Prep Baseball Report

Utah Player and Pitcher of the Week: Week 9 (May 2-7)

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Players of the Week

Hunter Gatti OF / RHP / Jordan, UT / 2023



Stats from Last Week:

G 3 AB 9 R 6 H 7 RBI 10 2B 2 3B 1

Generated 16 Runs for the Week!

Gatti is new to the PBR system and will now be on the radar as he continues to show and promote himself to schools. A 2021 1st Team All-State player as a sophomore, Gatti hit .462 with 26 RBI’s, 8 2B’s and a triple. A very good student that should be able to receive academic money on top of baseball money. Gatti has a slasher type all fields approach and has a knack for barreling the baseball. One stat that stands out with Gatti is he also drew 13 BB’s to only 3 strikeouts in 98 plate appearances, easily the best mark in the state across all classes. This is evident with his Vizual Edge score of 75%, which falls in the collegiate range for edge scores. A below avg arm: 76 mph may relegate him to LF at the next level, but one thing is for sure, at 165 lbs, he has 20-25 pounds he can gain with a strong strength and conditioning program, should elevate his power production, as he posted an EV max of 94.8, which should reach beyond 100 mph when he reaches his man strength.

NOTE: Gatti has only struck out 5 times in his last 194 PA over the past 2 seasons!!

 2022 Preseason All-State


Crew McChesney OF / RHP / Lone Peak, UT / 2023



Last Weeks Stats:

G 3 AB 11 R 8 H 7 RBI 7 2B 3 3B 1 SB 1

Generated 15 Runs for the Week

The top uncommitted ‘23 in the state, and is the best athlete in the class. A two sport star, as McChesney is also one of the better WRs on the gridiron, as he blows by defenders in getting deep in hauling in highlight type plays. On the baseball field, Crew tore his UCL on a freak injury with weeks to go in the ‘21 season, which caused him to miss all summer/fall. Now healthy and only 8 months post op, McChesney posted arm velocities from the OF at the Preseason All-State of 90 mph. Look for even greater velocities to the low to mid 90’s as he is removed further from surgery and gains his man strength in 3-4 years. But what sets McChesney apart is premium speed as he posted a blazing 6.24/60, which on the MLB scale of 20-80 is an “80”, making him the best runner in the state, as well as one of the handful of fastest 60’s in the entire country. A quick compact stroke from the plate that generates elite hand speed of 25.7 and bat speed of 80. Now that McChesney is back on the map, look for a big year at the plate and on the bases, as he possesses Power 5 school type talent and should impact any program on both sides of the ball. 

  2021 Preseason All-State
  2022 Preseason All-State

Pitcher of the Week

Ashton Johnson LHP / OF / Olympus , UT / 2022


 Committed: College of Southern Idaho

Last Weeks Stats:

IP 7 H 3 R 2 ER 2 BB 1 SO 15


PITCHING:  I was also able to see him throw on back to back days last weekend at two different college prospect camps. The delivery is from the stretch and he gathers up top with a high kick to a compact tucked delivery and keeps his front side closed. He drives down the mound with the front side closed and uses a late shoulder turn out front to create late reads by hitters and his pitches all have deception. A consistent K thrower that pitches like Ted Lilly with a FB 81-85 and although he lacks velocity, he makes up for it with K pounding ability and abv avg command of all his pitches. He can locate the FB to all four quadrants as well as land the CB and CH and will mix it up by pitching different hitters each time. My pick to click at the next level and I believe he can get hitters out at a mid major D1 or a top shelf JC. Also reminds me of a former MLB LHP with the Angels and national JC pitcher of the year (Central Arizona) back in the late 2000’s. 

 2021 Preseason All-State

  2021 (3 Time) Pitcher of the Week

  2021 West Coast Games 

Payton Gubler SS / RHP / Desert Hills, UT / 2022


 Committed: Brigham Young U

Last Weeks Stats:

IP 7 H 1 R 0 ER 0 BB 1 SO 15 (4-1  win vs Top 10 Crimson Cliffs)

Gubler made his way to Chicago for the Super 60 and didn't disappoint or let the moment get too big. Gubler displayed his two way ability in the box and on the mound, but it was on the mound that Gubler's star shone bright. As a hitter, the ball was struck consistently hard and on the barrel, with hard LD's and a fast bat. At SS, Gubler showed lateral agility and quickness to stay on the dirt and picked balls clean, with 91 mph bullets across the diamond. On the mound, is where Payton's star was the brightest. Showing near flawless timing in his delivery via ProPlayAI's biomechanical pitching breakdown, Gubler was firm with 3 pitches, as he showed a clean, quick HTQ arm stroke with solid finish and direction down and through foot strike. The ball exited clean out of the hand, with FB's 92-94 and sat comfortably at 93 with a fair movement profile. The SL 83-86 is a weapon, that varies between 2400-2600+ spin. The shape and depth can vary, as the pitch reacts like a hard TQ cutter and at times, when he catches it right, he can bury it like a hard pwr CB. The CH 85-87 is a new pitch in his arsenal, and it was nasty at times, as the catcher mentioned, he had a hard time catching it, with the amount of run and sink it displayed. The pitch was thrown with FB arm speed and deception, while killing spin and letting gravity take over. Showed the makings of 3 avg to plus pitches and will be heavily scouted come spring. 

