Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney




St. Ignatius (HS) • OH
6-2 • 180LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Force Ohio


2021 National

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2021 State

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2/2/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Projectable strong athletic frame with plus mechanics bringing an high ¾ arm slot.
Fastball: Topping out at 82, fastball displays some zip crossing through the zone with some 2-seam action.
Fastball Spin Rate: 2068-2187
Curveball: Big shape with some depth that will keep hitters off balance sitting 66-68mph.
Curveball Spin Rate: 1879-1984
Slider: 65-69
Changeup: continues same arm speed with a fastball look but dives off at the end at 75-76mph.


Body Type: 6-foot-2, 190-pound physical and athletic frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Weight shifts towards third base during load. Long over the top arm action that is quick and gets up on time.

Fastball: 74-77mph. Downward angle to the plate. Needs to be more consistent in the zone. Tends to miss up in the zone.

Curveball: 61-64mph.11/5 movement with more depth over action. Needs to be more consistent with spinning it. In the zone some of the time but misses low.

Pitchability: Needs to be in the zone more consistently with both pitches.

Additional Comments: Solid when in the zone.




Body Type:  6-foot-2, 190-pound thin and athletic frame.

Swing Mechanics:  Open stance with a simple load into his back leg while keeping his hands loose and loaded.

Hit:  Uphill bat path that gets inside the baseball well and produces line drives to all fields.

Power:  Line drive guy with more to come as he develops and add size.

Offensive Projection:  TBD.
Field: In the infield he plays with active feet and above average ball skills. Actions are confident and he made all the plays in his defensive evaluation.
Throw: Mostly accurate arm with more strength to come.
Defensive Projection: 3B. 


Body Type: 6-foot-2, 190-pound projectable frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Works with good tempo on the mound. Delivery doesn’t require much effort and he creates good direction down the mound with lower half. High-¾ righty with developing strength/speed to arm.
Fastball: 72-78 mph. Pitch will show regular cutting action. 1700-1900 spin rate guy with mid 80s spin efficiency.
Curveball: 64-65 mph. 11/5 shaped offering with a big shape and gradual action. Looked confident in the offering that acted as his put away pitch.
Changeup: 63-67 mph. Maintains arm speed on the offering that has some fade to it.
Pitchability: Strike thrower.



Body Type:  6-foot-2, 190-pound physical frame.

Swing Mechanics:  Simple load with minimal movements that gets everything to sync up well.

Hit:  Uphill bat path with a middle of the field approach.  Good feel in the box.

Power:  Line drive guy right now who just needs to add size and develop.

Offensive Projection:  TBD.
Field: In the infield he has mechanically sound feet with some bounce to his step. Ball skills look to fit a corner infield spot. Athletic actions out of funnel.
Throw: High-3/4 righty with respectable strength and more to come.
Defensive Projection: Corner.


Body Type: 6-foot-2, 190-pound physical frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Uses lower half well but lands slightly closed off. Arm action slightly late causing to miss high and arm side. Can be fixed with fine tuning of mechanics.

Fastball: 70-73mph with slight armside drop. Tended to miss out of the zone often.

Curveball: 61-64mph. 11/5 movement with more depth than action to it. Thrown in the zone some of the time.  

Pitchability: Needs to be more consistent in the zone.


Body type: 6-foot-2, 190-pound thin and athletic frame.

Swing mechanics: Bat tip with smooth load into back leg.  Hands remain loose, and loaded through contact.

Hit: Slight downhill bat path with some pop.  Natural ball flight to the pull side as well as up the middle.

Power: Flashes pop to the pull side.

Offensive projection:  Middle of the lineup guy.
Field: In the infield he plays with quickness to his feet an d above average lateral mobility. Hands work pretty well, showing ball skills on par for class.
¾ right-hander with more arm strength to come with maturity.
Defensive Projection:

2/3/19 Pitching

Body Type: 6-foot-2, 190 pounds with a solid, atheltic frame. 
Mechanical/Delivery Notes:
Displays some long whippy-like arm action. Creates inward rotation to get most out of lower half.

Fastball: Fastball creates arm-side movement while sitting between 73-76 mph.
Commands this pitch with ease at 64-68 mph. Displays 10/4 type tilt and shows sharp, late breaking action.
Uses good fastball arm speed with this pitch to create deception. 68-70 mph.

