Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic
Samuel Slodic




5-11 • 180LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Ohio Elite North


2022 National

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2022 State

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Samuel Slodic: SS/RHP, (2022) NDCL, OH. 5-foot-11, 180-pound. Athletic at the plate, Slodic clocked an exit velocity of 93 mph. Began in a tall open stance with a smooth controlled load, then used a short stride. Bat speed is quick. Was able to create some loud contact and found multiple barrels. Athletic in the infield, recorded a position velocity of 83 mph; had soft hands, a natural fluid exchange, and athletic rhythmic footwork. Out front fielding mechanics. In the 60-yard dash, he clocked a time of 7.39. Athletic on the mound, showed good arm speed, also used a long arm action and a high ¾ arm angle. Feel type pitcher who shows some effort. Has an athletic balance point. Has an athletic finish. Curveball (73-75 mph). Threw his fastball 83-86 mph. 


Samuel Slodic: SS/RHP, (2022) Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, OH. 5-foot-11, 180-pound. In the box, Slodic recorded an exit velocity of 91 mph. Started in an athletic stance with a smooth load, then used a controlled stride. Bat speed was quick, showed an upward swing plane and good extension on his finish. Athletic showed his live arm in the infield with position velocities up to 87 mph; had soft hands, a natural exchange, and rhythmic footwork. Fields the ball out front, movements laterally were athletic. Used a quick arm action with a high ¾ slot. In the 60-yard dash, he clocked a time of 7.23. Athletic on the mound, showed a high ¾ arm angle with quick arm speed. Drop-and-drive type pitcher who uses some effort. Curveball (73-74 mph).Threw his fastball 84-85 mph. 


Samuel Slodic: SS/RHP, (2022) Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, OH. 5-foot-11, 180-pound athletic frame. In the box, the right-handed hitter clocked an exit velocity of 88 mph. Began in an athletic stance with a quick controlled load, then used a leg kick. Bat speed is quick and uses an uphill swing plane. Athletic in the infield, displayed a velocity of 84 mph; has a clean exchange, quick athletic feet, and soft hands. Fields the ball one hand, movements laterally were athletic. Had a compact arm action on his throws. During the event, recorded a 60 time of 7.38. 


2/23/20 Position Player
Hit: Right handed hitter. Starts in a narrow upright stance with a simple fluid load. Swing path is slightly uphill, which creates natural lift. Was able to generate backspin to gaps for the majority of BP round.
Power: 91 mph tee ev. Easy gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Run producer traits.
Field: Worked out as a SS. Looks very comfortable during fielding session. Smooth actions, apparent athletic ability and efficient footwork, while also displaying soft hands.
Throw: 84 mph arm across the INF. Present arm strength.
Defensive Projection: MIF

2/23/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Right handed pitcher. Smooth, athletic delivery, with a compact and quick arm coming from a ¾ arm slot.
Fastball: 82-84 mph. True through the zone.
Breaking Ball: 72-74mph.Sharp 11/5 break with shape.
Changeup: 70-72mph. Slight loss of arm speed, while the pitch displayed subtle arm side fade.


2/9/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Slodic moves fairly well on the mound and shows overall good athleticism. He throws from a ¾ arm slot with a clean, compact arm action and rotates around his front hip very well in his delivery.
Fastball: The fastball was 82-84 mph and mostly true through the zone.
Curveball: His breaking ball was 72-74 mph with average action and bite.
Changeup: The changeup was 70-72 mph and showed arm side life at times.
Pitchability: Slodic showed decent feel for his stuff. Overall good athleticism with an average frame. Will need to move more efficiently with his hips and lower half to see a velo jump. 

2/9/20 Position Player
Hit: At the plate he creates good separation in his swing and shows quick, strong hands. Shows an on plane bat path and an ability to keep his barrel through the zone. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection: Presently shows as a gap to gap guy with power potential upside.
Field: In the infield he showed slightly above average footwork with good rhythm and timing. Shows fairly good instincts and seems to trust his glove. Showed good carry on his throws.
Throw: 82 mph across the diamond. 
Defensive Projection: Projectable athlete with natural tools. Should be a guy who develops enough to stick at SS at the next level.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics: Slightly open stance with a small leg lift for timing. Hands stay very loose, giving barrel constant rhythm through pitch recognition.
Hit: Smooth stroke with natural barrel whip through the zone. Made loud contact throughout BP with even misses looking impressive. Very impressive hit tool that has a chance to be dynamic as strength arrives.
Power: 91.7 off the bat in BP. Very fast hands with some wiry strength and much more to come.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Run: 4.36 down the line.
Field: On the defensive side of the ball he plays with athleticism to his actions. Moves well out there, timing feet well and changing direction with ease. Very solid defender with a well above average skill set across the board for class.
Throw: Enough arm for all three skill spots.
Defensive Projection: Multiple positions.

