Prep Baseball Report

Utah Top Prospect Games: Quick Hits (Class of 2024)

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Quick Hits: Class of 2024

PBR Utah held its signature summer invite event, as a two day event for the first time. The first day was the typical showcase workout with our top tech companies Trackman Baseball, with its ball flight and pitching metrics, along with Blast Motion swing analysis, Vizual Edge eye tracking software and Swift Performance laser graded 10/30/60 run times. Day two was game play, with the players divided into 6 teams for the first time, with 3 games played overall. 

The setting was ideal, as we secured Salt Lake CC as our venue (All turf surface). The Bruins from Salt Lake made the programs first appearance at the NJCAA D1 JUCO World Series, as the captured the District championship, after near misses on numerous occasions. 

With 82 players in attendance, the Top Prospect Games has grown from two teams of near 50 players, to four teams of 72 in 2022, to its growth in 2023. With every college JC and D1 baseball programs ap and down the I-15 corridor, the players were able to be evaluated by all the statewide coaches and recruiters with a couple of head coaches in attendance. 

The following 14 players were just some of the 2024 players that stood out, as we could have listed more, but felt this was a solid list to draw from on initial looks, from not only from this event, but past events and the recently completed HS season factored in as well.

Easton Davies RHP / OF / Orem , UT / 2024


 Committed: Arizona State

6/04/23 (West Coast ProCase)

A Future Game alum along with his recent ProCase outing, Davies has matured physically and blossomed over the past two years, from a 6-1 185 build to a physically imposing 6-2 210 and looks the part of a stud D1/Pro Prospect. With a 85-88 mph high spin 2600+ FB two years ago, Davies now clocks in at 89-93 and with his up tempo style flexible delivery and late shoulder turn, the delivery has deception and his FB jumps with the high spin at the plate for late reads by hitters with swing/miss tendencies. The SL 77-82 is hard and sharp and can flatten out at times, yet when he catches it right, it can be tough to get a barrel on. The SL spins at 2556, which is abv avg on the scale and takes a hard left turn and tunnels off his FB, making for a two pitch reliever profile. The CH is the pitch that needs development and use to fill a starters role, but at his current level, he can get by with two pot power pitches that have the makings of solid avg to plus offerings. A competitor with a deep passion to compete and expects success.



Jaxson Reiser RHP / OF / Mountain Ridge, UT / 2024


UPDATE: Recently de-committed from Utah, the day after the Top Prospect Games

A PBR Future Games alum and Utah commit, Reiser received his offer due to his potential on the mound as a year ago, Reiser was sitting 86-88 T89. Reiser committed shortly after the Future Games. After a rocky go of it this past spring on the mound, Reiser hit in the middle of the Mountain Ridge order and held down CF and produced a state line of: 400 7 33 with 10 2B’s and 2 3B’s and hit 3 of his 7 HR’s in the 6A state tourney. I was on hand as he belted 2 long HR’s in one game, and now Reiser may get a shot to show which way he will go at the college level of both? A raw athlete on the baseball diamond, Reiser was also the QB1 on the gridiron, but will forgo his senior year of football, to focus strictly on baseball and shortening the learning curve, to get ready for the PAC 12. At the plate, Reiser can get a bit jumpy and wants to go get the ball and attack out front, instead of staying back and taking a more conventional approach in landing on his front foot and staying behind the baseball and spinning through contact. On the mound, Reiser shows his truest potential, he just needs innings and the leash to fight through his struggles. But one thing is for sure, with a tall flexible compact delivery, the arm comes through from a slightly lower TQ slit and because he finds his hand inside the baseball, a now 89-91 mph FB with 2400+ spin, takes off in the zone with late life and arm side run with sink life down for GB’s. There is much more on his tank as far as velocity goes, and the farther he’s removed from football, reps and innings should aid in gaining additional feel for the K zone. The SL 74-76 has lateral sweeping life and spins at 2400+ as well, giving him two pitches that show avg to solid avg carry with the two seam FB and late tight breaking action with the SL to miss bats. All that is needed to take his arm to the next level is consistency in his delivery and the ability to repeat more often. The athleticism is there and the drive and work ethic to do so. I will get a chance to see him pitch for the MGF Marshalls this summer, as he is teammates with my son. The best is yet to come on the mound, but even with some tweaks needed offensively, the numbers and eye/hand coordination is there to make hard contact and impact a lineup at the next level. 