2/3/19 Position

Body Type: 6-foot-2 190-pound prospect with an athletic build.

Swing Mechanics: Starts in a balanced setup with a closed stance and uses a toe tap load. Slight armbar during the load and a slight cast of the barrel. Showed a middle of the field, opposite field approach.
Good bat to ball ability.

Power: 88 mph exit velocity.

Offensive Projection: Shows potential to be a gap to gap type guy.

Field: In the infield he took solid angles through the ball and was aggressive after the ball. Showed pretty good hands and an ok rhythm to his movements.

Throw: 69 mph across the diamond.

Run: 7.39 60 yard dash.

Defensive Projection: Present skill set would probably fit best at 2B at the next level. Raw arm strength would need to improve to stay on the left side of the diamond.


Body Type: 6-foot-2 190 pound prospect.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Threw from from a high ¾ arm slot with an otherwise pretty standard delivery.

Fastball: 75-77 mph fastball was mostly true through the zone.

Breaking Ball: 68-69 mph breaking ball showed ok spin with a slurvey shape. Good feel and command for this pitch.

Changeup: 69-71 mph changeup was mostly true through the zone.

Pitchability: Good feel and command for his pitch mix, particularly his slurvey breaking ball.

Role: Presently would project best as a bullpen type due his good command of his fastball and breaking ball combo.

2/2/2019 Position

Body Type: 6-foot-2 190-pound prospect.

Swing Mechanics: Starts in a medium setup with a toe tap load and an armbar load in his upper body. Casts his barrel around the zone and remains balanced throughout his swing.

Hit: Shows strong hands and good barrel control.

Power: 84 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection:
Pretty good raw ability with his hands. Would benefit from keeping his barrel through the zone better to give himself more room for error and power. Could at least develop into a gap to gap guy in high school.

Field: In the infield he attacked the ball well with average footwork. Would benefit from quickening up his release.

Run: 7.54 60 yard dash.

Defensive Projection: Presently would project as 2B only type in the infield. Could potentially move to a corner OF spot.

Body Type:
6-foot-2, 190-pound projectable frame.
Hit: Physical swinger with a balanced launch. Slightly downhill path. Swing has noticeable natural tools. Easy, natural backspin abilities.
87 mph exit velocity. Both strength/bat speed show as above average tools. Middle of the lineup potential with gap abilities.
Offensive Projection:
TBD. Middle of Lineup upside.
7.54 60-yard dash.
Corner frame and skill set. Aggressive/direct feet, cutting down distance off the bat. Developing ball skills.
72 mph arm strength across the diamond. Accurate arm.
Defensive Projection:
Corner Infield.


1/12/19 Pitching

Body Type: 6-foot-2, 190-pound physical frame for class.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Works with a slower paced tempo. Delivery requires some effort. Comes through a high-¾ slot with arm speed/strength on par for class. Tends to finish to first base line. 
Fastball: 76-78 mph. Pitch was mostly true through the zone with slight arm side action at times. In/out command wise.
Curveball: 68-70 mph. Spins that pitch well and tosses it firm. More depth than action at this stage. 11/5 shaped bender.
Changeup: 72-73 mph. Comes out of same slot/with similar arm speed as fastball. A little bit more dip to it than the heater. Solid, playable offering.  

A right-handed hitter that starts in an athletic stance. Goes with a leg kick for timing with hands staying quiet throughout load. Takes a slightly downhill path to to contact, showing a balanced arsenal of strength and speed to hands. Movements have room to clean up but ball jumps when squared up. All fields hitter with a middle of the lineup ceiling. At third base he shows the frame for the spot with feel for the position. Plays fast and aggressive. Ball skills are adequate for class. Can get to heels at times. Arm grades out as an above average tool for class. Physical frame behind the dish. Mid crouch with some flexibility to hips. Direction fades to third base a bit as he gets out of stance. Exchange skills are on par for class. The 6-foot-2, 172-pound projectable right hander uses a slower paced delivery with a slight bounce at the top of the leg lift. Directionally sound down the mound carrying his momentum toward home plate. Arm action is long before coming through a high ¾ slot. Fastball ranged from 69-73 mph. Showed the ability to get in on the hands of multiple hitters. Breaking ball show gradual 11/5 movement at 61-62 mph.
Home to 1st: 4.41
Pop Times: 2.27-2.39
Catcher Velocity: 64
Infield Velocity: 69
Exit Velocity: 82

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