Throwback Thursday - 2023 Prospects

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Bellevue, WA - The 2023 class in Washington has the chance to be deep with next-level talent. Today we're looking back at some of the 2023 prospects we've seen so far this year who have impressed early on and still have the chance to develop and improve. 

PBR events provide players with the opportunity to build their profile with the most up-to-date information and video footage. All players in attendance receive an online profile with their verified statistics, player report, picture and video. Additionally, all subsequent stories written about a prospect will be linked to the player’s profile, ultimately creating a one-stop shop for recruiters.

Showcases help identify which prospects have asserted themselves towards the top of their class as well as who might be one of the next youngsters to emerge onto the scene. They also serve as potential identifiers for invite-only events such as our Future Games and Junior Future Games

For a full statistical release of our Summer Kickoff events, check out the following links. 

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Today we're spotlighting some 2023 prospects who we had the chance to evaluate over the summer...

uncommitted 2023 prospects

Jaisen Abner 2B / OF / O'Dea, WA / 2023

5-foot-8, 150 pounds with lean, pound for pound strength. Simple, balanced set-up in the box with square lower half and slight inward turn in his upper body. Hovers on backside as he takes a low, controlled stride with his front foot. Lands in an athletic base with hands loaded just beyond rear shoulder. Creates bat speed with strong, quick hands and a stable lower half. Gets full rotational thru his finish with a level barrel, producing mostly-line drive contact. Has some feel for the barrel and should continue to spray hard contact to all fields as he develops. Put up some of the best rotational numbers we’ve seen on Blast & could make big gains quickly as he taps into that potential. Defensively, he’s a quick, active defender in the INF with a consistent glove hand. Hips work down to the ball easily. Receives with a quiet glove hand and smooth funnel action into his body. Glove tap exchange as he redirects feet towards target. Stays balanced while moving laterally. Full arm path with a high ¾ release. 

Keegan Agen OF / Marysville Getchell, WA / 2023

Wide, lanky frame at 6-foot-3, 180 pounds with projection. Made significant strides in all areas of his game over the last year and has started to tap into high physical upside. Offensively, begins with feet at shoulder width and lower half narrowly open. Upright posture with quiet hands. Puts a controlled forward move on the ball while hands adjust to load his barrel into a stronger hitting position. Creates considerable separation which leads to easy, above average bat speed. Has the chance to hit for considerable raw power as he fills out frame. Mostly line drive contact now but there’s lift in the swing path. Defensively, has the actions of a next level outfielder with his long strides and rangy actions. His body control has tightened up & he shows a consistent, repeatable exchange when funneling the ball in. Throws with a long, continuous arm path and high ¾ release. Arm strength likely to make a big jump as he develops

William Custer C / RHP / Roosevelt , WA / 2023

Custer continues to show off a strong bodied, 5-foot-11, 200 pound frame with proportional strength in his upper and lower half. Offensive set-up is practically identical to what we saw over the winter, showing tall posture with an open stance. Has transitioned to more of a low leg lift load as he gets into forward stride. Continues to show rhythm/movement in hands to keep barrel action loose/whippy. Stays balanced thru contact while creating above average bat speed. Swing path likely to produce more power/lift as he gets stronger. Defensively, switched up stance a bit and received with his glove side leg upright and opposite knee down. When throwing down, began slightly staggered with his lower half, making it quicker to get alignment towards 2nd. Consistent exchange with quick arm action and high ¾ release. Accurate carry on the ball with all of his throws. On the bump, showed off the wind up for the first time on our looks. Pitching with a slow, repeatable tempo into an aggressive finish out front at release. Stays tall on back leg into leg lift with slight hip rotation inward. Shoulder line stays level at separation and into landing. Keeps back leg extended and uses a shorter stride length for his height. Stride foot has clean direction towards catcher. Full arm path with smooth action. Braces up on a strong front leg, getting rotation and extension over his front side while keeping eyes on target.

