WA Pre-Season ID - Uncommitted 21's (Pt. 2)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

As we continue our look at uncommitted prospects across the state, we go back to our Washington Pre-Season ID event this past February. A strong group of 2021 grads were in attendance that day. 

Below, we break down the second portion of prospects. Yesterday, we took a look at 10 prospects from the event.

Overall, this group features several players who landed in our updated 2021 state rankings

For more info on each prospect. Click on their name to be taken to their profile page. Each profile page will have all stats from the event.


Tyler Peterson SS / 2B / Gig Harbor , WA / 2021

Lean frame with a wiry build at 5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Upright, slightly closed off stance in the box. Drifts forward with momentum as he loads hips with a subtle leg lift. Hands stay quiet then work to the zone quickly. Kept barrel inside the ball throughout BP, showing line-drive contact up the middle and to backside gap. Gets full hip rotation into high finish after contact. Sets up defensively in narrow, crouched position before making initial move on the ball. Shows light footwork with some quickness to his actions as he funnels ball in. Arm stays short, compact during quick exchange into throw. Whippy arm action from ¾ release. Showed accuracy on throws and kept control of glove hand while on the move. 

Jamison Poole OF / 1B / O'Dea, WA / 2021

Wide frame with a strong build at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds. Starts narrow, with tall posture and front side slightly open to the pitcher. Hands show some movement as they load during forward stride. Holds balance on back leg as he gets to landing. Creates bat speed easily, without too many moving parts. Swing path has lift thru contact. Stays tall in his lower half throughout. Defensively, profiles well to corner OF with his actions and size. Starts in a wide base before narrowing up stance and using short, quick strides to approach ball. Step-behind shuffle with lower half to get alignment/momentum on throws. Arm strength showing steady improvement from last summer. Arm works well as it gets to high ¾ release.  

Caden Poor RHP / 1B / Puyallup, WA / 2021

Wide frame with a lean build and long levers at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds. Athletic set-up in the box with some weight pre-shifted onto his back leg. Hands begin loaded above back shoulder with knob of the bat angled at catcher. Takes short forward stride without any added movement. Hits against a firm front side. Works down to the ball and then barrel finishes up thru contact. Provides plenty of reach and a wide catch radius over at 1B. Keeps footwork short when moving around the bag. Comfortable handling the ball to his backhand side. Keeps exchange quick, compact despite long arms. Keeps compact arm action with high takeaway. Simple, quick paced delivery on the bump. High leg lift while maintaining upright posture. Drop and drive action with lower half at hand break while he works down the slope. Slight shoulder tilt prior to landing. Front hip opens up with clean direction towards catcher. Hides ball well with tight, bent arm action with compact arm swing. Works from ¾ release with a balanced finish out over his front side. Pitches with relaxed, repeatable effort. 

Cooper Schulz SS / 2B / Capital, WA / 2021

5-foot-10, 150 pounds with a wiry build and square frame to his upper half. Slightly crouched, open stance at the plate. Strides forward into toe-tap while hands stay back at rear shoulder. Level swing path thru the zone with some quickness in his hands. Keeps weight centered, stays in his legs as he gets into high finish. Head stays behind the ball at contact, allowing him to get full rotation from his lower half. Showed some pull-side lift during BP. Defensively, uses a prep-step into a hop as a part of his pre-pitch routine. Puts himself in an athletic, balanced position prior to his first move. Light on his feet while ranging laterally. Sits back in hips as ball approaches and quickly funnels ball into throwing motion. Quick, compact arm action with ¾ release. 

Andrew Stalnaker OF / RHP / Mt. Baker , WA / 2021

Tall, high waisted frame at 6-foot-4, 210 pounds. Sets up with feet just outside shoulder width and a narrowly open stance. Puts a unique forward move on the ball by stepping with his rear foot before finishing with a normal stride. Essentially both feet begin at one spot in the box and finish in another. Clean swing path with plenty of intent. High, 1-handed finish. Defensively, works thru the ball with an aggressive approach in the OF. Keeps footwork short, direct while developing momentum behind the baseball. Receives ball deeper into his fielding posture which allows for a quick exchange into throwing motion. High arm path with ¾ release. On the mound, works from the far left side of the rubber. Lands down the center of the slope, creating cross action with his delivery. Quick paced throwing actions. Rotational delivery with a slide-arm release point. Arm action starts short, bent before lengthening out as he finishes. Upright finish with slight recoil. 

Matt Stewart 2B / SS / Garfield, WA / 2021

5-foot-9, 135 pounds with a high waisted frame and average build. Balanced, square stance in the box with front side aligned to pitcher. Creates some rhythm/movement in hands prior to short forward stride. Weight stays centered & head remains quiet. Showed best contact up the middle in BP with a level, line-drive type of approach. Flashed occasional uphill finish when going to his pull-side. Consistent 2-handed finish with full hip rotation against a strong front leg. Defensively, sets-up in a wide upright position with some slight bend at the waist. Receives ball just out in front while upper body is stacked over glove hand. Syncs up footwork towards target to go with exchange into throwing motion. Full arm path with low ¾ release. Pitched exclusively out of the stretch during bullpen. Maintain consistent direction with his front side and lead leg. Hands stay set at waist height as he gets to balanced leg lift. Average stride length as he gets into landing. High ¾ release point with a full, continuous arm path. Eyes stay on target throughout with a tall, upright finish.

Justin Stransky C / OF / Emerald Ridge, WA / 2021

6-foot-1, 160 pounds with a lean build but present strength in his fame. In the box, sets-up in a wide, slightly open stance with tall posture. Stride foot works towards back hip as he pulls hands beyond rear shoulder. Then puts an aggressive forward move on the ball. Head stays quiet as he gains ground with his lower half. All the moving parts sync up to create a quick, level swing with quality bat speed. Athletic receiver behind the dish. Uses a one-knee-down set up. Slightly staggered lower half when in the crouch position. Quick, whippy arm action out of exchange. Works from a lower arm slot but manages to stay on top of the ball and showed accurate carry on throws throughout defensive workout. 

Drew Wathen 2B / SS / Skyline , WA / 2021

6-foot-1, 170 pounds with an average build and the chance to put additional weight onto frame. Hits from a tall, relaxed stance while staying upright throughout. Hands stay loose & show some movement as he takes short stride into landing. Swing has classic, left-handed barrel path with a high finish. Creates easy bat speed with chance to develop more power as he physically matures. Defensively worked out at both 3B and SS. Showed consistent actions and the chance to stay on the dirt long-term. Clean footwork with steady tempo as he moves laterally to the ball. Receives deep into his stance with a wide base. Hands work quickly on the exchange, allowing him to transition into throwing motion easily. Handled the double play feed from both 3B and SS with clean arm action. Throws were consistently accurate across the diamond. 

Jacob Yang 2B / SS / Puyallup , WA / 2021

6-foot, 175 pounds with a wide frame and lean, projectable build. Wide stance in the box with front side aligned to pitcher. Uses a controlled leg kick to gather on his back side. Hands stay relaxed and he keeps bend in lead arm as he gets into landing. Tight hand path allows him to keep barrel inside of the ball. Creates impressive bat speed with minimal effort. High finish after contact. Maintains balance throughout. Defensively, possesses natural actions for the INF. Moves with balance and body control while displaying a soft glove hand. Footwork stays in rhythm with exchange into throws. Loose, clean arm action from ¾ slot. Alters release point as needed. Ball comes out of hand easily.