Prep Baseball Report

Senior Games: Outfielder Analysis

By Wisconsin Scouting Staff

At Kapco Park on Sunday, Sept. 23, we hosted fall’s annual Senior Games event in Mequon, Wis. The invite-only showcase is designed to provide the top remaining unsigned seniors in the state a platform to perform in front of a host of college coaches prior to the final offseason of their prep careers. Over 40 prospects made it to Mequon for the pro-style workout and 10-inning simulated game.

Today, we’ll continue our position-by-position analysis with the group of outfielders who made it out to Senior Games last month.

Shortly following the Sept. 23 event, OF Chance Larson (Elkhorn) announced that he had committed to McHenry County College. The 6-foot-2 Larson put together a strong performance in the pre-game workouts, demonstrating some easy bat speed in BP. His high ceiling at the plate grants him this next-level opportunity to continue his baseball career following his senior season at Elkhorn.

OF Cody Tostrud (Bradford), however, remains uncommitted but put together an all-around solid day in Mequon. The left/left outfielder plays with barrel control at the plate in a line-drive, gap-to-gap profile. His hard double to the pull-side in the simulated game allowed us a glimpse at the type of bat he can wield next fall.

To read all of the outfielder reports from Senior Games, continue on below. We previously published the event’s Statistical Analysis, as well as a look at the day’s catchers. Keep an eye out tomorrow when we break down the day’s infielders.


Carson Bernd, OF, Grafton, 2019
6-foot, 175-pound, right-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, high-waisted build, strength in frame. At the plate, even setup, drop load, short stride. Uphill bat path, some length, worked middle of the field, exit velocity topped 86 mph from a tee. 7.32 runner in the 60. Defensively, plays quick and through the baseball, clean exchange, long to release. High ¾ arm slot, some recoil at release, throws topped 81 mph from the outfield.

Gavin Daniel, OF, Oconomowoc, 2019
5-foot-8, 165-pound, left-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, stocky, athletic frame. Defensively, sets up even, back load, leg lift stride, quiet hands. Level bat path, short to the ball, gap to gap approach. Flashed hard, line drive contact, exit velocity topped 82 mph from a tee. Defensively, works behind and through the baseball, fluid feet, clean exchanges. Arm plays long and loose, high ¾ slot, throws topped 79 mph from the outfield. 7.37 runner in the 60.

Jack Haufle, OF, Oregon, 2019
6-foot-1, 170-pound, left-handed hitting, right-handed throwing outfielder, length in frame, plenty room for continued physical growth. Tall, even setup, smooth load, leg lift stride. Looks to damage the baseball to the pull side, loose hands, long, uphill bat path, rhythm throughout, exit velocity topped 82 mph from a tee. Defensively, gets behind the baseball, steady hands, long to release, pats glove. Short arm action, high ¾ slot, generates arm speed, ball comes out firm, throws carried 86 mph from the outfield. 7.50 runner in the 60.

Jake Karll, OF, Madison West, 2019
6-foot-2, 195-pound, right-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, athletic, durable build. At the plate, quiet pre-pitch, athletic, crouched setup, minimal bar load, heel lifted stride. Strong hands, level barrel path, line drive hitter, comes off the bat hard, works both gaps. Generates quick bat speed, exit velocity topped 93 mph from a tee. Defensively, quick actions, works through the ball with steady hands, exchanges quick and clean. Arm plays long and loose, over the top slot, ball comes out, throws carried 86 mph from the outfield. 7.26 runner in the 60.

Ian Knuth, OF, Oconomowoc, 2019
5-foot-9, 155-pound, right-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, athletic frame. At the plate, balanced setup, back load, short stride, keeps it simple. Loose hands, level, compact bat path, contact hitter type, flashed line drive ability to the middle of the diamond, repeated rhythm. Exit velocity topped 85 mph from a tee. Able runner, 7.14 60 yard-dash, laser timed. Defensively, feet work in rhythm and through the ball, long crow hop to release. Steady hands, short arm action, high ¾ slot, throws topped 70 mph from the outfield.

Chance Larson, OF, Elkhorn, 2019
Recent McHenry County JC commit. 6-foot-2, 175-pound, right-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, thin, athletic build, projects. Tall setup, hands load back, gets separation, leg lift is high and long. Fluidity in hands, short path, aggressive hitter, looks to damage the baseball to the pull side, extension through hitting zone. Generates easy bat speed, exit velocity topped 89 mph from a tee. Singled on a flare in-game. Defensively, fluid footwork, long gather steps, clean exchange. Arm plays long and loose, over the top slot with arm speed, throws carried 83 mph from the outfield. Present foot speed, 7.07 runner in the 60.

Cody Tostrud, OF, Bradford, 2019
5-foot-10, 155-pound, left-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, athletic, well-proportioned frame. At the plate, smooth pre-pitch actions, balanced, athletic setup, back load load, leg kick trigger. Barrel control type, level path, line drive abilities, gap to gap approach, rhythm throughout. Exit velocity topped 82 mph from a tee. Plays smart in-game, doubled hard to the pull side. Present foot speed, 6.94 runner in the 60. Defensively, plays through the ball with fluid footwork, steady hands, clean exchanges, maintains control. Arm plays short and loose, over the top slot, throws topped 80 mph from the outfield.