Utah Summer Prospect ID: Quick Hits

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director


The Summer Prospect ID event was held July 13th at state powerhouse American Fork HS, one of the better facilities no just in Utah, but the Four Corners. We had two top prospects in the class show very well and were as expected and then some. Also some players we've known for awhile, and 3-4 that made a very good first impression! Below you can see my write ups on the following players with links to their profiles. We have included some tweeted videos and updated videos and mugshots will be released in a couple of days. Enjoy!


Fisher Ingersoll, SS, 6-3 185, L-R (American Fork HS)

The BYU baseball commit is the best athlete in the state as he is not only the recently named Utah “Mr. Baseball”, but also the Gatorade Player of the Year! In addition to the baseball awards, Ingersoll is a 2 sport All-State athlete, as he also carries football scholarships to 3-4 D1 schools and BYU as well. It remains to be seen what sport Fisher will play, but he may do both if attends BYU. What I do know is that if Fisher plays baseball, he has professional potential down the road if that’s his sport of choice. The son of longtime American Fork baseball coach, Jarod Ingersoll, who has three 6A state championships to his credit as his club took the top spot in ‘21 with a 30-1 record and a final ranking of #6 nationally by MaxPreps. Fisher was the driving force behind this spectacular team. With a 6-3 185 lean chiseled build and carrying athletic twitch, he ran a 6.64 at our recent event. (Ran a 6.5+ at the AC game tryouts). He put up a 98 mph exit velocity and was just taking an easy BP and not selling out for metrics. He sprayed LD’s to all fields with a deep drive high over the RF wall with wood and showed an easy compact stroke with on-plane accuracy at 83%. The swing is controlled and has the type of stroke that will impact BYU’s program, the minute he steps on campus. Defensively he has soft hands and educated feet with an easy throwing stroke that was clocked at 83 mph. It remains to be seen if he stays at SS or makes the move to 3B as he projects to be a physical athlete, or by using his plus speed to man CF. Athletic enough to play anywhere on the diamond as he has a high baseball IQ. The top player in the 2022 class and one of the top couple of players in the four corners in this scouts opinion.



Preston Jacobson, 3B, 6-1 200, R-R (Bingham HS)

Jacobson is a compact strong corner INF’er with present strength and the ability to drive the baseball hard to the pull side. He measured 95 mph exit velos previously and put up an event best 101 in this event. Really uses his hips well, though he spins hard through contact and can over rotate a bit. What is interesting about him is he combines a solid core to use his hips and legs throughout his hitting stroke with slightly above avg bat speed. He shows an uphill stroke and loose wrists to impact the ball. The defense projects to a corner INF spot and should hit for enough power potential to profile there. The arm plays at 3B. Had some injuries that kept him from the field for most of the season and is now having a successful summer playing for Mountain West. 



Devan Harmer, CF, 5-9 150, R-R (Clearfield HS)

One of the bigger surprises at the Summer Prospect ID. Devan ran a 6.97/60 and was the event leader with an OF arm of 87 mph and put up an EV of 93 mph. From a short slight athletic build, Harmer showed present strength and the ability to square up the baseball with a short compact LD hitting approach. Defensively he showed solid glove actions on his approach to the ball with a fluid arm stroke and plenty of one hop easy carry through the bag. The type of player that projects as he continues to mature and add muscle and additional size and strength to increase his metrics. Harmer had a fantastic ‘21 spring season as he put up a .420 BA in 102 PA’s with 11 2B’s, 3 3B’s and 3 HR’s. He played errorless ball in the OF in 27 games and was 8/8 in SB’s. I look for even greater things from Devan next spring and is a definite next level player at any level of college baseball. He drew some positive comments from one D1 head coach and recruiting coordinator in attendance. Want to see more of Devan in the fall at our next event. 


