Prep Baseball Report

2022 Utah Top 10 Prospects (Spring Update)

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

It’s that time for the spring update for the class of 2022. This class has some impact next level talent, with all 10 players having signed letters of intent at D1 schools! A few are already receiving MLB scouting community looks in the first two weeks of the season, the scouts were out in abundance to watch American Fork prospects, Fisher Ingersoll, SS and Kaden Carpenter, OF play in the prestigious Boras Classic in Arizona a week ago. Payton Gubler, RHP from Desert Hills had scouts in the stands last weekend as he was firing his big FB in the low to mid-90’s and showing his high velocity SL. All three were invited and showed very well at the PBR Super 60 pro showcase in Chicago, Feb 6th. 

Six of the top 10 players, are signed at Power 5 schools, as Utah which has been a hidden source for talent, for quite some time, but not anymore. Of the players listed below, it’s evenly distributed, with five players each from northern and southern Utah. This wasn’t by design, as the talent in the state with the top end talent has become increasingly well balanced. A few of these players have the talent to be drafted whether it be out of HS or out of college, but with my background as a MLB scout, it suggests that unless a player is taken in the top 3 rounds of the draft and the asking price to give up school is too much for teams tastes and where they have a player evaluated compared to the rest of the country, most will head to college and develop further, until they are draft eligible after their junior year of college. It should be noted that only around 20% of players taken in the drafts top 10 rounds are from the high school ranks. With the elimination of the short-season rookie leagues in minor league baseball, most potential HS draftees are not ready to make the jump from rookie ball to Class A ball in their second season, without having that extra development level of short-season involved. 

With all that said, we present the new and updated Top 10 prospects…Enjoy!  

2022 Top 10 Prospects

Fisher Ingersoll SS / 3B / American Fork , UT / 2022


   Commitment: Texas Christian U (TCU)

Ingersoll hit Chicago with some anticipation, as I've been singing his praises for some time now. Fisher is a very good athlete and as I've stated in previous reports and in public, he is the #1 baseball player in the state, as well as in the athletic category is concerned. The BP was arguably one of the best if not the best taken at the event. With a simple professional style approach, Fisher showed an ease and comfort to impact the baseball with near flawless sweet spot contact. Spraying the ball all over the "Max", 94-96 mph EV's were in a tight box of consistency. It was as if you were watching a current pro player take BP. Defensively Fish, needs to work on staying down and bending at the knees, while getting lower to the ground in his setup and approach to the ball. Has a tendency to bend at the waist, which causes him to catch and field the ball deep. See a completely different setup at 3B, that if that becomes his spot, these tweeks can disappear. But overall I see an offensive minded athletic CF'er in his future, as he is a two time 1st Team All-State WR in football, and I see a player who you just stand up in the OF and let his instincts and athleticism take over. One thing is for sure, in this scouts opinion, he is the best pure hitter in the four corners.

Payton Gubler SS / RHP / Desert Hills, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Brigham Young U

Gubler made his way to Chicago for the Super 60 and didn't disappoint or let the moment get too big. Gubler displayed his two way ability in the box and on the mound, but it was on the mound that Gubler's star shone bright. As a hitter, the ball was struck consistently hard and on the barrel, with hard LD's and a fast bat. At SS, Gubler showed lateral agility and quickness to stay on the dirt and picked balls clean, with 91 mph bullets across the diamond. On the mound, is where Payton's star was the brightest. Showing near flawless timing in his delivery via ProPlayAI's biomechanical pitching breakdown, Gubler was firm with 3 pitches, as he showed a clean, quick HTQ arm stroke with solid finish and direction down and through foot strike. The ball exited clean out of the hand, with FB's 92-94 and sat comfortably at 93 with a fair movement profile. The SL 83-86 is a weapon, that varies between 2400-2600+ spin. The shape and depth can vary, as the pitch reacts like a hard TQ cutter and at times, when he catches it right, he can bury it like a hard pwr CB. The CH 85-87 is a new pitch in his arsenal, and it was nasty at times, as the catcher mentioned, he had a hard time catching it, with the amount of run and sink it displayed. The pitch was thrown with FB arm speed and deception, while killing spin and letting gravity take over. Showed the makings of 3 avg to plus pitches and will be heavily scouted come spring. 

