Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke
Jared Teke




Batavia (HS) • OH
5-10 • 160LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Midland Baseball


2022 National

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Jared Teke: RHP/C, (2022) Batavia, OH. 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic frame. At the plate, Teke clocked an exit velocity of 85 mph. Began in a balanced stance with a smooth load, then used a small leg kick. Had a flat swing plane, above average bat speed and level finish. He found multiple barrels during his rounds. Pull side approach. While catching, he recorded a position velocity of 76 mph during throw downs; showed athletic feet, a quick exchange, and sure hands. displayed next-level catching ability by boasting a 1.97-2.12 pop time. Showed a loose arm action and a high ¾ slot. During the event, ran the 60-yard dash in 7.33. Athletic on the mound, had a ¾ arm angle and a loose arm action with good arm speed. Up-tempo type pitcher and uses some effort. Balance point is tall with an in line shoulders during delivery. Lands square with a recoil finish. Curveball (72-75 mph), changeup (73-74 mph), slider (74-76 mph). Produced a fastball that came in at 84-86 mph. 


Jared Teke: C/RHP, (2022) Batavia, OH. 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic frame. At the plate, the right-handed hitter had a max exit velocity of 91 mph. Began in a balanced stance with a quick load, then used a leg kick. Bat speed is quick and exhibits a level rotational swing plane. Movements laterally were athletic. Behind the plate, he made strong, efficient throws to second at velocities up to 79 mph; has soft hands, athletic feet, and a fluid exchange. Displayed his ability to control the run game with a pop time of 1.91-1.97. Athletic setup with above average flexibility. On the mound, used a ¾ arm angle and a quick arm action while showing quick arm speed. Up-tempo type pitcher and shows some effort. Has an athletic balance point. Curveball (75-79 mph).Threw his fastball 87-89 mph; shows running action and arm side command. His changeup (83-84) has fading action and arm side control.


Hit: Right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stnace . Fluid load that leads to balanced launch. Level path with all fields approach. Very fast rotator on the brink of 30gs of rotational acceleration according to blast. Gap to gap direction.
Power: Line drive guy with gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Max BP Exit Velocity: 82 mph
Max BP Distance: 233 ft
Field: Good athlete behind the dish with a big arm. Solid skill set.
Throw: Arm is a well above average tool.
Defensive Projection: C.

Scouting Notes: Explosive delivery. Very fast arm. Up to 83 mph but we've seen up to 85 mph previously. What separates him is his feel for spin. The pitch has present swing/miss and froze righties all day.
Impressive pitch. Also mixed in a playable changeup.
Fastball: 80-83 mph.
Fastball Spin Rate: 1780-1894
Breaking Ball: 69-72mph.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate: 2341-2425
Changeup: 77-78mph.


2/22/20 Position Player
Hit: Smooth easy approach with a fast bat twitch and presents sneaky power.
Power: 86mph exit velo with a max distance of 267 feet.
Offensive Projection: Gap to gap hitter.
Field: Smooth transition into throwing out of an average crouch stance with a fast arm action.
Throw: 77mph catcher velo with a 2.03 pop time.
Defensive Projection: Catcher.
Delivery Notes: Back knee drifts to third base during load phase. Could be more efficient with mechanics but an overall explosive athlete to watch develop. A quick ¾ arm action that means business.
Fastball: 81-85mph with a 2000-2200rpm spin rate with slight arm side movement.
Curveball: 74-75mph with a 2400-2600rpm spin rate. Wipe out CB with velocity, tightness, action and feel
Changeup: 78-80mph has arm side fade w/sink


2/9/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Teke shows good arm speed and strength on the mound throwing from a ¾ arm slot. Doesn’t use his lower half particularly well but the arm works and shows an overall clean arm action.
Fastball: The fastball was 81-85 mph and showed some fade to the arm side.
Curveball: His breaking ball was 72-73 mph showed a slider type shape with good shape and depth.
Changeup: The changeup was 78-79 mph and mostly true.
Pitchability: Overall shows good feel for his pitch mix. The fastball shows good life through the zone and there’s definitely more velo in the tank if he get more out of his lower half and create more momentum in his delivery. 

2/9/20 Position Player
Hit: Teke shows a simple approach at the plate with a quiet load. Overall shows a pretty flat bat path with good bat to ball ability. 
Power: 80 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection: Swing doesn’t show a ton of swing and miss potential but also seems limit long term power potential. Should be a guy who fills offensive standards at the catcher position.
Field: Behind the plate Teke shows a naturally quick arm and fairly quick feet. Good transfers on his throws. Still needs to clean up some basic footwork behind the plate.
Throw: 76 mph from behind the plate.
Defensive Projection: Shows the tools to project as a catcher at the next level. Overall defensive polish will probably dictate to what level he ends up.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 150-pound athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics: Righty swinger with simple, fluid movements to loading sequence.
Hit: Level path with balanced natural tools. All fields approach with feel for the barrel. Rotational swing sequence. IUntent swing that will find the barrel regularly.
Power: 84.1 was top exit velocity in BP. Flashed gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Middle potential.
Field:  At the catcher position, he has efficient feet with a quick transfer.  Receives the baseball well, and his blocking skills are on par for his class.
Throw:  Developing arm strength with loose arm action.
Defensive Projection:  UTL.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Sits back and drives having an efficient and ideal lower half with a tight arm action. Head gets slight wobble near end of delivery.
Fastball: 79-83mph. A hard pitch with slight arm side movement. 2,000-2,200 rpm spin rate with high 90% efficiency. Locates on both corners of the plate.
Curveball: 68-69mph. Thrown on a 11/5 plane with tight spin that induces soft contact. Thrown in the zone consistently.
Changeup: 71-74mph. Third weapon in his arsenal. Still developing feel for the pitch.
Pitchability: Above average pitchabiity.
Additional Comments: Shows all the signs of a higher velocity guy down the road.


