One of the better if not best arms that’s left uncommitted. Has received a PAC-12 offer now and many more are talking. Will commit this fall. Someone is getting a kid that’s gonna throw real hard one day.

Myles Topham RHP / 1B / Cedar , UT / 2023

Topham has the type of frame and build to highly proj on, at 6-3 175, as his grandfather is a JUCO Head Basketball Coach, and has been in the same role at the D1 level as well. Lean and athletic, the arm speed and quality of the arm stroke, lends itself to further development and future velocity to come. With a med to high kick of delivery, Myles needs to repeat his delivery better, as he tends to misfire and can pepper the K zone, but is raw and with further quality coaching, he should be able to improve vastly. With a FB 82-85 (Spin 2064) at the event, he shows the arm speed to be a 90 in time guy by his senior year. The CB 68-72 has more sweep and horizontal action over depth and just needs some tweaks to getting his fingers on top of the baseball, which will aid in his CB development. An athlete with a proj build, loose arm and loose wrist to finish pitches and only a sophomore, lends itself to proj nicely into a solid arm at the next level. 

Best of the Rest

Listed Alphabetically

Brandon Bastian RHP / OF / Stansbury , UT / 2023

Med thin frame with definite size and strength gains to come. Big hands and feet suggest 20-25 more Lbs at development. Primary OF and also pitches. A 7.32/60 and should improve with added strength and lower ½ development. As a hitter, he carries his hands below his back shoulder from an even props square stance. Rocks back to start his pre-load and moves forward with his hands back and gets separation. Does need to get into his back hip better and keep it hinged, yet shows a short, compact linear stroke, though he gets the bat in and out of the zone quickly. His finish is short and around and below his back shoulder. Does need to create length out front with his hands/bat head. Sprayed LD’s through the middle of the field consistently. Defensively he reads balls on the ground well and gets a good hop to field out front and works through the ball to get into proper throwing position. The arm is a medium to full HTQ arm stroke and works properly with a solid release and ext out front, to proj some arm strength moving forward. 

Corbin Gull RHP / 2B / Salem Hills, UT / 2024

A small package, yet young and very intriguing. 14 yrs old and will be taking his first HS AB’s this coming spring, but has some advanced actions for a young kid. Plays at a top notch baseball school and for a very good coach that wins. As a pitcher, he has a 4 pitch mix with the FB/CB/SL and an intriguing KNK ball. He has a balanced online high flexible delivery and gets into his legs well while showing a loose fluid arm stroke with ext out front. The FB was for K’s at 76-77, while the CB showed some depth and proper spin and the SL had TQ tilted shape for K’s as well. Took GB’s with confidence and showed some educated feet, with his hands out front. Need to play the hop a tad better as he tended to receive the ball a bit deep, but has actions and a loose arm to fire K’s across the field. As a LHH, he shows solid hand/eye with a high kick to gather on his back side and gets into a solid launch phase, then casts the barrel, and sweeps through the ball, which creates some arm bar. The swing has some length right now and after contact he gets to a high one hand finish. If he can correct the bat path and cast, there are some definite hitting tools to develop over the course of his 4 year career. 

Hunter Harrow RHP / OF / Bear River, UT / 2022

A med lean build that looks to add more size as he continues to fill out and mature. Threw from the OF and the mound. As a pitcher, he features a step in front with a turn of the body to pivot. A methodical approach as he is a paint by the numbers type, that needs to put it together in one fluid piece. Carries his hands at the tummy and lifts to break his hands at the chest. The hands separate and he shows an online slightly upright flat through the zone finish. Shows a med short HTQ arm action and needs better ext out front. Does have some natural arm strength to build with, though some tweaks will get him even more velo and carry through the zone. The FB topped at 82 with a CB 70-72 with med shape and fair depth. Did throw for K’s. The CH 73-74 is too close to the CB in velocity and shows okay feel. Offensively he carries his hands at the shoulder and takes a small step to stride from an upright approach and finish to the swing. Hits from a dead hand position and needs to get separation and load the bat. Carries his hands from this position to hit and doesn’t get any punch into the baseball. Defensively he fields out front, bending at the waist and throws with the same short compact throwing stroke as from the mound. Is upright in his throwing motion and finishes upright as well. This creates an all arm type approach. Just needs some finer mechanical coaching with hard work to get to where he wants to be. With 2 years of HS ball remaining, he has time to make the adjs and necessary changes. 

Brock Roundy LHP / 1B / Pine View , UT / 2022

A small LH package with a filled out look. The delivery is sound and repeats for K’s. Has some advanced mechanics with tweaks to take the next step. Features a controlled fluid NWU delivery with his hands held and breaking below the chest. Shows a loose wrist to finish pitches and gets solid ext. out front with a near flat back to finish. The FB 79-82 lacks ideal arm strength now and if he can get himself to a comfort of 85 within the next two years, the pitchability is in place. The CB 64-67 has been better live for me at 67-69 and has feel to spin the ball as the pitch has TQ tilt and at times biting depth. Able to land and bury in game conditions. The CH 74 has fading life and at times mild sink. A 3 pitch mix for K’s with an idea on the mound. As a hitter, he is a natural RHH, that’s taken to switch hitting. From the RH side, he features an even props square stance and rocks back for timing with a medium knee kick into a solid load with the bat at a 45, getting good separation. He takes a short compact linear stroke and sprays LD’s to all fields on a line while finding the barrel. From the LH side it’s a mirror image and one that you find with new switch hitters with a feel for the art, that being he finds the barrel and drifts somewhat, but takes the same short path and drives the ball hard on a line the other way. One to definitely follow to see if the velo takes that next step. 

Zackary Wallin LHP / OF / Copper Hills, UT / 2022

Med semi filled out athletic build with another 10-15 lbs at maturity. Offensively, he features an even props slightly open stance, with his hands held high over his back shoulder, bouncing his bat up and down. He lifts his foot and sets it down softly, while loading his hands properly at a 45 and takes a short compact linear pass at the baseball with a fluid one hand finish. Used the big part of the pull side of the field. Does need to accelerate the bat head through contact. The hand speed is quick enough to the contact point, yet appears to decelerate the bat and needs to let it fly. Has a solid swing. Defensively he shows educated feet to field out front and through the baseball, and shows solid front side mechanics, with a high glove and pulls down and syncs his backside throwing mechanics well. The arm is below average, yet has a proper arm stroke and gets some one hop finish. 

Ethan Wayman LHP / OF / Stansbury High School, UT / 2023

A med lean wiry athletic build with proj weight and strength gains to come at maturity. A two way type with equal parts success at both. As a LHP, he showed a med kick and breaks over the rubber from a compact delivery. The arm is up and in the slot at foot strike. He could post a bit longer on his backside with added hip turn up top, which should unlock another foot to his FB. The FB 76-80 has that natural arm side life and the CB 66 has looser spin and med depth. The CH 65-68 has some fade and is a limited pitch for him at present. Was around the plate with all three pitches. With the bat he starts with a semi wide, even props stance with his hands held in front of his face with a vertical address. He leans back into his post leg, with a hands back approach and shows a heel lift and slight lift of the toe, to drive the bat in a short compact path to the ball. The swing overall lacks the ideal looseness you are looking for, but he does have some bat speed and young 15 year old strength. With an EV up to 90 and sitting at 85, there is definitely strength to the swing. From the OF, he moves methodically to the ball and hesitates a bit, and needs to be a little more aggressive to the ball, but he gets good acceleration through the baseball and shows a HTQ arm stroke with proj arm strength. A young kid that has 3 years of HS left and I look forward to seeing his progression throughout the coming years.