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VA/DC Scout Blog: Weekend Wrapup

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Between Friday and Saturday I took in four separate games in the Fredericksburg and Richmond areas. Today we are highlighting and breaking down the performances of thirteen players from seven of those teams. 



Jackson Garland RHP / 3B / Courtland , VA / 2025

Listed at 6-foot-1, Garland has a projectable frame that is filled out well for a freshman and still has growing to do. Although the stuff was impressive, the maturity and composure he showed was even more impressive. Athletic mover, works quick, sets a really good pace, and has some feel for when to take a step back and slow down. Full arm circle with solid arm speed on the fastball/curveball mix. Works from a high three-quarter arm slot and the arm is pretty loose throughout. The fastball sat 83-86 and touched 87 mph in the third inning. The curveball sat at 70-71 mph and had a 12/6 break with a bigger shape and got some uncomfortable swings and takes. He cruised through the first, but struggled with command in the second. He was pulling around the fastball and breaking ball for the first few hitters, but did a nice job of stepping off and settling down. He came back and punched out two to get out of a bases loaded jam. I like the maturity and the stuff. This will be an interesting arm to follow as he matures.




Mills Godwin


Garrett Mason RHP / OF / Mills E. Godwin , VA / 2023




Cole Powers 2B / 3B / Mills E Godwin, VA / 2023

Listed at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds, Powers has added visible strength throughout the athletic frame. He had two of Godwin's three hits on the night, a double to centerfield, and a single to left field. The stance starts square, small stride slightly open, and hands load down to separate. From the lower hand position the swing starts with a bit of a push, but has a quick whippy bat through the zone. Second base defensive profile with average arm strength.




Glen Allen


Jaden Kinsler LHP / 1B / Glen Allen, VA / 2022

Solid 6-foot-3, 198-pound frame. Normal effort to the delivery, full arm action, and throws from a three-quarter arm slot. Kinsler showed the ability to move the fastball in and out, getting more run on the fastball when working to the arm side. The fastball was pretty consistently 87-89 mph early. When he got into a tough spot, or wanted to finish a count, he grabbed some extra with pretty regular effort. Kinsler ran a handful of 90-92's when he decided he needed it. The breaking ball varied in shape at times, but showed 2/8 shape with some sweep more so than the 1/7 breaking ball that he used to the gloveside. The 2/8 breaking ball he used worked more to the glove side and was effective working to a right handers back foot. It had a little more of a slider feel to it, but at 73-76 mph the velo will need to pick up just a touch at the next level. Overall it was a strong outing for Kinsler, who scattered three hits, walked two, and struck out nine over six innings.





Cameron Slough C / 3B / Glen Allen, VA / 2023





Billy Fluharty SS / RHP / Riverbend , VA / 2023

Thin 6-foot frame with athleticism in his actions. Plus runner who we had at a 6.79 last summer and put the foot speed on display a couple of times in game. Starts from an athletic, slightly open stance. Small stride slightly closed and hands are quiet and short on load. Short level path to contact and used the whole field in his at bats. Had a 4.45 turn on his double and was a step or two slow out of the box, so that 4.45 could be a little better. Also, turned out a 4.18 home to first on a groundout. Solid defender that has the arm strength to stay on the left side long term.





Ethan Justice 3B / SS / Riverbend, VA / 2022



Fredericksburg Christian


Charlie Brinkman C / OF / Fredericksburg Christian, VA / 2024

Athletic 6-foot frame with lean strength. Square athletic stance at the plate, hover lift to stride, and hands are quiet on load. Level path, loft built in, and barrel stays in the zone through extension. Brinkman displayed his above average speed and aggressiveness out of the box and on the bases. Had a 4.52 turn on a single. While on first, there was a single hit into right field and Brinkman took an aggressive read advancing to third on the hit. Behind the plate he works from a strictly one knee down stance, but does a good job getting off of it to throw. Brinkman has average to above average arm strength with accuracy on throws. Does a nice job getting and staying on line for his throws. From the one knee stance Brinkman displayed the ability to turn some borderline pitches into strikes, especially at the bottom of the zone. Overall I liked the athleticism, actions, and maturity that Brinkman showed from the position and in the box.





Conner Smith LHP / OF / Fredericksburg Christian, VA / 2025

Standing 6-foot-2 with a long thin frame and plenty of room to fill. Works with a quick pace. Short stride down the mound and lands on line. Short arm action and throws from a very low three-quarter to sidearm slot. Although the slot is low, the posture stays near upright. The fastball sat between 75-77 mph and the hand tended to work on the outside of the ball creating some crossfire in to right handers. The breaking ball had a soft shorter shape and tended to back up to the arm side at 63-64 mph. The mechanics as a whole are very raw, but there is some funk to the delivery and slot. Smith offers some long term intrigue on the mound as he adds strength and polish.




Douglas Freeman


Ryan Bland RHP / SS / Douglas Freeman, VA / 2024

Bland has an athletic frame with room to add strength. On the mound he shows a repeatable, normal effort delivery. Down and out stride that lands on line. Short arm action and throws from a three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat at 79-83 mph with more 81-82, touching 84 mph once. The breaking ball was 73-76 mph and varied in shapes. Had a tighter 11/5 slider feel at times and then a bigger, more gradual 11/5 shape at others. Showed a 74-76 mph changeup. Also, had a single at the plate in the sixth inning. Solid corner defender with an accurate arm across the infield.






Ryder Warren 2B / SS / Douglas Freeman , VA / 2024

This is a 2024 bat that is really trending up for me. Warren has given some intriguing looks in the three games that I have seen, with most of his at bats coming versus good arms. Listed at 5-foot-9, 155-pounds, Warren has an athletic frame and still some room to grow. Athletic balanced setup at the plate, simple pickup to stride, and hands are loose and show rhythm. Short load and swing with a flat path to contact. Ambushed a first pitch fastball in his first at bat on Saturday. Hit a line drive up the middle for a single on the 93 mph offering. In his second at bat Saturday he battled a two strike count, fouled off a few pitches, and took some borderline pitches for balls. Intriguing offensive follow in the 2024 class.






Seth Keller SS / RHP / Hanover, VA / 2022




Nolan Williamson LHP / OF / Hanover, VA / 2023

The two way 2023 prospect stands 6-foot-1, 190-pounds with projection left. Williamson is a good athlete and has really trended up offensively over the last few weeks. Mature approach, uses the whole field, and does not get overmatched by the quality of arm, or velo that he faces. Square stance at the plate, small pickup to stride, and hands load to separation, pushing away slightly. Whippy barrel that has length in the zone and works mainly gap to gap. Had two backside doubles on the night. Williamson has been an interesting follow on the mound and is now showing his two way potential as well.