Uncommitted WA Prospects - Early Summer Standouts

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

This spring and summer has brought unique circumstances to baseball players all over the country. With COVID19 effectively shutting down baseball at every level from coast to coast, players have been stuck inside clamoring for the opportunity to get out on the diamond again. 

The Oregon Top Prospect Showcase in mid-June gave us the opportunity to really hunker down and lock in on a talented crop of players from various age groups across both Oregon and Washington. Showcases such as this are tremendously valuable for identifying which prospects have asserted themselves towards the top of their class as well as who might be one of the next youngsters to emerge onto the scene. They also serve as potential identifiers for invite-only events such as our ProCaseFuture Games and Junior Future Games

While the majority of players at the event were from Oregon, over the course of one full week, we had the chance to check out 8 uncommitted prospect from Washington as well. 

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uncommitted Wa prospects

early summer standouts

Josh Baldwin C / OF / Battle Ground, WA / 2022

5-foot-10, 165-pound proportional framed athlete. Continues to show consistent, reliable skill set for the caching position. Flashed some development offensively with an increase in exit velocity up to 88 mph. Begins in a wide stance with a tight, short load, then uses a low stride to get into his landing. Quick bat speed with a direct path to the ball. Level swing plane with a high finish. Throughout the round he found multiple barrels with a line drive approach. Behind the plate, had a best pop time of 2.03. Receives with sure, soft hands. Displays smooth footwork getting out of crouch and a quick exchange. A lot of flexibility and quiet setup. Compact arm action and a high ¾ slot with consistent accuracy to the base. 

Noah Imboden LHP / OF / Kalama , WA / 2022

6-foot, 175-pound with a lean frame that can handle more weight. Throws from a ¾ arm angle with a shorter arm action that has quick hand speed out front at release. Slow-tempo type pitcher as he works into his landing. Showed a tall balance point and even shoulders before breaking his hands. Lands square with an athletic finish out over his front side. FB command stayed in the zone. Ball comes out of hand easily. CB has tight, late action. Landed the offering to his glove-side consistently during bullpen. Should continue to improve as he gets more seasoning. CH has fading action to his arm-side and downward angle out of hand. Overall, there's some present pitchability and arm action that projects well for additional development. 

Aiden Jackson SS / RHP / Bellarmine, WA / 2022

5-foot-10, 175-pound sturdy frame. Jackson continues to show development in all areas of his game across the looks we've had. During BP recorded an improved exit velocity of 88 mph. Hits from a balanced stance with a smooth, controlled load. Takes a short stride into landing. Barrel stays inside of the ball with a simple, level swing plane and a flat, line drive type finish. Lets the ball travel and keeps an 'up the middle' type of approach. Defensively, showed consistent feet and a clean exchange in the INF. Reliable hands when funneling ball in with a repeatable exchange. Used a ¾ slot and a short arm action while showing consistent accuracy to the bag. Set a new high with 80 mph arm strength across the diamond. Also ran a 7.05 in the 60 to show that the added strength isn't limiting his overall athleticism. 

Trevin Long SS / RHP / Kings Way Christian, WA / 2023

5-foot-7, 138-pound athletic frame with present strength. In the box, showed advanced bat speed with an exit velocity of 88 mph. Starts in an athletic, open stance before starting a small leg kick that syncs up with his subtle hand load. Barrel works free and easy. Had a level, short swing plane and slightly uphill finish through BP. Found lots of barrels during his round with an aggressive approach. Fluid defender in the infield. Has next level hands, a quick exchange and athletic feet. Used a ¾ slot with easy arm action while showing consistent accuracy to the bag. On the bump, pitches with confidence and shows conviction with his arsenal. Arm action stays compact into 3/4 angle with quick hand speed at release. Easy, controlled effort in his delivery. Tall balance point with in line shoulders before hand break. Lands soft with some extension as he rotates out over his front side. FB topped out at 80 mph; has arm side command and running action when down in the zone. Throws CH with confidence, created late fade and a quality speed differential off of his FB. 11/5 CB has tight shape, giving him a quality 3-pitch mix. Overall, Long has advanced actions on both sides of the ball and should continue to improve as his physicality develops. Established himself as a high follow 2-way prospect in the 2023 class. 