Ethan Jury 2B / SS / Marysville Getchell, WA / 2023

Lean, athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Has a lengthy build that can handle more weight as he matures. Sets-up from the left side with a narrow, slightly open stance. Stays tall on back leg as he uses a knee-knock load in his weight shift. Closes off lower half at landing. Hands show movement/rhythm prior to swing. Barrel shows a flat path thru the zone with a loose, lofted finish after contact. Sprayed the ball to all fields with mostly line-drive contact. Defensively, moves with consistent tempo and repeatable INF actions. Starts tall in his pre-pitch approach then works down to the ball with low hips and a wide base. Solid footwork throughout with a consistent glove hand. Clean exchange with a low release & whippy arm action. On the mound, showed a polished delivery with considerable upside to tap into. Uses a mechanically sound delivery with quick paced tempo. Stays tall at leg lift with a high knee drive towards his front shoulder at balance. Gets flexed on back leg at separation but maintains level shoulders and avoids collapsing. Hips open up and give him clean direction towards catcher at landing. Tight arm path into ¾ release with a loose, whippy finish. Exceptional feel for spinning a tight breaking ball. Could see a big jump in stuff as he matures physically.

Noah Kimura SS / RHP / Juanita, WA / 2023

5-foot-8, 140 pounds with a developing frame and very lean build. Uses a narrow, very open set-up in the box with tall posture. Goes from an open lower half into a balanced leg lift with slight hip hinge to stay gathered. Lands in an athletic base with adjustability in his lower half. Hands show a subtle, rhythmic load that consistently times up with his forward move. Upper half stays compact/relaxed and allows him to create easy barrel whip thru the zone. Clean, one-handed finish with full hip rotation after contact. Defensively, starts tall & upright before working towards the batter with his pre-pitch move. Gets into a wide base and lets the ball travel into his stance when funneling in. Showed confident control of his glove hand when on the move laterally. Clean, consistent exchange into a low ¾ throwing motion. Arm action stays short with a loose finish thru release. On the mound, pitched exclusively from the stretch on this look. Sets up from the far 3rd base side of the rubber. Takes a high, athletic leg lift with some coil into his back hip. Pushes off back-side with slight flexion in rear leg while maintaining level shoulder line. Lead leg works directly towards target, allowing hips to open up fluidly. Arm shows a simple, short path with bent action. Smooth tempo in delivery leading to foot strike. Aggressive finish out front with projectable hand speed at release.

Tyler Logan 1B / LHP / Curtis, WA / 2023

6-foot, 180 pounds with a wiry frame and square upper half. From the left-side, begins in a narrow stance with some flexion in his lower half. Takes a controlled leg lift prior to drifting forward with a lengthy stride. Lands soft with weight centered in a balanced hitting position. Hands start below shoulder line with a subtle push back to create stretch against front side. Hand placement allows barrel to work directly into the zone & helps keep barrel behind the ball. Flat swing path into contact with a high finish. L/L profile fits well at 1B. Defensively, showed active, confident footwork when moving around the back. Sets up in a wide, low base with his pre-pitch actions. Funnels ball out in front with hip hinge to stay centered over his glove hand. Glove tap exchange into low ¾, borderline side-arm release point. On the mound, worked with a quick tempo & pace. Back foot stays in the center of the rubber as he comes to a medium height leg lift. Shows some drop & drive action in his lower half after he breaks his hands and begins stride. Creates angle in shoulders while keeping glove side tight to body. Cross action landing. Arm action stays short/bent with quick stab back before getting to high ¾ release. Tall, upright finish with backside coming around after his follow thru.

