Throwback Thursday: 2015 Central VA Open ID

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By John Nolan
Assistant Director of Scouting/Content Management 

Here is a quick look back at a few of the top uncommitted who took part in the Central VA Open ID at Hanover High School on October 14, 2015.

Antonio Balducci, LHP, Hanover, 2017
Balducci hit from a tall, narrow stance with a high leg kick stride that stays on line and balanced. He had a smooth load back with slight arm bar and good lower half drive, with decent balance. He had a bat exit velocity of 79 mph. Balducci’s swing path was long and works around the ball at times with his line drive swing. He threw from a quick, loose, high three-quarters arm slot with accuracy and had a positional velocity of 77 mph. He showed soft hands with quick, clean footwork and played through the ball with quick, clean exchanges, showing the actions of a good fielder. 
Balducci has a lanky frame and throws from a three-quarters arm slot with an explosive drop and drive delivery. His arm action is short and quick and he generates velocity with some effort. His shoulders are closed and uphill as he strides out to a square landing before falling off as he finishes. Balducci’s fastball sat 78-80 on the day and had heavy run to it. His breaking ball had late, power 12/6 action and ran 64-68 with good armspeed. His changeup was thrown with decent armspeed and ran 70-73 with fading action. Balducci showed feel of all three pitches. 

Camden Grimes, 2B, Hanover, 2018
Grimes hit from an open, athletic stance. He had a smooth load back with an arm bar and an aggressive leg kick stride that gets on line and is balanced. His lower half explodes, generating elite bat speed with bat exit velocity of 94 mph. He has a slightly long path to the ball, but explosive hands make up for it. Grimes showed an aggressive approach to the round and a level swing path with extension that stays through the zone. He is a gap to gap hitter with pull power and a max effort swing that gets the barrel through the zone exceptionally fast. Defensively, he threw from a loose, high three-quarters arm slot with some accuracy and a positional velocity of 80 mph. He showed soft hands with clean footwork that played through the ball and some range with glove as well as quick, clean exchanges. Grimes has speed and ran a 6.89 60.

Michael Johnson, C, Cosby, 2017
Cosby hit from a balanced stance that was tall. He had a smooth load back with a slight arm bar and took a short stride that was on line. He showed good balance throughout the swing with a good lower half and had a good approach during the round with a good rhythm. His bat path was short and he had a line drive to gap to gap swing with average bat speed and an exit velocity of 84 mph. Behind the plate, Johnson threw from a high three-quarter arm slot with a short arm action. His throws were accurate and had carry. He showed soft hands when receiving and fluid footwork to go along with quick and clean exchanges. Johnson moves well behind the plate and had a positional velocity of 78 mph with pop times between 1.89- 2.02.

Matthew Kleinfelter, RHP/1B, Lancaster, 2019
Kleinfelter has an athletic frame and throws from a high three-quarters arm slot with a tall and fall delivery. He has a short, quick arm action that generates easy velocity. His shoulders are closed an elevated as he takes a short stride to a slightly closed landing before falling off slightly as he finishes. Kleinfelter’s fastball has good downward plane to it and some late run, sitting 81-83. He switched between two-seamers and four-seamers, with his two-seamers having more sink to them. His curveball had late 11/5 break to it and ran 67-68. His slider ran 77-81 and played more like a good cutter with 10/4 break, with the potential to become a plus pitch as the spin tightens. His changeup was thrown with good armspeed and had heavy fading action to it, running 74-78.

Callaway Sigler, OF, Deep Run, 2017
Sigler stands an athletic 6-0 tall and hits from the right side. He has a tall stance and dives a bit as he strides and takes a smooth load back with a slight wrap. He has an explosive lower half and maintains good balance throughout his swing. He has above average bat speed and is very short to the ball before extending well through it. His exit velocity off of the tee was 89. He showed a good line-drive approach during his round and has gap-to-gap power. In the outfield, Sigler takes good routes to the ball and has a clean release and exchange. He has a short arm action and throws from a high three-quarters arm slot with a positional velocity of 78. He has good speed and ran a 6.72 60 yard dash.

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