Brayden Marx
Brayden Marx
Brayden Marx
Brayden Marx
Brayden Marx




Pleasant Grove (HS) • UT
6-0 • 175LBS • R/R
Travel Team: MGF Marshalls/Trosky National 2023


2023 National

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The top uncommitted arm in the ‘23 class, Marx has scholarship offers to a half dozen programs, and is betting on himself to find his best fit. With offers ranging from west coast schools to midwest D1 interest from the Power 5, Marx has jumped his velo from 83-85 a year ago to a T92 in the fall, and sits 88-90 on most days. Posting an 86-88 mph FB at the Preseason All-State, Marx had the flu for a week and had just overcome being sick, when he still showed up, to increase his stock and be present. A baseball junkie, Marx has become a name since his breakout performance at the PBR Future Games last summer, Marx posts very high spin rates to his CB 2656 with a velo range of 71-75. The CB has short, quick tunneling action and reacts like a hard SL in shape and depth, yet because it comes out of a short, ball to ear type HTQ slot, the pitch locks up hitters and darts and dives with late zone action. The CH 76-78 kills spin with an average spin of 1738. Like most HS pitchers, Marx can work off the FB/CB combo and sprinkle in the CH to keep hitters honest. With two seasons of HS baseball remaining, look for Marx to be a region player of the year type arm moving forward, and landing in the college spot of his choice. 


A Future and West Coast Games participate, which he has attracted college interest in each event. Marx has that wiry twitch at 6-0 165 with a loose arm. He has a high knee kick to his delivery with the lower leg extended out and features a medium compact HTQ arm stroke. The arm is quick and short through the window and gets solid ext out front. The ball exits his hand clean with the FB 86-88 at both the Future and West Coast Games. He touched 90 at the Summer ID event 2 weeks before the Future Games. The separator with Marx is the CB 71-73 that registered 2717 with the spin rate, which is the highest spin in the state. The pitch is a plus pitch and he can locate it and land it in the zone and bury late in the count for swing and misses. The ceiling is still high and as he continues to fill out and add strength with maturity, the velocity should jump into the low 90’s before he’s out of HS. I really like this kid’s stuff now and his future potential!!


A Future Games participant and one of the better ‘23 arms in the state. Brayden’s delivery is unchanged from my previous 3-4 looks and he repeats it well from a lean wiry athletic build. The arm is fast and clean and finishes pitches out front with good ext and follow through. The FB that flashes 91 a month ago was at 88 in GA and he threw quality K’s and pounded the zone. He gets some late life through the zone and sink at times below the thigh. But he was popping the mitt and showed a tight breaking late biting CB 70-73 with an abv avg 2648 spin rate and it’s a tight CB that gets S/M’s and late reads by hitters and had them locking up at the plate. The CH 77-83 varied in effect. At times it was too hard and others it bottomed out below the zone. Still a work in progress, but can’t deny that there’s 3 future quality pitches and his wiry strong build will continue to fill out and mature into a quality D1 pitching prospect and maybe more down the road!


One of the top 10 prospects in the ‘23 class and will be playing for Team Utah in the PBR Future Games at LakePoint coming up. Also plays for the powerhouse travel team, Team Utah ‘22 and is making his mark there. Played JV mostly for Pleasant Grove and made some late spectacular appearances late in the season as they played for the 6A state title and he made an impact in the state tourney. Most likely will be the frontline starter in 2022 as the ace of a very good and nationally ranked program. Marx has the type of stuff to impact a D1 program down the road and drawing attention this summer from college coaches at many levels. Has an athletic build and though only 6’ foot tall, he has a high pitching IQ and has an idea on the mound. Armed with a loose EZ arm that shows a loose wrist to finish pitches and as he continues to mature and fill out, he could be a 92-93 mph arm as early as next spring. Brayden was consistently 88-90 at this event and threw K’s couple with a feel for two secondary offerings. The CB showed shape and depth with lower velocities, but I see some added power to the pitch with work and proper instruction. The CH in the mid to upper 70’s is an interesting pitch as it has a parachute type effect with some sink at the end. Look for continued improvements and added power the the FB moving forward as it has steadily climbed over the past 4 months and I saw him pitch in the Vikings state title run, and was impressed by his poise and ability to pitch. Defined next level arm! 


A talk with Coach Henry at Pleasant Grove and he recommended Brayden to be invited to this event, and I am glad he attended. He’s a two way kid, but it appears with the eye that his future is on the mound. With a Zach Davies type build and a medium fluid HTQ arm stroke, Marx gets solid ext. and has a loose wrist to finish pitches. Works with a 3 pitch mix and has feel for all 3 in the FB/CB and CH. The FB 83-85 has late firm hop and doesn’t sell out for max velo. Just threw and hit the mitt with all 3 pitches. The CB 69-71 had a spin of 2357 and showed proper shape and late avg tilt and depth. The CH 74-76 showed the feel to land with late arm side life. 

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