Prep Baseball Report

Uncommitted Spotlight - 2024 Pitchers

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Taking a look back and some performances from Spokane Summer Open workout that took place at Whitworth University this summer

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uncommitted spotlight

2024 pitchers - spokane summer open


Quinn Hubbs LHP / 1B / Cheney, WA / 2024

5’11, 165 with a proportional build. Polished, mechanically sound delivery with a consistent pace/tempo throughout. Works from the far right side of the rubber, giving him more plate to work with as a lefty. Gets to balance point with a high, coiled leg lift and flexion on his rear leg. Pushes down the slope into an average stride length with hips opening up easily and clearing the way for him to rotate easily. Slight shoulder tilt that levels out into foot strike. Arm path gets extended and works equal/opposite with glove side before tightening up into a low ¾ release. Smooth finish out front at release with a quiet head and eyes on target. Showed an astute feel for manipulating the baseball and understands how to command the bottom of the zone. Gets considerable sink/run on low spin FB and it pairs nicely with his heavy CH. Fits the mold of a pitchability lefty who can consistently find the zone and miss bats.

Antonio Russo RHP / Mead, WA / 2024

6’1, 205 lbs with a sturdy build and strong lower half. Worked from the stretch with a powerful drop & drive delivery. Uses a quick leg lift as he starts his drift down the slope. Aggressive lead hip drive as he stays gathered over rear leg. Creates some shoulder angle at hand break to get leverage. High glove side with a shorter, compact arm action. Keeps arm path high leading into high ¾ release. Arm gets solid layback with a whippy finish out front. Shorter stride length helps everything stay on time and allows him to stay in his legs. Backside comes through after release as he gets into an upright finish. Hand speed out front helps him create above avg spin on both CB & SL. Breaking balls could play well off of the FB as he gets more rise/hop on his ball flight out of hand.

Kyler Wasley RHP / Central Valley, WA / 2024

6’3, 155 with a wiry frame and long levers. High waisted build. Fluid, quick paced delivery. Stays very tall at leg lift with front knee driving back to rear shoulder. Back leg stays posted and pushes him down the slope into a shorter stride length. Gets full extension from glove side and arm path out of hand break. Hyper mobile delivery. Gets a deep scap retraction into footstrike. Slight cross action in delivery. Loose, whippy arm path with a ¾ release. Tall, upright finish with an aggressive lower half coming around after release. Controls front side well. Eyes stay on target throughout. Lower slot helps him get extra run/sink on both FB and CH. Has chance to make a considerable jump in 2023 as frame adds size/strength.


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