Sax Matson OF / LHP / Olympia, WA / 2023

Lean, projectable athlete that has since added some strength/mass to his 5-foot-11 frame and now comes in at a heavier 165 pounds. Uses the same open set-up that we saw back in the winter but has added more bend to his lower half with a lower, more relaxed hand placement. Toe tap into forward stride has stayed consistent. Upper half is more compact and allows barrel to work quicker into the zone. Exit velocity jumped from 73 to 86 from his previous event. Still produces line-drive contact but with some added juice, especially to his pull-side. Defensively, moved well in the OF with long, easy strides and consistent glove work. Uses a quick step-behind move with his lower half into a side shuffle to get momentum behind throw. Aggressive pulldown finish out front with direction towards target. Loose, easy arm action. On the bump, continues to show polished actions and a consistent delivery. Comes set in the center of the rubber with a high leg lift & subtle coil into his back hip. Glove side stays level after hand break as throwing arm gets extension at beginning of arm path. Shows some flexion on back leg but avoids collapsing or getting too deep. Shoulders stay level at footstrike and allow him to work downhill from his ¾ release. Overall continues to show feel for 3 pitches and impresses with his polished strike-throwing ability.

Edgar Nakamura LHP / 1B / Mercer Island, WA / 2023

6-foot, 160 pounds with lean strength throughout frame. Pitches with a smooth, rhythmic delivery. ‘Old school’ type delivery with hands rocking overhead to sync up with his side step prior to leg lift. Drives lead leg up high with a deep coil into his back hip. Upper half also rotates inward prior to hand break. Aggressive lead hip drive down the mound as he gets into his stride. Drop and drive type move that creates shoulder angle prior to footstrike. Soft landing with a lengthy stride. Glove side stays tight/closed. Tight arm path with compact arm action into ¾ release point. Stays behind the ball & gets considerable extension over front leg. Torso finishes flat at release while he rotates over strong front leg. Eyes stay on target after finish as back-side comes thru with intent. Throws with controlled conviction and late effort. Has shown feel for pitchabiltiy in-game with competitive energy.

Luka Ruljancich 1B / 3B / Bishop blanchet, WA / 2023

Strong bodied at 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. Offensively shows intriguing upside with his strength and above average bat speed. Uses a simple, balanced set-up with lower half square to pitcher and tall, upright posture. Shifts weight back with a knee-knock load and gets coiled into his back hip. Short, tight move with his hands prior to swing. Keeps upper half compact and short to the ball. Barrel has easy bat speed with a high, lofted finish after contact. Actions should help him grow into more pull-side power as he develops. Defensively, gets into a wide, balanced set-up before taking a slight pre-pitch hop. Funnels ball in from a wide base with hips elevated but has a deep hip hinge to get glove hand down and stay over the ball. Quickly pulls ball into chest and gets footwork moving towards target. Occasional glove-tap exchange as he stays in rhythm. Short, bent arm action with low ¾ release.

Emmett Weichbrodt RHP / OF / Auburn Mountainview, WA / 2023

Tall, extra long frame with significant upside left to tap into. Currently stands at 6-foot-4, 176 pounds. Offensively, shows impressive leverage from his high-waisted frame. Starts with a narrowly open stance with relaxed hands and front side slightly rotated in. Takes a short forward stride into a toe-tap load. Small push-back load with his hands to create separation before he gets his front heel down and initiates swing. Mostly line-drive contact to the middle of the field during BP with a flat barrel path into contact. Showed some occasional lift and flashes of pull-side power when he got the barrel out front a bit more. Defensively, moved well in the OF and has the actions/athleticism to stick there. Especially in a corner spot if he gets bigger/stronger. His long, lengthy lower half helps him cover ground easily. Receives ball on glove side with a chest height exchange into his arm action. High takeaway into a high ¾ release with bent arm action. On the mound, pitched with a sound delivery and repeatable tempo in his actions. Back leg stays posted at leg lift as he drives front knee up and back towards rear shoulder. Using a slight inward turn with upper half as well. Stays level with his shoulders after hand break and works down the slope with a direct stride towards his target. Front hip opens up early as glove side stays closed at foot strike. Abbreviated arm path with a short takeaway into a high ¾ release. Balanced finish out front with upright posture after release.