Kaden Carpenter OF / LHP / American Fork, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Utah

Carpenter made his way to Chicago and took the place by storm with his size and physical presence. The talk was how big of a human Kaden is and the large personality he brings to the table as well. Athletic for a big man, and looks the part of a Rob Gronkowski with a bat in his hands. Kaden at the plate, smashed balls with a controlled, yet aggressive powerful hitting stroke. The ball was jumping off the bat, and the hand speed by Blast Motion, at 28.9, was #1 on the event leaderboard. In the OF, he also registered a 93 mph reading out of the hand and showed power at the plate with arm strength and athleticism in the field. On the mound, he showed a very good ProPlayAi profile throughout, and the arm worked really well. The only tweek to the delivery, will be to shorten his stride a bit, as he over reaches with his lower 1/2, which made him miss woth the FB up and to his arm side and scatter the zone. When right, the FB was 87-89 with a late biting projs CB and near avg CH. A definite two way guy at the next level, as Utah is getting a 2 for 1 type deal here and one that I see having impact in the box right away. 

Isaac Lyon RHP / 2B / Snow Canyon, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Grand Canyon U

Lyon has made huge improvements with his FB velocity and not only is he an athletic MIF, and one that can play at the collegiate level as a MIF, it’s the right arm on the mound that captures your attention. His father, former MLB RHP, Brandon Lyon was very similar on the mound at the same age as I had the fortune to see his father in HS and scout him as a collegian, before embarking on a 12 year MLB career. Isaac has always been able to command the baseball and has solid avg run and sink to the FB, but he has really gained added arm strength and it has developed in a steady arc. As a freshman he was 78-82, and then as a sophomore, he was in the mid 80’s. This past October/November he was 84-87, and showing added depth and bite to his CB 72-74, but after taking the winter off and being among the starting 5 on his varsity basketball team, Lyon came out in the early stages of the spring in the 86-89 range, but as the season began to take shape, Isaac was consistently 87-91 in the 2-3 times I saw him. The CB ticked up to 74-76 and the CH was 78-81 with consistent fade and late bottom in the K zone. During his teams run to the 4A state title, Lyon threw in the quarter final game and pitched a 7 inn 2 hit SHO gem, sitting 88-89, touching 91. Not to be denied, he came back on 3 days rest and gave his team 4 strong inns without his best stuff and willed his way through the outing, keeping his team in the lead at 3-2, before handing it off to another prospect, as Snow Canyon captured the 4A state title. Lyon has a couple of offers already, and is betting on himself and does want to go out as a position player, but with the bloodlines, projection on the mound with the potential for 3 solid avg pitches in time, he will make someone very happy with his bulldog competitiveness and ability to mix and match pitches for quality K’s. 

Luke Anderson OF / RHP / Snow Canyon, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Brigham Young U

I have known Luke from the beginning of time. A former next door neighbor for 15 years, I have seen his baseball playing progression for years now, and what he does is perform. Anderson committed to BYU in the winter of his sophomore year, and was off to a strong start to his season, before the pandemic shut the season down. Luke had a strong showing at the Fall Prospect ID, with a class best 95.6 exit velo, while displaying solid avg bat speed. A Semi wide, open stance, Luke takes his body back and into the load phase, with a med knee lift and balances while turning the bat into the 45 degree position, allowing for a powerful base, that creates good separation. The path is short and quick with a direct path to the ball and gets length out front and whips the bat into a two hand finish. The arm from the OF is clean and pure with a solid stroke and shows an avg arm with solid one hop carry and is accurate. Not a toolsy player, but does have bat speed and strength and has performed all throughout his young amateur career. 