Easton Jones RHP / 3B / Stansbury, UT / 2024


A virtual unknown, until a recommendation by a fellow Dad of a D1 player from the same HS, recommended a 3B and went to see Stansbury play and came away with a Future Games 3B and this young man came in relief and caught my attention. A tall 6-2 175 that oozes physical projection with a quick arm. Gathers well up top w/a solid hip turn and gets into his back hip to create leverage and lower ½ use of his legs. Arm is loose and whippy with a loose wrist to finish pitches. FB jumps from his hand at 86-89 T90 with more in there with high spin at 2463. The SL 78-81 tilts with late dive and spins at 2183. D1 potential with a high ceiling and big velo to come in time, if not sooner!


Connor Drachman RHP / OF / Copper Hills, UT / 2024



Another arm that caught my attention through a tweeted video and got him to the Preseason ID and was up to 90 with the FB. Went out and wanted a rotation spot with two Salt Lake CC signees and has a bright future. The delivery is clean and shows the type of base ingredients to take off and get better. One of the better uncommitted arms you will find this time of year in any area of the country. FB 86-89 T90 with a spin of 2293 and the SLV 74-75 spins at 2277 and shows promise for added tilt and depth with college level instruction. A nationally ranked JC/D1 type arm that someone could find lightning in a bottle. The kid wants it and looks to get better. Humble and thankful for opportunities to be seen and get better. Jump on this kid now or he will be gone in short order. 


The biggest eye opener from a pitching standpoint at the Preseason ID. After seeing a tweet that Drachman posted, it caught my attention and we made sure to get him to the event and in his words, “This event was the best thing that has happened to me” from a baseball standpoint. Drachman was as good as advertised and was the event FB velocity leader. A lean streamlined athletic build, that shows all the makings of a 6-1 190 frame in time, as he continues to mature and add weight in the gym, the loose quick arm from an uptempo rhythmic delivery, shows all the signs of a low 90’s FB, that should be able to touch the mid-90’s in the next couple of years. The arm is quick thru the slot w/ext out front, and can use multiple arm slots, that produces different visuals in the hitting zone to cover for hitters. With the FB 86-90 and the SL 73-78 tunneled off each other, the two pitches, coupled with the CH 82-83, which is a bit hard, and does show bottom, does give some spacing for hitters to cover and create timing issues. Based on the one event, Drachman received 3 offers and there will be more to come for sure. 

Hayden Smith C / 3B / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


Had a very good sophomore year as the catcher on the 4A state runner-ups as he hit .393 and then took it to another level in ‘23, hitting at a .360 clip with 22 xtra base hits, with 14 2B’s, a triple and 7 HR’s. The ball jumps off his bat to all fields and can hit it out the other way. Gets loaded into the “MLB Logo'' position and has solid barrel release at contact. Behind the plate he needs to get better at block and recovering, frames, get low and receive the baseball with soft hands. The feet are efficient and online to 2B with above or below 2.0 pop times. His throws are on the money, for what he lacks in pure arm strength. A solid baseball IQ with bloodlines, as his uncle played in the NFL. As a junior carried Snow Canyon once again back to a state 4A runner-up finish and looks to lead the Warriors to the promised land in 2024, as Snow Canyon has played for the state title 3 years in a row, winning it all his freshman year. 


Ryder Harrison OF / 1B / Snow Canyon, UT / 2024


One of the better overall hitters in the state. Small and compact, but strong and has hitters' mannerisms. Doesn’t really have a position to call home yet in LF, but what he does do, is he rakes and hits good pitching. A sound approach from a controlled quiet head and base to hit from. He sees pitches and recognizes spin and can control the K zone. Doesn’t swing and miss often and it’s rare to see multiple swing and misses in the same AB. Puts the ball in play hard and shows LD and loft power to all fields. Had 3 bottom of the 7th walk off HR’s in 2023, with two in pivotal region play and one against a 90 mph arm in the opening round of the 4A state tournament to straightaway LF off the scoreboard the other way. Not many LHH have  done that at Miller Park (BYU) as it’s 345 to the LF pole and is a big ballpark. Look for big things from this kid moving forward!