Brayden Marx, RHP, 6-0 165 (Pleasant Grove HS)

One of the top 10 prospects in the ‘23 class and will be playing for Team Utah in the PBR Future Games at LakePoint coming up. Also plays for the powerhouse travel team, Team Utah ‘22 and is making his mark there. Played JV mostly for Pleasant Grove and made some late spectacular appearances late in the season as they played for the 6A state title and he made an impact in the state tourney. Most likely will be the frontline starter in 2022 as the ace of a very good and nationally ranked program. Marx has the type of stuff to impact a D1 program down the road and drawing attention this summer from college coaches at many levels. Has an athletic build and though only 6’ foot tall, he has a high pitching IQ and has an idea on the mound. Armed with a loose EZ arm that shows a loose wrist to finish pitches and as he continues to mature and fill out, he could be a 92-93 mph arm as early as next spring. Brayden was consistently 88-90 at this event and threw K’s couple with a feel for two secondary offerings. The CB showed shape and depth with lower velocities, but I see some added power to the pitch with work and proper instruction. The CH in the mid to upper 70’s is an interesting pitch as it has a parachute type effect with some sink at the end. Look for continued improvements and added power the the FB moving forward as it has steadily climbed over the past 4 months and I saw him pitch in the Vikings state title run, and was impressed by his poise and ability to pitch. Defined next level arm! 

Austin Laycock, RHP, 6-1 185 (American Fork HS)

Another surprise young pitching prospect that I didn’t know about coming in and left impressed and mentioned as much to him after his time on the mound. A strong lower ½ with present strength throughout, along with present arm strength. Features a compact tucked delivery and a medium arm stroke from a TQ/LTQ slot that creates carry through the zone with natural run and sink. The FB 85-88 looks to add velocity over the next 2 years coupled with a spin rate of 2263 which is avg on the big league scale. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is a 90-93 arm waiting to happen. The CB 68-70 is a short tight sweeper and showed the ability to land to both corners as he backdoored a couple and also was able to land and spot to his glove side. The CH 75-77 slows his delivery a bit with lower spin, yet dives at the plate with fade. Look for big things over the next couple of years from Austin as he is another next level pitching prospect. 




Tualau Wolfgramm, C/MIF, 5-9 170 R-R (Pleasant Grove HS)

Another surprise at the event and one that looks confident in his abilities and carries himself that way. A young 15 year old MIF prospect that profiles as an offensive 2B type down the road. Many years in front of him, as he plays for one of the powerhouse HS programs in the state and for one of the top coaches as well. Defensively showed solid glove actions and educated feet in his approach to the baseball. Has a compact throwing stroke with carry and offensively has a squatted slightly open stance and uses his legs well with a lower hand placement below the back shoulder. Lifts his hands slightly and turns the knob to get to the ready and launch position. Drives the baseball and has present strength to ledge the yard as he had 5 HR for his JV team and saw a recent video that drove a ball high and deep into the big LF net at Pleasant Grove HS. Tua mentioned how much he enjoyed the event and I was glad he attended and look forward to seeing more of him at future events and getting to know him more. 


Mason Henry, RHP, 6-4 165 (Pleasant Grove HS)

A young 13/14 year old that is already 6-4 and is going through the awkward stage of growing at a rapid rate and trying to figure out his tall skinny build. What he shows is a frame and loose arm to project nicely over the next 5 years, and should be a name that will garner attention as the years go by. The youngest son of Darrin Henry, one of the top HS coaches in the state, and the little brother to future big league catcher and top prospect, Payton Henry of the Milwaukee Brewers. The athletic genes are evident and he’s been around the game more than most, as he’s been exposed to top college talent in his HS program and watching his brothers ascent through the MiLB ranks and years in MLB spring training. Mason has a gangly flexible high kick to delivery and gathers well up top. He stretches out into an elongated downhill plane of attack and finishes out front with a flat back at follow through to drive pitches into the zone. The arm is loose and at 13 years old and registering a max FB at 80 mph, this is a kid that you can see adding over 10 mph in time as he continues to grow, fill out and stabilize his XL frame. His older brother is 6-2 220 and is a man and

It’s not hard to see a 6-5 210 Lb RHP prospect over the next 5 years. He’s a piece of clay in the molding process right now and it is fun to think of the progress he’s going to make over the years!  He has an engaging personality and is a social butterfly and deals with adults very well. Really fun to talk to and I first met him when he was around 8 years old! Comes from one of the top athletic families in the state and is fun to interact with. Great kid!