Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap




Hempfield Area (HS) • PA
5-10 • 175LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Team All*American


2022 National

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2022 State

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Physical: Seasoned, athletic 5-foot-10, 175lb frame with smooth movements. 7.23 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Crouched, shoulder-width stance as the hands showed high above the head to start. Utilized a stretched load east/west on-time with a leg-hang to initiate the barrel through a slightly uphill, intentful swing. Obvious bat to ball skills flashed with quick hands/twitch on the inner half. Able to be successful facing velocity with a simple trigger mechanism that allowed for leverage in the box. Recorded a T94 mph bat-exit velocity at his peak (doubles power) en route to multiple XBH in game action. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop generated swift lateral movements in either direction from a lower posture. Bent at the waist, moving around with a purpose and controlling the glove-hand. Funneled cleanly to the waist and released up to 84 mph across the diamond (H ¾ slot). Made plays on the run accurately with rhythm in/out of the mitt.


Physical: Athletic 5-foot-10, 175lb frame with strong proportions in the build; prototypical middle infielder with sneaky juice to all fields/natural feel for the game. 6.92 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Balanced, even stance at shoulder-width as the hands showed a slight downward barrel position, high and facing over the back. Utilized a lower hand set for launch coupled with a barrel tip while using a leg lift to initiate the hands through a flat, violent path into the hitting zone. Lots of hard contact to the middle of the field and LCF gap featuring advanced seasoning to the hit tool. Flashed quick-twitch with strong wrists at impact; crushed a no-doubter home run to LCF in game action that was one of the better swings at PA State Games. Room to continue developing into a top of the order impact hitter at the next level and posted a 95 mph exit velocity via Trackman Baseball. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop displayed confident, active footwork with clean routes to the baseball at the fielding window; accurate/soft glove hand with give and take out in front. Featured obvious pace across the diamond and a fluid, high ¾ arm-slot (87 mph) that rode to the target. Handled plays on the run with ability to throw from multiple slots.


Physical: Nice blend of strength and athleticism in the movements (5-foot-10, 172-pound frame) and it transfers over to game action well. 6.97 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - High hand setup above ear height as the barrel pointed flat over the shoulder, utilized a short leg lift stride in order to initiate the hands through a flat, lifted path and into the hitting zone. Short, simple rotation through contact allowing for repeatability and a mostly pull-side approach. Recorded a 92 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman Baseball while generating a near 25 mph hand speed in the box; was up to 21+ G’s of rotational acceleration pointing towards a developing power ceiling down the line. A 36% line drive rate was impressive, yielding occasional extra base pop to the LCF gap (345 foot max distance). 

Defensively: The primary shortstop featured choppy, methodical footwork pre-field allowing for momentum towards the target through the fielding window. Stayed moderately low to the ground with good lower half play, a soft glove hand played effortlessly to the transfers. Good pace and an 83 mph arm strength across the diamond.


Physical: Lean and athletic 5-foot-10, 172-pound frame with present lower half strength. Recorded an impressive 6.81 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH. Balanced, bent setup with the hands starting high past the shoulder with slight rhythm. Utilized a short lift and replace stride coupled with a barrel that locks into load from the minor rhythm pre launch to initiate his swing. The stroke is short and compact to the ball with a quick trigger and the barrel works through a slightly uphill barrel path allowing for multiple hard barrels to the gaps during batting practice. Repeatedly contacted the ball with authority at the front of the plate with sink into a strong lower half while hitting into a stiff front side. Could stay inside the ball out over the plate and shoot it hard the other way towards RCF. Recorded a 94 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman Baseball.

Defensively: The primary shortstop featured a standout defensive round at the PA State Games with aggressive, powerful steps downhill through the target with a good balance between explosiveness and finesse in the approach. A soft glove hand plays soundly out in front while fluid transfers allow for a quick high ¾ arm-slot to come through on the front side with intent and carry across the diamond. Made the play on the run with ease and showcased quality range to either side with a quick first step. SS - 82 mph


Showcased a lean and athletic 5-foot-9, 165-pound frame with present twitch in his actions. The right-handed hitter begins from a wide, even setup utilizing an easy and repeatable lift-and-replace stride to initiate his swing. Generated raw hand speed using a twitchy lower half to drive the ball to both gaps during batting practice. Registered an 86 mph bat-exit velocity and recorded a 6.78 60-yard dash showing off his athleticism. The shortstop displayed advanced footwork arriving to his spot early and playing through it with a low center of gravity. Created momentum towards the target allowing for an accurate 83 mph arm-strength with carry across the diamond out of a quick, high ¾ arm-slot. 


5-foot-7, 135-pound right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and initiates his swing with a short, lift-and-replace stride. Limited wasted movement with a direct swing path leads to consistent line drives and a bat exit velocity of 72 mph. Ran a 7.73 60-yard dash and showcased sound defensive skills with accurate 68 mph arm strength across the infield. Will benefit from continued strength gains through physical maturity.

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