Logan Leavitt 3B / RHP / Dixie, UT / 2024



A West Coast Games alum and an All-Region honoree as a sophomore, had a solid year as a junior with a .312 BA after posting a .406 avg as a sophomore in 86 PA’s. Leavitt’s calling card is solid avg to plus defensive ability at the hot corner, and can see a move to the keystone at 2B in profiling much better at the position with less power than needed for the position. A high contact bat, Leavitt’s hands on defense are quick and sure with the ability to move well side to side and plays from the ground up and out front, in getting the ball out of the glove quick, and syncs up the feet and gets his front shoulder closed off and makes online, strong accurate throws to all bases. A solid baseball player with instincts for the game and comes from an athletic family, where his mother Stacy is a HS Volleyball Coach and played collegiate volleyball at Dixie College and Colorado Mesa U, while older brother Jagun was most recently an OF at Dixie State, now Utah Tech over a 5 year period. Coaches this kid can play and recruiters need to take notice. 



Corbin Gull 2B / RHP / Salem Hills, UT / 2024


A player that could pop in 2024 as he has been blocked by next level players along the way. Shows MIF actions and soft hands to make plays as he made a couple really nice feeds and pivots around the bag in game play at the Top Prospect Games. Also blasted the games only HR, with a high drive down the RF line, that snuck over the fence. Barreled balls in BP with a high EV of 94.4. Doesn’t run for a middle INF, but has barrel control, soft hands and educated feet with good reads and instincts off the bat to make plays. Keep an eye on this kids senior season 


Ethan Johnson C / OF / Cedar Valley, UT / 2024


A 3 time 5A All-State catcher, he will be looking to do what only a handful of others have done in state history as a senior in accomplishing the feat every year of his HS career. A raw athlete that needs work behind the dish in his footwork, receiving and arm strength, but the base ingredients are there to turn into a quality college catcher at the next level. An offensive minded catcher with long lean levers and a taller build than most catchers, yet the size and physical projection leaves you wondering how good this kid can be once he blossoms in the finer points of the game. The bat has always played and played quickly the minute he entered HS. Johnson has shown the ability to drive the baseball, provide extra base hits and drive in runs from the 3 hole in the Cedar Valley lineup. Keep an eye on this kid, as he would be a solid JC/Quality D2 offensive catcher with the base to improve defensively. 


Deiverson Villalobos SS / 3B / East, UT / 2024


Another big surprise and one that has caught college coaches' attention over the last few weeks. First it was a text from a D1 commit that played against him in the spring, telling me to go see this kid play. He moved in from Venezuela this spring and had his coming out party at the Rawlings Tigers scout day a few weeks back and also showed well in the Top Prospect Games. A small immature build, due to his background and upbringing. Looks to add weight with American food and lifestyle. This young man can really play defense and shows the Latin bouncy feet and plus hands and feet to make plays ala Lindor! Can make the plays in all directions and make the bare hand play coming in with the flair for the dramatic. The arm is fringe to below, but has a quick accurate arm and the arm strength that will get to avg by MLB standards as he continues to get bigger and fill out. The bat has a clean path to a short compact stroke into a high finish. Can impact the baseball and shows alley power now with the chance for some pull power down the road. An athlete with twitchy movement patterns. 


Trey Robinson OF / RHP / Lone Peak, UT / 2024


A tooled out lean athletic looks the part type w/a showcase type intrigue to want to see more production from what the tools suggest. This kid has really grown into a strong quick twitch quality mover in the field, with a quality running gate and arm strength. The event leader with a 6.70/60 yard dash and one off the leader for best arm strength at any position at 87 from RF and a 94.9 EV max. A conventional RH stance to hit, that shows hand and bat speed, with a clean semi short to long out front stroke to hit, and can drive the baseball hard on a line with backspin. Would like to see this kid come out next spring and blow away the competition by turning his tools into skills and performance. 



Degan Rigby RHP / 3B / Bear River, UT / 2024


Since we last saw Rigby at the Utah State Games last October, the FB has taken a step forward and touched 91, with a working velocity of 86-90 T91. The 6-4 210 frame/build, has the makings of a low 90's FB and is in this scouts opinion, a legitimate D1 prospect! The secondary needs to improve and be cleaner, with consistency and K's, but the body, aggressive delivery and arm strength, coupled with now velo and two years of HS left, the best is yet to come from this physical farm boy, that has produced some hard throwers from his HS in recent memory!


