Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner
Drew Beckner




Charleston (WV)
Big Walnut (HS) • OH
6-0 • 185LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Ohio Elite


2021 National

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2021 State

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Drew Beckner: OF/LHP, (2021) Big Walnut, OH. Charleston (WV) Commit, 6-foot, 185-pound. During batting practice, Beckner recorded an exit velocity of 94 mph. Begins in a balanced athletic stance with a controlled load, then uses a short stride. Bat speed was explosive, used an upward swing plane and high finish. Smooth from the outfield, he displayed a position velocity of 83 mph; showed a clean exchange, soft hands, and athletic feet. Fields the ball out front, movements laterally were athletic. Had a high ¾ slot and a short arm action. Showed his athleticism during the event with a sub-seven 60 time of 6.7. Athletic on the mound, had a high ¾ arm angle with quick arm speed. Drop-and-drive type pitcher who shows easy effort. Curveball (69-72 mph), changeup (73-76 mph).Threw his fastball 81-82 mph. 


Hit: One of the top bats we saw. Very fluid, efficient mover in the bxo from the left side. Balanced launch with a ton of feel for contact. Distributed the ball around the yard with easy juice.
Power: Gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Max Exit BP Exit Velocity: 92mph.
Max BP Distance: 320ft.
Field: Looks the part in the outfield. Obvious athleticism with good rhythm and advanced ball skills for class.
Throw: Arm continues to get better each time we see him.
Defensive Projection: Multiple Spots.

Scouting Notes: Two-way prospect in the 2021 class. One of the top position players we saw on the day who also showed he's worth a look on the mound. Clean arm with natural whip through a near 3/4 slot. Three-pitch southpaw with feel for the zone.
Fastball: 78-80 mph.
Fastball Spin Rate: 2041- 2078
Breaking Ball: 67-68 mph.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate: 2098-2231
Changeup: 70-72 mph.
Spin Rate: 1883


2/9/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Regular tempo delivery with some effort. Arm has some length with a repeatable delivery. Efficient lower half creating momentum from the ground up.
Fastball: Shows some natural arm side movement at times. Spots up very well to both sides of the plate.
Fastball Spin Rate: 1920-1990.
Curveball: Throws secondary offering for strikes. 1/7 plane with some depth.
Curveball Spin Rate: 2210-2230.
Changeup: Shows solid feel for his changeup. Natural fade with fastball-like arm speed.

2/9/20 Position Player
Hit: Simple swing mechanics. Athletic, slightly upright stance. Level bat path creating natural loft. Very efficient in the box creating momentum from the ground up.
Power: Gap to gap inside out type swing. Frame suggests more juice to come at the next level.
Offensive Projection: Table setter.
Top Rapsodo BP Exit Velocity: 91 mph.
Top Rapsodo BP Distance: 330 ft.
Field: Looks natural in the outfield. Natural tools should keep him there with the potential to slide into Center.
Throw: Slightly above average arm.  
Defensive Projection: LF/1B.


Body Type: 6-foot, 165-pound athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics: Easy, fluid movements from the left side.
Hit: Smooth swing that really works. Unlocks from the ground up and path plays. Balanced natural tools. Generates easy carry on the baseball. Has a chance to be dynamic as he continues to twitch up. One of the most efficient strokes in class.
Power: 87.7 was top exit velocity in BP. Present gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Field: Smooth outfielder with athletic actions. Looks the part out there. Also worked out at first base where he brings well above average athleticism to the position. Well above average skill set at first base. Solid, versatile defender.
Throw: Very clean arm. Easy velocity with more to come. 83 mph strength to home plate.
Defensive Projection:OF/1B.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: An explosive delivery that has an efficient lower half with a quick and smooth arm action. Has good feel for the mound knowing how to pitch it.
Fastball: 78-81mph. Arm side run with ability to locate on both corners of the plate. 2,000-2,200 rpm spin rate with low 90% efficiency on Rapsodo.
Curveball: 67-69mph. Thrown on a 2/8 plane with sharp break most of the time. Thrown in the zone consistently just needs to get more consistent with spinning it.
Changeup: 71-73mph. Above average pitch with arm side drop that is hard to differentiate from fastball. Kept hitters off balance.
Pitchability: Strike thrower.


Body Type: 6-foot, 165-pound thin frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Long arm action that cocks back and fires forward. Mobile lower half.
Fastball: 77-80mph. High spin rate with near 2,400 rpm’s. Slight glove side movement.
Curveball: 66-79mph. 1/7 movement for an average offering.
Changeup: 72-73mph that is enough to keep hitters off balance some of the time.
Pitchability: Needs to be more consistent in the zone with all pitches. 