  2022 PBR Super 60 Pro Showcase

     2022 3 Time Pitcher of the Week


Other Notable Performances (23)

Zack Geertsen, 3B (Green Canyon)

G 3 AB 10 R 5 H 6 HR 1 RBI 5 2B 3 BB 1

Ryker Schow, CF (Pleasant Grove)

G 3 AB 12 R 6 H 5 RBI 6 2B 1 3B 1

(BYU commit)

Brayden Marx, RHP (Pleasant Grove)

IP 7 H 4 R 2 ER 1 BB 1 SO 5

Beau Sampson, LHP (Crimson Cliffs)

IP 5.1 H 2 R 1 ER 1 BB 4 SO 8

Mic Paul, CF (Olympus)

G 3 AB 9 R 6 H 5 HR 1 RBI 5 2B 1 3B 1 BB 5 SB 4 

(LSU commit)

Jacob Faust, 3B/OF (Olympus)

G 3 AB 13 R 2 H 6 HR 1 RBI 7 SB 3

Dakota West, 3B/RHP (Timpanogos)

IP 5.2 H 3 R 2 ER 2 BB 5 SO 11

G 3 AB 10 R 4 H 6 HR 1 RBI 5 2B 2 BB 1

(Dixie State commit)

Sawyer Slade, C (Orem)

G 3 AB 12 R 1 H 4 RBI 3 2B 2

Previous PBR Utah Player of the Week

Sam Lindsey, OF (Snow Canyon)

G 2 AB 6 R 4 H 3 HR 1 RBI 6 2B 1 3B 1

Luke Anderson, DH (Snow Canyon)

G 2 AB 7 R 4 H 4 RBI 2 2B 1

(BYU commit)

Kaden Hodson, 3B/SS (Lone Peak)

G 3 AB 9 R 3 H 5 HR 1 RBI 7 SF 1 BB 1

Austin Park, SS/RHP (Juab)

G 3 AB 9 R 3 H 3 RBI 3 BB 1 SB 2

Avery Doezie, 1B (Cottonwood)

G 2 AB 5 R 1 H 3 RBI 4 SF 2

Cameron Nielson, SS (Cottonwood)

G 2 AB 8 R 5 H 4 RBI 1 2B 1

(Utah commit)

Keaton Stinson, OF (Cottonwood)

G 2 AB 6 R 2 H 7 RBI 9 2B 2

Cade Nalder, C (Jordan)

G 3 AB 6 R 3 H 5 RBI 4 2B 2 BB 1

Previous PBR Utah Player of the Week

Stockton Mathis, CF (Jordan)

G 3 AB 6 R 3 H 4 RBI 5 2B 2 3B 1

Cole Kershaw, 1B (Jordan)

G 3 AB 6 R 3 H 3 HR 2 RBI 4

(Utah commit)

Previous PBR Utah Player of the Week

Bo Williams, SS (Jordan)

G 2 AB 5 R 4 H 4 RBI 4 2B 1 3B 1 BB 1

Logan Penland, SS (Fremont)

G 3 AB 7 R 3 H 3 RBI 3 2B 1 BB 1

Calvin Morrow, OF (Fremont)

G 3 AB 12 R 2 H 3 HR 1 RBI 8 2B 1

Bridger Clontz, LHP/1B (Fremont)

IP 7 H 3 R 1 ER 1 BB 2 SO 12

Trey Jacobsen, 2B (Canyon View)

G 3 AB 9 R 3 H 6 RBI 5 2B 3 3B 1 BB 3

Performance/Game of the Day 

Hutson Slack, 1B/LF (Canyon View)

AB 5 R 3 H 3 HR 2 RBI 8 2B 1 BB 1

Ashton Arciero, 1B (Canyon View)

AB 3 R 3 H 3 HR 2 RBI 5 BB 1

Malik Harris, 3B/RHP (Juan Diego)

AB 5 R 2 H 4 HR 2 RBI 6 2B 1 BB 1

IP 5.2 H 5 R 4 ER 1 BB 2 SO 9

(Grand Canyon commit)


Juan Diego @ Canyon View (3A Playoffs)

In a game that saw Juan Diego jump out to a commanding 12-1 lead, Canyon View scored 16 runs in the bottom of the 5th, to take a 17-12 lead, Thanks to 2 HR’s in the inning by Ashton Arciero and 2 grand slams, YES, 2 grand slams in the same inning by Hutson Slack! 

In the bottom of the 6th, Canyon View tacked on 2 more for a 19-12 lead, but then Juan Diego scored 10 in the top of the 7th, to take the lead back at 22-19. Canyon View mounts a 2 run comeback in the bottom of the 7th and with the tying run at 3B with 2 outs, the Canyon View runner gets caught stealing to end the game! Juan Diego holds on to win 22-21!!

Note: The 2 grand slams by Slack are so rare, even for amateur baseball, as it’s only happened ONCE in MLB history as well. Fernando Tatis Sr, the father of Fernando Tatis Jr., accomplished the feat on April 23, 1999, which had never been done and may never be done again at the MLB level. Thank you to Matt Bell, father of Cayson Bell, RHP and a college pitching prospect from Dixie HS for texting me Slack’s amazing feat.