Rigby is a big strapping country kid from the upper reaches of the state, but has the frame and natural strength that come with being 6-4 210, to reach back and throw a mid to upper 80's FB now, with plenty in the tank over the next two years of HS. The FB 85-88 at the All-State Games was his best velo to date, since we first saw him at the Northern Utah Open 6-7 weeks ago. The CB 69-74 has TQ tilted depth and needs added spin to create bite, so the pitch will take that biting turn at the end, to create problems for hitters. Playing for a quality state contending program at Bear River HS, and having a former U Utah alum in Donnie Hawes, who also played in the Reds system, helps as he is around a solid HS baseball environment.


Caden Fenger RHP / SS / Juan Diego, UT / 2024


A proj long athletic build at 6-3 180 and looks to add another 20 lbs at maturity. The delivery is compact and clean with some leak out front that lends itself to added velo, as he stays back and gets loaded into his back hip better. The arm is clean and produces FB’s at 83-87 with a max spin of 2236. The FB has a downhill plane and at times, sinks the ball below the zone. The CB 70-72 spins at 2283 and shows depth and TQ tilt for the promise of a tighter CB as he continues to gain added power and arm strength. The CH 77-78 shows some feel to fade and dive at the plate and kills the spin at 1946 rpm’s. Chance for 3 pitches in time and fits the projectable HS profile with bigger things to come!



Dax Watts OF / 1B / American Fork, UT / 2024


(West Coast ProCase)

Another Future Game alum, Watts makes his noise with a loud hit tool and + raw power. A consistent 100 mph EV bat, that put up 6 of the 8 top scores in all hitting data categories at last summer's Future Games. Watts was only one of a handful to record 5 hits over the 3 games at LakePoint. Registering a 104.4 EV with metal at the Preseason All-State, which is the #2 high marks in the state. Watts put up one of four 100 mph EV’s at the ProCase, with a 101.4 mark with wood. Watts also drove the ball for a max distance of 390, which was an event best. 400+ foot shots are on the very near future as Watts is still 17 years old and when he reaches his man strength, look out. A BP machine in driving shots deep to the LCF gap and straightaway left, Watts finds the barrel and makes loud contact. In games Watts is a .400 hitter over the last two years and found the gaps for 14 2B’s during the 2023 season with 2 HR’s. A noticeable lay back with the barrel as he loads in games vs a controlled load and driving his hands inside and through the baseball, Watts needs to find the consistent load in games, which as of now, with this needed tweak, his hand/eye to do the things he’s doing now is unique. An athlete who plays a solid 1B and shows soft hands and an avg big league arm across the INF, with fringe to avg speed as well, playing an OF corner is there as well. Watts is an under the radar type that is quiet in nature and leads by example, but whoever makes the investment at the next level is gonna be really happy to have this kid!



Watts has as much raw power as anyone in the state during workout/showcase type settings and led Team Utah last summer at the Future Games in 6 of the 8 measured data points. Big bat speed and EV’s for a 17 year old, Watts has shown EV’s with a max of 104.5 and has hit over .400 over the last two seasons. Watts fires his hands inside and through the baseball and the ball explodes off his bat with ease. He can leave the park in any direction, but it just hasn’t shown up as frequently in game situations yet, but as any seasoned evaluator will tell you, power, especially in-game power, is the last thing to show up in a hitters tool box. The raw power is there and I believe it’s gonna become big in game situations as he continues to learn his swing and gain a better feel for when to drive balls, based on count situations and what pitchers are trying to do with him. An abv avg athlete, who also ran for over 600 yards on the gridiron as the Caveman's primary half back. It’s all baseball though for Watts, as he is talking to a couple of D1 schools and has a top JC offer on the table earlier in the spring. Look for Watts to continue to develop as a hitter, as he puts the ball in play and will be an extra base type, as he gets out of the box well and runs a 6.8-6.9/60 and looks for the extra base after the ball is put in play. 




PBR Junior Future Games NATIONAL 07/25 LakePoint
2023 PBR Future Games (Utah Invite) UT 07/26 LakePoint Sports - Cartersville, GA
2023 PBR West Coast Games UT 08/04 UNLV & College of Southern Nevada
Northern Utah Open UT 09/16 Ridgeline High School
2023 PBR Scout Day: GBG Utah UT 09/30 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse
Utah State Games (Invite-Only) UT 10/29 Snow Canyon High School
2023 Utah Winter Update UT 12/02 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse




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