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O.H. Platt (HS) • CT
6' 0" • 161LBS
L/L • 22yr
Travel Team: Post 45
2020 National

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2020 State

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6-foot, 155-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and first baseman. Continues to improve each and every time we see him. Ran a 4.41 down the line on his dig to first base. Threw 75 mph from the outfield, the approach was aggressive and on point. He can play either corner outfield spot. The glove is solid around the bag at first. He has a feel for the position. Threw 72 mph across the diamond out of a long arm path. The bat has grown, tee exit velocity of 90 mph. The setup is wide in base, front foot steps into the swing. The path is long and flat through contact. The hands work well, power potential down the road as he continues to develop and get stronger.

Tee Exit Velocity- 90 mph
INF Velocity- 72 mph
OF Velocity- 75 mph


5-foot-11, 152-pound, a long and lengthy athlete, has strength to his hands, with room to fill out, should be physical at some point. A left-handed hitting corner outfielder, better suited for left fielder. At the plate, stance is wider than shoulder width, feet are even. The hands are relaxed at shoulders, bat having tilt and is in a good loaded position. For timing has a clean pick up and put down with front foot, gets weight loaded on the back side. The swing is level across his chest finishes at shoulder height with one hand. The approach is more line drive, sprays the baseball from field to field. The tee exit velocity continues to improve, was up to 84 mph at this event, was clocked at 4.93 mph from home to first, long strides look for the speed to improve. Defensively, threw 76 mph out of a high ¾ slot from the outfield. The transfer is clean, steps through with back leg and gains ground. Throws were down hill and gave the receiver something to handle. At first base, arm was clocked at 71 mph across the diamond. The hands look to be soft on the catch, with feet moving towards target showed to have rhythm. Look for the bat to play at some point.

Home-First: 4.93
Exit Velocity: 84 MPH
Arm Velocity: OF-76 MPH, INF- 71 MPH


5-foot-11, 150-pound left-handed hitting first baseman and outfielder . Defensively, threw 64 mph from the outfield. The approach is athletic and appropriate. Showed the ability to play a solid outfield. Threw 62 mph across the diamond at first base. The foot work and glove at the bag need to be developed as he matures. Ran a 4.59 down the line on his dig to first base. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 74 mph. Sets up with his feet wide, drifts to the front foot as the ball approaches. The path is long and flat to the ball, uses a 1-handed finish after contact. Had two hits in game play, having competitive at bats throughout the game.   

Tee Exit Velocity- 74 mph
INF Velocity- 62 mph
OF Velocity - 64 mph


5-foot-11, 152 pounds, wiry frame, sloped shoulders, room to add upper body strength. Ran a 4.71 home-to-first. At the plate, McCarty’s stance is wide, with his lead leg on an angle and feet that set significantly further than shoulder width apart. He is even with a level swing path, line drive approach. Comfort hitting to all fields. Uses a toe tap as the hands gets set at shoulder height. His exit velocity off of the tee was recorded at 75 mph. In the outfield, he throws from a high ¾ slot. Actions are clean. Can work with more pace, transferring from fielding to throwing with more purpose. Outfield throws were clocked up to 66 mph on throw to home plate. McCarty also pitches, throwing from a normal ¾ slot from the left-hand side. Some deception in the delivery, as the ball disappears at the backside. Hands start and stay at the chest. Can work to develop more drive to effectively use his lower half. The fastball was 63-66 mph with tail. His curveball is 56-57 mph with an 11/5 shape. The changeup is developing at 54-57 mph and decent downward action. Adding velocity is a necessity to stick on the mound. Home-First: 4.71

Exit Velocity: 75 MPH
Arm Velocity: 66 MPH


5-foot-10, 140 pounds, projectable frame. Nimble feet. Looks the part of a corner outfielder and should fill out. Short strides when throwing, arm was clocked at 76 mph with decent downhill flight. Arm works cleanly from high ¾ slot. At the plate, hands work letter high. Uses toe tap for timing as he sways to the back of the zone, sits low. Can work to develop more of a load to tap into the power in his frame. Middle out approach. On the mound, McCarty throws from a traditional ¾ slot, throwing the fastball 63-66 mph. The curveball has some sweeping action and can be hard to pick up out of the hand, clocked between 56-57 mph. Strength is a must and will aid to his development.

Home-First: 5.12
Exit Velocity: 76 MPH
Arm Velocity: 66 MPH


Worked out in the outfield as well as on the mound. On the mound, showed a plus ¾ arm slot with a slight pause on the backside of the arm swing. The head tilts as he pulls the glove side off target, causing the slot to raise up. Shows good athleticism on the mound and in the outfield. Fastball sat at 63 mph. The breaking ball is big, sitting at 57 mph. The changeup is a work in progress,, sitting at 55 mph. Positionally, showed a good approach to the ball in the outfield, throwing 64 mph from right-field to home plate. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 75 mph to it. The set up is athletic, knees bent and feet even to start. The bottom half is under control throughout the swing. The hands have no load to them and the path is simple to the ball. Cuts off the finish after contact. Comes up on front toe as ball approaches. Ran a 4.69 on his dig to first base.

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