VA/DC Scout Blog: Osbourn Park at Lightridge

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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We take a look at some video and notes on six players from Monday night's opening matchup in Northern Virginia. 



Jimmy Burpoe SS / 2B / Lightridge, VA / 2025

Square stance at the plate, minimal load and stride, and finishes on line. Slight hand load before turning the barrel with a level path. Was out front in his first at bat, resulting in a fly out to right field. Reached on his fourth and final at bat of the night when he hit a groundball single back through the middle. Hands work at short and needs to keep moving through the ball in the infield, as he tends to sit just a little long. Slightly above average arm strength for his class with the ability to throw on the run. 




Ben Drinkwine OF / 1B / Lightridge, VA / 2026

Drinkwine is a long, lean 6-foot-1 freshman with plenty of room to add strength. Starting as a freshman in the middle of the order is a tough task, but there is plenty of promise for the big armed outfielder. Played right field and showed some solid arm strength during pre-game defense. Struggled settling in at the plate. Had a loud barrel in his final at bat of the night, but it was a hard lineout right at the shortstop. Will be one to keep eyes on longterm.



Donovan Newell OF / RHP / Lightridge, VA / 2024

Rangy, athletic centerfielder with leadoff speed. Newell made an outstanding play in centerfield going to his arm side. Has a nice first step and appears to take solid angles off the bat. Laid down a drag later in the game where he turned a 3.91 home to first. Uncommitted outfielder with above average run tool and can stay in center long term.



James Nunnallee C / SS / Lightridge, VA / 2024

It was my first time seeing the UVA recruit. Left handed hitter with patience at the plate. Appeared disciplined and did not expand the zone, especially off the outside edge. Was comfortable working deeper in the counts and was working hard to get what he wanted early. Had a ball to center/left center that got down in his first at bat. Off the bat (and in video) it looked like he was kind of dogging it out of the box, but he had to wait for the runner to make a decision on his read. In his third at bat he reached on a ground ball to shortstop. Nunnallee turned a 4.39 home to first on that ground ball. In his fourth and final at bat of the night, he worked a two strike count before singling back through the middle and driving in one. Solid bat to ball, but was not big impact swings on the night. It was opening night and a cold night at that, so it will be interesting to see him again as we get deeper into the season. 




Mason Sproat RHP / 1B / Lightridge, VA / 2025

This was Sproat's first time on the mound, in game, in over a year. You could tell, and rightfully so, that the right-hander was easing his way into the start and into the season. It was really light effort, mostly fastballs, and just trying to feel it out and be in the zone. While it was lighter than 100% effort, he was still 83-85 and got whiffs in the zone. Sproat has a strong lower half, strong shoulders, proportionally filled out, and some durability to the frame. This will more than likely be a 86-88 arm once a full go and weather finally breaks. 





Osbourn Park

Chase Allen LHP / 1B / Osbourn Park, VA / 2025

Listed at 5-foot-10, the OP left-hander got the start on opening night. Allen worked with pace and normal effort throughout. Lands slightly closed getting down the mound and has a short quick hand break and arm circle. Three-quarter arm slot and the fastball had some nice arm side run to it, getting some swings and misses when he was able to use it to the arm side. Did get up and over the middle at time, but when he worked the outer thirds he limited damage. The fastball sat in the 77-80 mph range and he showed some feel for two secondary pitches, a breaking ball and changeup. The breaking ball had bigger 1/7 slurvy shape with average feel for the zone. The 67-70 mph offering was effective when he was able to get it over. Arguably two to three of his best pitches of the night were changeups that he used versus some middle of the order right handers. Played well off of the fastball with late fade and finished a few counts with them. While he will need to keep making gains in the velo department, there is some pitchability there.