Body type:  5-foot10, 150-pound thin frame that can add size.
Swing mechanics:  Athletic and smooth with top hand.
Hit:  Twitchy downhill swing with top spin.  Pull side with natural ball flight to the middle of the field.
Power:  Flashes pop to pull side true ball flight up the middle.
Offensive projection:  Top of the lineup guy.
Field:  Features an athletic stance with a smooth transfer.
Throw:  Whippy arm action with developing arm strength. 
Defensive Projection:  Catcher.
Additional Notes:  Receives and blocks the baseball well.

Body Type: 5-foot-10, 150-pound athletic frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Works quickly with fluid actions. Arm is fast/ball jumps out of his hand. Shows all the signs of a higher velocity guy down the road.
Fastball: 82-84 mph. Heavy pitch that lived below barrels on this day. Much more in the tank.
Curveball: 70-71 mph. 11/5 sharp offering. Quality pitch for class that has potential for swing/miss down the road.
Changeup: 76-77 mph. Also an above average offering. Maintains arm speed on the pitch that backs up into the zone with quality movement.
Pitchability: This was the best we’ve seen him. Showed feel for all three offerings.
Additional Comments: Diced in his outing, striking out three of five hitters. Going to be a good one with a starter profile and a chance to really throw it velocity wise someday.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 150-pound average build. 
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Good mound with some electricity to his delivery. 
Fastball: 80-84 mph. Ball jumps out of hand. Much more to come. 
Curveball: 69-70 mph. One of the better breakers we saw on the day that has the potential to be even better down the road. 
Pitchability: In/out. Showed flashes of filling it up but had a few get away. 
Additional Comments: Shows all the signs of a future high velocity guy down the road.

Body Type: 5-foot-10, 150-pound average build. 
Swing Mechanics: Uses a toe tap, hands work direct to the ball with a slight downward path.  
Hit: Shows barrel control and ability to make consistent contact. 
Power: Line drive type hitter. More power to has he matures physically
Offensive Projection: 
Run: 4.91 H to 1st
Field: Good/clean transfer, solid footwork, works thru baseball. 
Throw: Accurate throws down to second with average arm strength, 73 mph. 
Defensive Projection: Has the tools to stay behind the plate. 
Additional Comments: Promising young catching prospect that would benefit by adding strength.


Body Type: 5-foot-10 131-pound prospect with a smaller, undeveloped frame. Lots of remaining projection.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Threw from a ¾ arm slot and showed a naturally quick arm. Arm action was a little longer in the backside than may be desired.
Fastball: 80-83 mph fastball was mostly true through the zone but did show sharp arm side run on a few of his fastballs thrown.
Breaking Ball: 69-73 mph breaking ball showed minimal action with decent spin. Slider shape but wasn’t able to create much lateral break on the pitch.
Changeup: 75-76 mph changeup showed late life and good arm side run. Not much depth on the pitch.
Pitchability: Solid command of his three pitch mix. The refinement of his secondary offerings is probably slightly above average for his class, but the pitches show potential to become well above average. 
Role: As a 2022 grad his stuff certainly profiles as a starter. As he develops more strength and grows into his body he’ll naturally gain velocity. Key focuses for him in the immediate future would be to refine his secondary offerings by adding more lateral break to his slider and more depth to his changeup.

Body Type: 5-foot-10, 131 pounds. Athletic, thin build. 
Swing Mechanics: Right-handed batter with a balanced stance that begins slightly closed. Has a toe tap load and follows with a level bat path. Hands were quick.
Hit: Has ability to make solid contact and stay on barrels. Saw several hard line drives staying more middle of the field. 
Power: 81 mph exit velocity. Stronger bat for his class and displayed some of it with the sound of his contact.  
Offensive Projection: Multiple.
Run: 4.54 seconds home to first.
Field: Displays quick actions behind the plate. Receives it nicely too. Feet moved well, smooth transfer and will improve as he gets older. 
Throw: 78 mph arm strength from behind the plate. Throws were on the bag. 
Defensive Projection: C. 
Additional Comments: Shows upside in both his defensive and offensive abilities. Plus strength in his bat too. Also one of the quicker runners at the event posting a 4.54 seconds home to first. Young athlete with time to fill out, get stronger and improve his game. 


A two-way prospect. Liked what I saw on the mound from the young right-hander. Arm action is longer through a ¾ slot. Displayed the ability to repeat delivery. Fastball will show heavy cut with depth at 76-77 mph. Should have more velocity in the tank. Breaking ball was a well above average offering, showing late action on an 11/5 plane at 64-65 mph. Changeup is thrown with good arm speed and has some cut to it at 70-71 mph. A definite arm to follow. Swings it from the right side, starting in a taller stance. Hands stay simple during his double tap load and controlled stride. A contact type guy who takes a mostly level path to the baseball. Barrel shows lag and whip. Swings with intent and can use the entire field. Expect much more pop as he adds strength to his athletic frame. Moves well behind the dish, showing both fluidity and quickness to his feet. Exchange skills are above average for class. Arm also projects as an above average tool.

Home to First: 5.02
Catcher Velocity: 72
Pop Times: 2.17-2.29
Exit Velocity: 71

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