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Sevier County (HS) • TN
5' 10" • 185LBS
R/R • 22yr 10mo
Travel Team: Team Elite Prime


2020 National

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2020 State

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Unsigned Senior Games 8-18-19
Aug 18, 2019
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60 Time: 7.34, Inf Velo: 81, OF Velo: 79, Exit Velo: 91

5-10, 185 pound, athletic build who has just scratched the surface on physical development. Offensively, setup is slightly open with a neutral handset. Looks physically mature in the box and displays one of the top exit velocities with his quick hands. Very fluid throughout his load to stride, displaying good separation and use of his lower half. Hard line-drive approach with the ability to hit the ball hard to all parts of the field. Drops the barrel somewhat early at times, causing fly balls. With his athleticism and build, shapes to be a middle of the lineup RBI producer with plus power potential. Defensively, he moves smoothly and quick. Shows the ability to take good angles to the ball in both infield and outfield. Fills a corner infield or corner outfield position best at the next level. Throws from a shorter arm slot and releases very quickly. Performs good carry on his throws with accuracy. 

8/5/18 - 60: 7.39, Position Velocity: IF: 81, Exit Velocity: 88

SS stood out for his defensive versatility and advanced baseball IQ.  5-10, 180-pounder features a short, athletic frame w/ well-proportioned present strength, some physical projection.  Offensively, hits w/ a slightly open, very slightly crouched stance w/ short hand rhythm into leg kick and short load.  All fields approach w/ lot of line drives when right.  Knack for contact, 0 swing and miss on 5 swings against high level pitching.  Understands his zone, rarely expands, recognizes spin.  Simple, repeatable swing.  Can really hit, just finds barrels.  Surprising pull power in his frame, came out on day 2 of BP.  Once he learns to get to it consistently in game, presents a very intriguing offensive profile.  Defensively, shows the ability to play anywhere on the IF w/ advanced hands, good footwork and reliable accuracy.  Arm strength is better than what was measured on eval day, typically plays up.  When a ball is in his vicinity, can expect an out to be made, super reliable defender.

6/27/18 - Position Velocity:  IF-82, Exit Velocity: 85
5-foot-10, 180-pound, RHH continued to show off his advanced glove.  Medium, athletic frame w/ well-proportioned present strength, some physical projection.  Offensively, hits w/ a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ short hand rhythm into proper stride and load.  Simple, repeatable swing w/ barrel staying in the zone for a long time.  All fields approach w/ lot of line drives when right.  Projectable pull power.  Occasionally cut himself off with his stride during this BP.  Consistent hard contact.  Defensively, moves well w/ good hands, plays through the ball well.  Above average footwork always puts himself in a good position.  Has consistently shown an ability to scoop the ball.

10/22/17 - Home-1st: 4.72, Position Velocity:  IF-85, OF-84, Exit Velocity: 84

5-foot-9, 180-pound, RHH showed a patient approach w/ no swing and miss while finding a couple barrels in game.  Short, athletic frame w/ present strength, some physical projection.  Offensively, hits from a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Stride and proper load.  Repeatable swing, short to the ball.  Patient approach, understands his zone and rarely expands.  Drew 2 walks in game.  Swing works better in game as opposed to BP, cleaner w/ more consistent load.  Worked out in the IF and OF, profiles better in the IF.  True SS actions w/ plus hands, above average feet and arm strength.  Not tested in game, projects to have range to both sides.  Moves well in the OF w/ carry to target.  Very intriguing middle infield profile w/ high level glove.

7/5/17 - 60 Time: 7.59, Position Velocity:  IF-76, OF-82, Exit Velocity: 80
5-9, 175-pound, RHH hits from a slightly wider stance than we've seen previously, a very short stride and subtle hand movement get him loaded, bat path begins a little steep but seems to flatten out through contact on balls up in the zone, line drive approach can hit the ball to all fields.  Defensively, showed soft hands and fluid footwork in the infield, plays through the ball and uses a quick release through varying slots to get rid of the ball.  Also showed ability to play in the outfield.

Max FB: 79, FB: 75-79, SL:72-73
5-9, 175-pound, RHP uses an athletic motion that keeps him loose and in rhythm, strides in line to slightly closed and uses a quick arm action through a low 3/4 slot, he stays simple and uses his athleticism to his advantage.  Fastball showed some sharp and later run and his slider had 10/4 shape with tight and late movement.

1/29/17 - Max FB: 75, FB: 73-75, CB: 66-69, CH: 68-70,
5-foot-9, 175-pound, RHP moves athletically on the mound as he competes as a 2-way prospect that plays a solid MIF, showed amore up-tempo approach and quicker delivery than we saw from him at last summer’s Top Prospect Games, shoulders stay even throughout his delivery and a mostly in line stride, arm action is longer and pretty loose while coming through a high ¾ slot, finishes out on his front leg.  Fastball had some slight run, curveball was solid with 11/5 to 10/4 shape that got sharper the harder he threw it, changeup was mostly straight with some slight run.

1/29/17 - Home-1st: 4.84, Position Velocity:  IF-77, Exit Velocity: 83
5-foot-9, 175-pound, RHH hit from a slightly more narrow stance than we saw from him at the Top Prospect Games last July with the same open alignment, hands lean the barrel back a little bit to begin, uses a longer stride with a subtle movement of his hands to get loaded, lower half has improved a ton by becoming much more active and getting his hips cleared out while remaining balanced, swing plane is mostly flat with some slight lift at the end but can get steep on balls low in the zone, showed a middle-oppo approach.  Defensively, showed active hands and fluid footwork in the infield, played through the ball with confidence and uses a short arm action through a high ¾ slot. Continues to get better.

6/14/16 - 60 Time: 7.79, Position Velocity:  IF-74, Exit Velocity: 84
5'8, 165-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and slight open stance and uses a fairly conventional stride and some rhythmic hand movement to get loaded. Lower half doesn’t quite get through and holds him back toward the end of his swing and getting all the way through the ball, bat path is flat and enables him to get behind the ball and drive it around the field when he doesn’t sway too far forward.  Defensively, shows smooth and fluid footwork in working around the ball before fielding it, hands were sure but didn’t come through the ball every time, very good feel for the position. Advanced player for a 2020 graduate.

6/14/16 - Max FB: 78, FB: 75-78, CB: 63-64,
5'8, 165-pound, RHP starts his motion very slowly with a rocker step just slightly to the side and picks up the pace as it progresses, uses good tempo and a loose arm action through a high ¾ release point that stiffens up a touch when he tries to put something extra behind it, falls off to first base side when throwing his breaking ball.  Fastball had decent run that will get better as velocity increases, curveball with 11/5 action was thrown for strikes with very good arm speed, lost control of a couple but overall solid command.  Willcoxon is one to watch in the 2020 class.

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