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VA/DC Scout Blog: Thomas Dale & Deep Run

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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On Tuesday, February 28th, I got a chance to go catch some scrimmage action between Thomas Dale and host Deep Run. Here are some notes and video on six players from the game action that day. 

Thomas Dale 

Everett Stevens 3B / RHP / Thomas Dale, VA / 2024

Stevens has been an intriguing watch every time we have seen him and this day was no different. Long, lean athletic body. Fluid movements in everything he does and still raw with ceiling left. Where he stood out most is on the mound. Easy effort, polish to add, and was up to 85 with the fastball. He sat in the 80-83 range and the release varied at times, occasionally pulling around the fastball missing to the glove side. The breaking ball sat 65-69 mph with developing feel. One to keep an eye on as he continues to mature and add polish on the mound. 




Chase Swift LHP / OF / Thomas Dale , VA / 2024

Swift got the ball for the Knights. Effort and intent to the delivery. High energy on the mound and pitches with emotion. The arm works from a high three-quarter slot with solid arm speed on the fastball and changeup. The fastball was 87-88 in the first, while settling more in the 84-87 range in the second. His go to secondary was the changeup, which was a really solid secondary offering. The changeup was 74-76 and flashed some late hard fading action, getting multiple swings and misses. Only showed one 68 mph breaking ball with bigger, softer 1/7 shape. 




Jason Theiss RHP / OF / Thomas Dale, VA / 2025

Theiss came in late and has long shown flashes of intrigue. The command and feel for things on the mound are scattered at times, but there is some arm intrigue there. Slower paced delivery with late intent. The fastball sat mostly 80-83 mph and had a few outliers while trying to find the zone. Showed a breaking ball at 67 mph. Arm speed and feel for spin are still developing.




Deep Run

Sam Bennett LHP / 1B / Deep Run , VA / 2024

Bennett seems to be about as steady of an arm as there is around. Every time I see him he seems to do the same thing. Spin for strikes, run fastballs away from right handers for swings and misses, and keep runners off base. The fastball maintains its 80-82 mph mark while he consistently rips off 68-70 mph breaking balls with 2600+ spin. In his two innings of work he punched out five and worked around a walk and an error, getting two punchouts to finish his second inning.



Trey Gauch RHP / 3B / Deep Run, VA / 2024

Gauch worked a pretty efficient two innings, for his first outing of the year. Two strikeouts in his outing, one on the fastball and the other on a slider. Gauch got a handful of swings and misses on the 84-87 mph fastball, as well as some weak contact. The slider also got a few in zone whiffs, sitting at 73-75 mph. He flashed a changeup at 78 mph. Gauch is definitely trending up and will be a hot name this spring amongst schools when they get out on the road. 




Josiah Seguin SS / Deep Run, VA / 2023

I am not sure if there is a player who has skyrocketed their "stock" quite like Seguin has over the past 18-24 months. The frame has always been a long lanky 6-foot+, and it has rounded out into a strong, athletic 6-foot-3 frame with loud tools. We saw Seguin during our Spring Preseason League during the shortened high school season of 2021. He was raw, had good bat to ball, long limbs, and there was some definite intrigue. Things have really taken shape since then. Real arm strength from short, has the arm to make any play on the left side, and comes forward really well. Switch hitter with juice from both sides, but unloaded on one from the left side during the scrimmage. Advanced bat speed and strength through contact. He will only continue to get better as he faces more quality arms on a consistent basis and establishes better zone discipline and pitch recognition, all of which he will attain as he advances to the next level. In a few years, Seguin has a chance to be a hot commodity name when it comes to draft time.