Body Type:  6-foot, 165-pound thin and athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics: 
Simple and athletic swing. One of the prettier swings in his class.
Level bat path that works to all fields. Ton of feel for the barrel.
Just needs to add size and develop. Present gap abilities with more to come.
Offensive Projection: 
Very smooth actions with soft hands and above average ball skills.
Arm works well. Clean arm action that will support added more mphs.
Defensive Projection:
Multiple Spots. 


Body Type: 6-foot 165-pound prospect.
Swing Mechanics: Uses a front hip hinge/mini leg kick to initiate his load. Shows an uphill bat path but keeps his barrel through the zone well.
Hit: Decent barrel control.
Power: 81 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection: Shows a swing that will produce primarily contact in the air. Will need to work on overall raw power going forward but swing shows some potential.
Field: In the outfield he shows good feet and rhythm. He plays through the ball well and has a somewhat slow release.
Throw: 80 mph from the outfield.
Run: 4.27 home to first.
Defensive Projection: Shows good athleticism and projectable arm strength. Should be a guy who can move around and play all three outfield spots effectively.


A left-handed hitter that starts in an athletic stance. Very fluid, athletic load that create both balance and timing. Swing really works and he looks to have added some physicality  since we saw him last. One of the prettier swings in his class. Has a chance to really hit as he gets more physical. Very functionally athletic in the outfield. Checks all the boxes out there. Well above average defender that can play multiple spots with a natural fit in LF/CF presently. Versatile defender that can play first base at a high level as well. Obvious athleticism over there with advanced ball skills for the position. Good athlete with an impressive skill set on both sides of the ball. Should be a high follow for college coaches. Although he projects more as a position player presently he also showed pitchability on the mound with athletic actions. Long/loose arm that you could easily see adding more strength. Fastball sits 74-75 mph with regular action late in the zone. Complements fastball with a quality breaking ball that has a slurvish shape to it.

Infield Velocity: 74
Outfield Velocity: 75
Exit Velocity: 80


An interesting arm to follow with physical maturation. Lanky southpaw with a frame that can handle much more stays athletic during his motion. Smooth delivery that is easily repeated and polished for his class. Does create some uphill tilt with his shoulders before getting extension on the front side. Clean arm through a high ¾ slot. Fastball showed natural run at 74-76 mph. Also mixed a good breaking ball with 1/7 depth at 67-69 mph. Spins the pitch tight with confidence and advanced feel for the age. Once again impressed with the hit tool. Very fluid, smooth swinger that has a ton of feel for squaring up the baseball. Sprays it to both gaps showing quick hands through the zone. Good athlete that just needs to add strength. In the outfield he is functionally athletic enough for all three spots with more of a left field skill set presently. Looks comfortable and athletic out there. Brings well above average athleticism to the first base position. A bit undersized for the spot but makes up for it with range and ball skills. Solid, versatile defender.

60-yard dash: 7.47
Infield Velocity: 71
Outfield Velocity: 77
Exit Velocity: 78


A lefty swinger that starts in an athletic setup. Once again put another strong showing together in BP. An athletic kid with a very fluid, efficient swing. Load creates balanced and separation at foot strike. Path is level and hands have noticeable quickness to them through the zone. Line drive guy present with gap abilities to pull side. Definite bat to follow with much more to come as strength arrives. In the outfield he looks fluid and comfortable. Feet are mechanically sound and well timed. A solid defender with a fringy skill set that could play in either center or left depending on how he develops physically. Projects for more arm strength with his loose/whippy arm. On the bump the southpaw has athletic actions with a fluid delviery. A strike thrower that projects for more velocity. Got up to 77 mph with the fastball and showed two above average secondary offerings.


A very fluid athlete with smooth actions on both sides of the ball. Showed off one of the prettier swing of the day, incorporating efficient, fluid movements to loading sequence. A line drive guy now with the ability to create regular backspin to all fields. Saw the ball well in game and looked anything but over matched by velocity. Beckner has a chance to be dynamic once strength arrives and he twitches up. Also looks to be a follow on the mound. Velocity isn’t there yet but actions are athletic and he shows the physical signs of more velo to come. Can spin it as well.

Home to 1st: 4.52
Infield Velocity: 76
Outfield Velocity: 73
Exit Velocity 78


A left-handed hitter that starts in a  taller setup. Loading sequence is fluid and he creates solid energy with his lower half. Hands stay noticeable loose prior to launch. Path is level with whip through contact. Much more pop to come. Natural tools are well above average for class.  A definite young bat to follow. In the outfield he looks athletic and has obvious feel for the position. Plays through the ball well when he gets his hop. Ball skills are above average. Arm is loose and looks to have more arm strength on the way.

Home-1st: 4.64
Outfield Velocity: 71
Exit Velocity: 81

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