Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler




Bellarmine College Prep (HS) • CA
6-0 • 170LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Alpha Power 2024
2024 National

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2024 State

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Position profile: LHP
: 5-11, 140-pounds. Medium athletic build. Stiffer upper body.
Delivery: Simple and controlled delivery. Exclusive from stretch. Slight crossfire action with how he angles his upperhalf/frontside and a slight closed step towards LH batter. Medium knee tuck that is straight up and down. Smaller bend into back leg. Average stride down mound. Firm and straight front leg at landing. Repeatable.
Arm Action: LH. Looser arm action. Slight higher elbow in the back. Gets into scalp. Lower 3/4 slot. Lower extension metrics. Average arm speed.
FB: T80, 76-79 mph. Natural feel for low in a way on RHHs. Present armside fade. 10:15 tilt. Average spin.
CB: 63-66 mph. Slurvy break due to present HB break. Was able to induce some weak swings off it. 
CH: 71-73 mph. Only threw it 3 times. Lower spin CH. Some present fade. Effective off the FB.

Position: 1B
: LHH. Uses a smaller leg raise that gathers him into his backside. Loose hands as he loads. Tighter hands as the bat enters the zone. Smoother stroke. Gets onto frontside at times. Middle of the field approach. Had a nice LD single to the RC gap in game action.
Power: 87 max exit velocity
Arm: LH. 1B - 78 mph. Quick to release. Above average arm strength for level for a 1B. Accurate throws on DPs.
Defense:  Solid defensive actions for a 1B. Lighter feet that play through the ball. Clean funnel up to center of body. Decent glove skills.
Run: 8.12 runner in the 60.


Bay Area World Series Underclass (6/4/21-6/6/21)

Pitching notes: LHP: Controlled effort down the hill with strong firm front leg and crossfire actions allowing for effort over the frontside. Loose M-3/4 release and better repeatability when he got front shoulder down the hill. FB showed armside run and sink wth ball darting glove side and ride up. Live FB and actions that will need to be harnessed better for ceiling to be reached. CHG with arm side run; darts and dives with good armspeed. CB 2-to-7 shape with fluid and firm break having late drop. Chance to be a swing and miss pitch. Stuff to be very good; times where he loses the plate with it. FB 77-82 / CB 64-66 / CHG 72-75

Offensive notes: LHH: Low hands, high back elbow with small foot lift. Stays tight and quick turns being connected, behind and inside the baseball. Able to work LCF and LF with hard liners being more direct to the pull side. In game kept inside approach and found hits. 60-yard - 7.96 / EV mph - 87 mph

Defensive notes: 1B: Soft glove and athletic around and off the bag. Stays in on picks and utilized that soft glove well. Accurate arm showing strength in throws and ability to make throws while on the move. 1B - 75 mph


Positional Profile: LHP/1B - Early reviews of the class show him to be a top 2-way prospect in the class in N. Calif.
Body: 5-10, 140-pounds. Lanky lean body, sloped shoulders, frame is present to hold future strength/size.
Defense: Soft hands, outstanding footwork in set up, reads well, fluid actions, well above average and potentially plus defender.
Arm: LH. INF - 74 mph. Easy arm, slings it with confidence, accurate, versatile arm action, above average for the 1B position.
Hit: LHH. Wide feet, crouched, hands start deep and off body, engaged in early set up, deep load, smooth knee lift to stride. Covered middle away easily, flat to it with some lift through contact, can spray ball oppo w/ ability to spin on middle in. 50% fly ball, 50% ground ball/line drive, 56% on plane efficiency. 
Power: 84 mph exit velocity in BP via TrackMan. 21.3 max hand speed (19.65 avg), 65.4 max bat speed (62.69 avg).
Run: 8.05 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Loose athletic delivery, compact actions, slight cross body stride, balanced throughout, separation works in sync w/lower half, outstanding finish.
Arm Action: LH. Long and loose, smooth depth on backside, finishes well, 3/4 slot, highly projectable for future velo gains.
FB: T79, 75-78 mph. Feel around the zone, plus movement, creates angle and produces sink, can make a ball appear to be a strike, come back movement on glove side.
CB: 60-61 mph. Little late with arm action in wind-up but much better timing and feel in stretch, rolling smooth action, has feel, this pitch will develop as a compliment to the FB and CHG.
CH: 66-69 mph. Has legitimate feel, late fading action, confidence in this pitch, plays very well off the FB, finishes it, big movement and down in zone.


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