Body Type: 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Works exclusively from the stretch. Athletic movement patterns on the mound. Compact arm action through a high-¾ slot that generates easier velocity. Has the look of a high velocity guy down the road.
Fastball: 81-84 mph. Velo plays up/high spin rate guy.
Curveball: 68-71 mph. Tight breaker that has quality depth to it. Looked comfortable with the offering, tossing it in any count.
Pitchability: Fills it up.
Additional Comments: Good athlete with pitchability and a fast arm. 


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic frame with room to add.
Swing Mechanics: Balanced, open stance. Very smooth, efficient loading sequence.
Hit: Athletic actions in the box with a whippy swing. Path plays. Athleticism and burst are obvious throughout swing sequence. Ball jumps, spraying it around the yard with authority to pull side. Up to 93.9 mph off the bat in BP.
Power: Easy gap abilities with much more to come as he fills out.
Offensive Projection: 3-hole look to him.
Field: Top infielder we saw in the group. Athletic kid that has feel for hands and feet. Looks the part out there.
Throw: Ball jumps and he should see more strength down the road.
Defensive Projection: Multiple Spots.
Additional Comments: Talented player that saw time on a solid NDCL high school team as a freshman. Gotten much more physical since we saw in the winter and it showed in swing.

Body Type: 5-foot 10, 160-pound athletic, projectable frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Athletic movement patterns on the mound. Arm works well and is on time. Compact arm action with above average arm speed.
Fastball: 82-83 mph with the heater. Above average spin rate guy at 2000-2200 rpms. Fastball will show regular cutting action.
Curveball: 70-72 mph. Sharp, 10/4 shaped breaking ball with good depth to it. Looked comfortable with the pitch, acting as his put away offering. Well above average offering
Knuckleball: 66-68 mph. Showed some dance through the zone. Nice change of pace offering.
Pitchability: Strike thrower.
Additional Comments: Good athlete with a fast arm. Potential two-way guy.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Lean, strong athlete.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Releases out of a ¾ arm slot with quicker arm action that comes through well. Produces an upbeat tempo in his delivery motion showing rhythm and overall nice mechanics for his class.
Fastball: 79-80 mph. Held velocity at 79-80 mph for the majority of his outing. Ball runs from his arm-side nicely and locates it well.
Curveball: 69-72 mph. Breaker has slower rotation but effective and command is there.
Knuckleball: 64-67 mph. Uses this pitch instead of a changeup. Working on grip and has average command. More effective with curveball for an off-speed as he continues to improve this pitch.   
Pitchability: Showed a strong arm from the mound and lived in the zone for for his fastball and curveball often. Young, projectable athlete that has years to continue his progression at this game.
Role: TBD.

Body Type: 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Lean, strong athlete.
Swing Mechanics: Tall, open setup. Very efficient loading sequence, incorporating a back load to hands during short stride for timing.
Hit: Loose, whippy swing that stays inside the baseball well. Early barrel acceleration leads to more authority through contact than frame/exit velocity would suggest. Ball really comes off well and he projects for more pop as he adds strength to frame. Very solid performance.
Power: 84 mph exit velocity. Present Gap Abilities.
Offensive Projection: Multiple Roles.
Run: 4.94 H-1st.
Field: Solid defender in the infield. Plays with fluid actions and above average ball skills. Functionally athletic kid who moves well out there.
Throw: 76 mph arm strength across the diamond.
Defensive Projection: All three skill spots.


A righty swinger that stars in an open setup. Hands show a slight back load during his smooth leg lift timing mechanism. Swing is compact and barrel travels on a level path to contact. A high contact guy with an efficient stroke. With his efficiency expect any added strength to easily translate to more pop. In the infield he showed quickness to his feet, attacking the baseball off the bat. Ball skills and lateral mobility are above average for class allowing him to make plays in and out of his funnel. Solid defender who’s future destination will likely be determined on how arm progresses.  Two-way prospect. On the mound the right-hander has a rhythmic delivery that doesn’t require a ton of effort. Works through a high-¾ slot with developing speed and strength to arm. Fastball stays mostly true through the zone, sitting 71-73 mph. Expect more velocity as physical maturation takes its course. Breaking ball has more spin than break at this stage coming in at 64-65 mph. Also tosses a knuckleball that showed some dance through the zone at 61-62 mph.

Infield Velocity: 70
Exit Velocity: 79

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