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Nichols College
Housatonic Regional (HS) • CT
5' 11" • 200LBS
R/R • 22yr 11mo
Travel Team: Ct.Blue Jays


2019 National

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2019 State

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5-foot-11, 200-pound, strong, thick, durable catchers frame, already filling out. A right-handed hitting catcher, at the plate, feet are shoulder width, front foot starts slightly open. The hands are loose and strong at the shoulders, bat starts in a tilted position. For timing uses a small controlled leg kick, hands and weight stay back on foot strike. The swing is level to up, with more of a pull approach, shows to have above average power to the pull side. The batting practice rounds were very good, hard solid contact, with a tee exit velocity of 88 mph. Defensively, has a solid arm, quick feet for a larger frame. The hands are soft on the catch, with a transfer across the face, gains ground on the transfer. The arm works out of a high ¾ slot, arm was clocked at 70 mph with life down to second base. The pop time was at 2.09-2.12. Good vocal leader, worked with pitchers well. The catch is clean, gets behind the baseball, and anticipates the dirt ball.

Home-First: 4.51

Exit Velocity: 88 MPH

Arm Velocity: 70 MPH


5-foot-11, 200-pound, strong, wide, thick, athletic frame. Lower half and hands have strength to him. A right-handed hitting catcher, the hands are loose and loaded above the back shoulder, bat starts in more of a flat position. The lower half is even and at shoulder width, simple stride. The swing is level through the zone, finishes at the shoulders, approach is more to pull side. Showed to have above average bat speed, tee exit velocity was clocked at 92 mph, hard contact in batting practice, took a solid round. The barrel could stay in the zone a tick longer. The hands are soft on the catch, moves well behind the plate, gets behind the baseball. The transfer is simple and clean, feet work and show to have some quickness to them.  The arm works out of a higher ¾ slot, clocked at 75 mph from chute and had a pop time 2.03-2.13. Anticipates the dirt ball well, looks to block and scramble, worked well with the pitchers, showed to be a vocal leader.

Sixty-Yard Dash: 8.21

Exit Velocity: 92 MPH

Arm Velocity: 75 MPH


5-foot-11, 200-pound right-handed hitting catcher and third baseman. Ran a 7.88 sixty on the laser. Threw 73 mph from behind the dish, pop time of 2.11. The feet needs to be ironed out to aid the throwing during the transfer. The receiving is a work in progress, as securing the catch and handling secondary pitches needs to continue to improve. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 85  mph, the hands are very strong. The set up is wide in base, still takes a big step into the ball as he start the swing. The path is long and strong through contact, uses a 1-hand finish after contact. The bat has improved since we last saw him. Also played third base in game play, glove is average and he made all the throws.

Tee Exit Velocity -85 mph
Catching Velocity- 73 mph
Pop Time- 2.11

5-foot-10, 200-pound, strong thick, durable catcher’s frame. Shows to have strength throughout, wrists and hands have above average strength. A right-handed hitting catcher, his game has improved immensely.  At the plate, feet start even at shoulder height, hands are strong, set just above shoulder, bat starting in more of a flat tilted position. For timing uses a slow controlled toe tap and gains ground with stride foot, hands and weight stay on the back side. The swing is flat through the zone, goes right across the chest, finishes with some lift,  barrel stays in the zone a long time, approach is middle to pull side. The barrel has life and whip to it out front on contact, tee exit velocity was at 88 mph, nice climb from the last event. Ran a 4.27 30 yard-dash. Defensively, arm was clocked at 73 mph from crouch, arm action has shortened, throws from just above his ear. The flight is downhill, with carry, throws were on or close to the bag. The footwork is clean and quick, receiving has improved, hands have softened, keeping the baseball in the zone. Big follow for me, need to see him in the spring.

30 Yard-Dash: 4.27

Tee Exit Velocity: 88 MPH

Arm Velocity: 73 MPH
12.30.17 - 5-foot-10, 200-pound right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and initiates his swing from a high-hands load with a short, lift-and-replace stride. Limited wasted movement in swing and solid feel for the barrel. Displayed the ability to create backspin with an exit velocity of 83 mph. Registered pop times of 2.19-2.25 on throws of 67 mph from the crouch. Solid set up with length to his throwing motion. Could reduce pop times with work to shorten transition from catch to throw.
10.22.2017 - 5-foot-10, 200-pound right-handed hitting catcher and corner infielder. Threw 71 mph down to second base during the catcher workout. Pop time of 2.10 during the workout. The transfer and the footwork need to continue to improve. The receiving needs to be soften up , time on pitching machine should aid the process. Also worked out at third base, the glove is solid. The prep steps to and through the ball need to be incorporated. Threw 70 mph across the diamond. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 84 mph. Tripled during the game. The set up is even with his feet, the bat is slightly wrapped as he initiates the swing. The front foot dives into the swing as the ball approaches. The path is long and strong. The hands work and are strong.  Had a solid showing at the event.
Tee Exit Velocity- 84 mph
Catchers Velocity/Pop Time- 71 mph/2.1
INF Velocity- 70 mph

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