Prep Baseball Report

Virginia Rage Scout Day Scout Day Recap

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator

Recently our staff covered a scout day with the Virginia Rage travel organization. There were 26 participants throughout the day and we are going to break down a few that stood out to our staff. 

Braden Hamilton 3B/RHP Mountain View 2022

Athletic frame with projection left to it standing 5-foot-11, 162-pounds. Had a solid all around day, but was an interesting arm on the mound. It's a long loose arm action and works from a low three-quarter arm slot. Pitches with intent and there is some effort in the delivery. Fastball sat 76-80 mph and played up in the zone at times. With the spin rate on the fastball being 1800-1900 he will benefit from working down in the zone in order to have consistent success with it. Slider had makings of a solid secondary pitch with a tight short action 12/6 break at 68-70 mph. Changeup was 69-70 mph.

Kenneth Collins Jr. 3B/RHP Mountain View 2021

Physical hitter at the plate with some raw power potential. Consistently barreled the ball up working gap to gap with a line drive approach. Hands stayed inside and did a nice job getting on plane and staying on through contact. Collins stayed connected during the load and into the swing, but will be interesting to see if he can get the body moving quick enough to handle higher end arms with 2+ pitches. All in all had one of the more complete offensive showings on the day. Long terms profiles at first base with potential to drive in runs somewhere in the middle of an order.

Dominic Pancione OF/RHP Culpeper 2021

Athletic frame with present strength. Outfield velocity was up to 91 with a few more upper 80's mixed in with it. Real raw arm strength with athleticism and physical tools that show all over the field. At the plate Pancione put up some really nice metrics including top exit velocity during the BP session at 90 mph. Not only did he have top exit velo, but Pancione displayed quick hands and high end rotational acceleration which those two coupled together should give Pancione a good chance for some adjustability in the swing as well as produce real power on contact. He flashed solid connection and the barrel was on plane. On the mound it is a long free arm stroke from a three-quarter slot. There is effort and intent to the delivery, but the velo has a chance to play. Pancione was 81-84 mph with the fastball. Slider had tight 11/5 break at 68-71 mph. This is a fast moving physical athlete that has a chance to impact the game in a variety of ways.

Michael Arce RHP/1B Mountain View 2022

Physical athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. Arce can generate power with his ability to rotate quickly into the swing while maintaining connection and the barrel getting on plane. Flashes quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Arce was quick to contact with a .14 sec average time to contact. On the mound he sat 79-81 and bumped 82 mph with the fastball. It is a short deceptive arm action that is going to be a tough look for righties. The breaking ball had a bigger 12/6 shape at 64-65 mph and looks to be a solid secondary pitch for Arce.

Jaylon Robinson OF/SS Colonial Forge 2021

Twitchy athletic frame with some raw physical strength. Has the athleticism and versatility to help defensively in the infield, but long term profiles as an outfielder. Arm strength to play three outfield positions. At the plate Robinson produced loud contact with consistent line drives in the middle of the field. Minimal hand load moving into the swing with a direct path to contact. Maintains balance throughout and head stayed behind the barrel at contact. Robinson displayed some high end rotational acceleration (16.7 g average) into the swing accompanied with solid connection. These two things, along with getting the barrel on plane, allowed him to consistently get the barrel to contact producing consistent line drives. There is still some rawness to his game, but he possesses the tools that make him a prospect to keep an eye on.

Jordan Tate OF/RHP Mountain View 2022

5-foot-10 athletic frame. Showed raw arm strength from the outfield with a 85 mph positional velocity and it came out very easy and showed carry throughout. The actions in the outfield were clean and worked through the catch well. Showed some upside on the mound as well where the fastball sat 77-80 and like the outfield the ball came out the hand easy and had carry through the zone. Spin rate on the fastball stayed between 2100-2255 for all but one pitch, while also staying out the middle of the zone working the bottom and top of it. Breaking ball sat 65-67 with 11/5 shape and displayed average feel for the pitch. The easy arm strength is intriguing and he moves well, displaying the athleticism to continue to progress on the mound and positionally.

Alex Belako RHP/1B Massaponax 2021

Big physical 6-foot-3 frame with present strength. Normal effort in the delivery and arm action is loose and clean. Fastball was downhill with arm side run at 79-80 and touching 81 on occasion. The changeup showed really nice arm side fade at 68-70 mph and played well off the fastball. Flashed a splitfinger that had some tumbling action at times and a spin rate getting as low as 1060 at 66 mph. At the plate Belako offers some solid power potential with bat speed through the zone. Turned out an impressive 4.15 kW average power output via Blast with a high of 4.96. Definite arm to keep an eye on as he continues to mold the body and add arm strength, but could end up being a run producer in the middle of an order.