Nikki Scott SS / RHP / Heritage, WA / 2022

5-foot-10, 170-pound physical frame with durable strength in his upper and lower half. During BP, Scott showed power in the box with a peak exit velocity of 95 mph. Began in a wide, balanced stance with a slightly open lower half. Used a quick stride into landing with direction towards pitcher. Upward swing plane and high finish, especially to his pull-side. Showed loud contact during the round with an aggressive approach. Looks to do damage in the box and isn't afraid to cut it loose. Relies on quick, strong hands to control his barrel. In the infield, flashed consistent hands to go with choppy, quick feet and a consistent exchange. Ball comes out of hand from 3/4 slot  with accuracy an carry.  Athletic actions on the mound, where he showed above average arm speed. Release point is slightly higher than the INF, more of a high 3/4 slot. Up-tempo type pitcher who shows some effort at release but has the strength to repeat his mechanics. Downhill shoulders and low balance point prior to working down the slope. Lands square with an upright finish. FB came in at 84-85 mph and topped out at 86 mph with arm side run and late fade when down. 11/5 CB has tight action and glove side command when he stays on top of the ball. CH flashed heavy fade to his arm-side. Overall, Scott has a strong combination of strength both at the plate and on the mound. 

Landen Wingerd C / 1B / Hockinson , WA / 2021

6-foot-3, 190-pound physical frame with leverage and strength. In the box, sets up in a tall stance with a short forward stride and compact scap load. Works down to the ball then takes an uphill swing plane into contact. Stays tall in his lower half, creating significant lift with his high finish. Was able to create some loud contact during his round, especially to the middle of field. Overall, hitting actions start quiet before he attacks the ball with his barrel. Behind the plate,  had sure hands, smooth consistent footwork and a clean exchange. Bigger target who does a solid job to stay compact in his set-up. Staggered lower half with some flexibility in his frame. Consistent accuracy to the bag out of a short, bent arm action with a 3/4 release. 

Caeden Chambers SS / RHP / Hockinson, WA / 2021

5-foot-10, 170-pound solid frame. Peak exit velocity of 94 mph during BP, showing his ability to drive the ball with power. Began in a wide, upright stance then used a short stride to get into his landing. Weight stays centered throughout. Had a flat swing plane into the zone with quick bat speed and high finish after contact. Found multiple barrels throughout. Gap to gap approach that will likely show more power as he gets stronger. Had a consistent showing defensively in the infield. Flashing reliable hands and is receives the ball. Then uses a packing type exchange to get under control and realign his feet. Consistent accuracy to the bases on his throws. Used a high ¾ slot and a compact arm action. On the mound, showed a confident demeanor and feel for 3 pitches. Works from a 3/4 release point. Slow-tempo type pitcher who stays under control till flashing late effort at release. Ball jumps out of hand. Gathers weight back with a low balance point and level sholders. Lands soft with an upright finish over his front side. Has arm side control of a FB that shows heavy movement. Repeatedly found the bottom of the zone. Spins 11/5 CB with consistent shape with the feel to land it for strikes. His CH pairs well with the FB and comes out of the same angle but with more fade/run as it gets to the zone. 

Dylan Richardson RHP / 3B / Union, WA / 2023

6-foot, 158-pound lean frame with long levers. At the plate, Richardson started in a tall stance with upright posture and an open lower half. Initiates swing with a low hand load, that creates stretch against his leg lift. Low hand position creates a flat swing plane and a level finish. Mostly pull-side approach during BP. Stays tall in lower half with a 2-handed finish. Defensively, takes long and ranging strides in the OF. Consistent hands as he funnels ball in, receiving out front of his glove-side leg. Clean exchange into throwing motion. Footwork and actions should develop as frame matures. Consistent accuracy to the bag on throws from a long arm action and ¾ slot. On the mound, showed a high ¾ arm angle with a compact arm action. Tightens up arm path compared to when he is in the OF. Showed easy, sustainable effort in his delivery. Tall balance point with flat shoulders. Lands closed before holding his finish in a balanced position. Extends over front side with upper half at release. Commanded FB around the zone and stayed behind the ball consistently. CB/CH combination for his secondary pitches. CB has 11/5 shape when throw at its best with gradual break. Developing CH that fades best when located to his arm side.