Mic Paul OF / Olympus, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Louisiana State U

Paul came into the Super 60 ready to show why he has been highly regarded in the state of Utah and by Jay Johnson and his staff at LSU. Paul who has ran anywhere from a 6.54-6.65/60 at various state events, turned in a 6.7/60 and smashed LD's to all fields in BP. showing a simpler and quieter load than in the past, where his back elbow would get steep in his load, he has lowered it and is more direct and efficient. The on plane path of the stroke was dialed in at 100% accuracy and it showed as he repeated and drove balls on a line w/consistency. Look for a big year at the plate and on the bases from a lead off table setter position in the lineup. 

Garrison Sumner RHP / OF / Westlake , UT / 2022


   Commitment: Utah

A U of Utah commit, Sumner was off to a good start to his junior year, where in an early preseason tourney in St. George, I saw Sumner flash a potential big FB 87-93 and sit 89-91. Thereafter he was tender and shut things down shortly thereafter to have surgery on his elbow. Missing all of the summer and fall, Sumner is back and feeling good and healthy. The FB 87-90 at the Preseason All-State was firm with late hop through the zone and a high spin rate of 2601! The CB 75-77 sets him apart from other pitchers with a “elite” spin rate of 2840 with quick late TQ shape and biting depth. The FB/CB combination of high spin and late life to both pitches, is the best in the state to date. Look for even more gains to the FB velo as the spring unfolds and he gets his sea legs under him from the time off. One thing is for sure, Sumner is giving the Utes in 2023 a potential elite arm that has the frame and build to be a workhorse. 

Jace Carroll RHP / 1B / Stansbury, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Dixie State U (Utah Tech U)

The Dixie State commit has made the most improvement of any pitcher in the state, since I first saw him over a year ago. Year ago he was 81-84 and weighed 170 lbs. But his velo has shown a steady climb each quarter of the year. An Area Code team alum, Carroll now has a FB that is 88-91 and reached 93 during indoor workouts this past winter. The CB 73-74 has a high spin of 2507 and is an OH 12 to 6 variety with considerable biting depth. Carroll shows the ability to land the pitch for a K and also bury it for swing and misses. The CH 77-80 has the right differential spacing off the FB and has late fade with mild bottom, but can kill the spin at 1885 and the pitch should compliment into a solid 3 pitch mix, when he arrives on the St. George campus. Look for Carroll to draw MLB scout attention as he was the feature arm for the scouts who were in attendance at our event.

Shaydon Benson LHP / 1B / Parowan, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Dixie State U (Utah Tech U)

Benson has one of the best two CB's in the '22 class with downward two plane biting action and depth. Tough to hit as it has a Barry Zito type arch and finish at the end from a tall 6-6 big league frame. The FB comes out 86-87 with a medium to full arching HTQ arm stroke with a loose wrist and the ability to finish pitches. The projection here is oozing and has a very high ceiling. I can see 92-93 in a couple of years! The ace of a small 2A HS at Parowan HS, but with the moxy and stuff of a bigger school type arm, as he has played throughout the summers with the powerful Team Utah '22 travel club, that has a handful of the top D1 commits in the class. With another 20-25 Lbs at maturity, this is the kind of arm that coaches dream about and should make big jumps in the near future, as he has ace material in the making when he hits the Dixie State campus.  

Luke Iverson C / SS / Pine View, UT / 2022


   Commitment: Utah Valley U

Iverson is an athletic small catcher that plays bigger than his size would indicate. Quick twitched and very mobile with agility and wiry strength, a “Black Belt” in karate, he is able to use that flexibility and athleticism, while putting to use on the field. A switch hitting catcher that is also a 4.0 student with a 30 ACT, Luke is a coach's dream academically. But on the field, Iverson shows some advanced skills behind the plate, with the ability to catch velocity and frames and stick pitches. Additionally he shows the ability to block and quick to drop and recover and gets out of the box quick on balls in front. The thing that catches your eye, is an eye popping plus arm with clothesline accuracy, while putting his throws on the money. Luke is a mirror from both sides of the plate, as he brings his front side back and into his back side and then loads the bat and gets momentum coming forward with a compact quick store, as he stays inside the baseball and finishes with a one hand and two hand finish, depending on swing location. Iverson had two 2B’s in game action from the left side of the plate and worked well with pitchers, showing leadership qualities!