Preseason All State: Catcher Analysis

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland / Virginia Scouting Director

The Virginia/DC Preseason All State was held on Saturday, February 11th at Tuckahoe Sports Inc in Henrico, VA. 40 athletes from across the state were in attendance and performed in front of the PBR scouting staff. We began the evaluations process with our Stats Story and Rapid Reaction. Today we begin our player analysis from the event with our Catcher Analysis.

Top Performers

Matthew Thomas C Lake Braddock 2018
Thomas is 6-0 with an athletic frame, he hits from the right side from a balanced athletic stance, short leg kick stride on line, loads down and back, good rhythm. Good hips and good balance to swing. Short, level line drive swing with a quick bat and extension through the ball, exit velocity was 88. Showed good approach, working middle of the field, power potential. Behind the plate, clean quick exchange, throws from high three-quarters arm slot with a short arm action, catcher velocity was 74 and pop times were 2.04-2.18. Sways well, good receiver with firm sticks and soft hands.

Tucker Mitchell C Flint Hill 2019 
Mitchell is 6-1 with an athletic frame and a strong lower half, hits from the right side from an open crouched stance, strides on line with short load back. Explosive hips and some balance during his swing. Short swing with extension, worked slightly uphill with a pull approach, exit velocity was 90. At third, clean footwork and fields with wide base and above average hands. Clean exchange, short arm action from a low three-quarters arm slot, infield velocity was 82. Behind the plate, quick clean exchange, throws from a high three-quarters arm slot with a short, quick arm action. Catcher velocity was 80 and pop times were 1.97-2.10.

Chris Newton C Covenant School 2018
Newton is 5-11 with an athletic frame, hits from the right side from an open athletic stance. Leg kick stride and smooth load back, good rhythm, explosive hips with good balance to swing. Short to ball, level line drive swing, good approach working gap to gap, exit velocity of 88. Behind the plate, clean exchange gains ground. Throws from three-quarters arm slot, short arm action, position velocity was 72 and pop times were 2.09-2.16.

Best of the Rest (listed alphabetically)

Matthew Culbert C Nansemond River 2018
Culbert is 5-10 with an athletic frame, hitting from the left side from an athletic stance. Leg kick stride, slight load back into an arm bar, some explosion to hips and good balance. Longer path, line drive swing working uphill through the ball with some pull tendencies, exit velocity was 77. Behind the plate, gains ground on his exchange, short arm action from three-quarters arm slot, pop times were 2.20-2.37 and position velocity was 73. Showed some sway getting behind pitches to frame. 

John Killmon RHP/SS/C Nandua 2018
Killmon is 6-0 with an athletic frame, hits from right side with open balanced athletic stance, short stride on line with smooth load back, good rhythm. Some hip explosion as his weight shifts, average balance through swing. Line drive swing, works uphill through the ball, good approach working the middle of the field, exit velocity was 70. Behind the plate, clean release, gains ground towards second, pop times were 2.10-2.21, catcher velocity was 69.

Parker Wilburn C/OF Trinity Episcopal 2018
Wilburn is 6-1 with an athletic frame, hits from the right side from an open athletic stance. Short stride on line, smooth load back with slight wrap, good hips and balance throughout swing. Swing works uphill with extension, showed a pull approach and some power potential, exit velocity was 90. Behind the plate, clean exchange, throws from low three-quarters arm slot with a short arm action, catcher velocity was 72, pop times were 2.16-2.20. Solid receiver, gets into blocks well and sways body behind ball.

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