Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis




Freed-Hardeman University
Scotts Hill/Homeschool (HS) • TN
5-10 • 200LBS • R/R
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2020 National

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2020 State

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PBR Showdown at LakePoint
Jun 6, 2019
Max FB
83 - 86
68 - 69

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Committed to Freed-Hardeman. Currently ranked No. 78 in TN. 5-foot-10, 200-pound right-handed pitcher, strong, stocky frame. Works with a short arm action from an over-the-top slot. Smooth tall and fall delivery, messes with timing, by changing pace and balance points. Fastball sat 83-86, touched 87. Curveball, 12/6 shape, depth, 68-69.    


60: 7.72, Position Velocity: C: 77, Exit Velocity: 87, Pop Times: 1.81-1.97

C continued to show his ability to catch and throw while showing tools to be a high level receiver.  5-10, 190-pounder features a short, athletic profile w/ well-proportioned present strength throughout, some physical projection.  Offensively, hits w/ a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ short hand rhythm into shift of weight, knee to knee stride to slightly open w/ short hand load.  Generates bat speed through the zone.  Had a tendency to drop his hands out here early on, worked on correcting it and led to more consistent hard contact as the event went along.  Pull oriented approach, learning to keep his hips through the baseball.  Projectable pull power.  Defensively, presents a big low target w/ no glove rest.  Target tends to creep up in his actions stance w/ runners on.  Tools to receive w/ strong forearms, has an idea of how to frame the baseball.  Shows mobility behind the plate w/ ability to box the baseball.  Learning to keep the chest strong over his frontside consistently to keep the ball in front.  As a thrower, features a quick release w/ projectable arm strength to the target.  Shows ability to put the throws on the bag.


Home-1st: 4.78, Pop Time: 1.91-2.00, Position Velocity:  C-78, Exit Velocity: 85
5-foot-10, 190-pound, RHH picked up a double in game while making consistent hard contact while continuing to show off his advanced catch and throw ability.  Short, athletic frame w/ some present lower half strength, projectable upper body.  Offensively, hits w/ a slightly open, crouched stance w/ short hand rhythm into proper stride and load.  Occasional toe tap.  Shows occasional length through the zone.  Despite the length, showed consistent barrel feel on this day.  Pull oriented approach w/ ability to drive the baseball to the RCF gap.  Projectable pull power, power over average as he develops.  Projectable below average runner, not a clogger.  Defensively, presents a quality low target for his pitchers w/ no glove rest.  Shows ability to stick the baseball, has an idea of how to frame.  Moves well defensively w/ ability to box the baseball.  Shines as a thrower, gets moving too quickly at times, just needs to trust what he does.  Shows above average release w/ throws w/ carry to target and on the bag accuracy.


Home-1st: 5.03, Pop Time: 1.94-1.97, Position Velocity:  C-78, Exit Velocity: 83
5-foot-9, 180-pound, RHH is elite thrower behind the plate w/ projectable power at the plate.  Short, athletic frame w/ projection remaining, some present strength.  Offensively, hits w/ a wide, slightly crouched stance w/ back ear hand location.  Bat waggler.  Shift of weight, short stride w/ proper hand load.  Pull oriented approach w/ pull power.  Struggled w/ timing on this day, projects to hit.  Elite catch and throw, threw out 2 runners in game, including 1.62 pop to third base.  Arm strength w/ carry to target, accuracy on the bag.  As a receiver, presents a solid target for his pitchers w/ quiet glove.  Feel for framing.  Has a feel for boxing balls, will improve w/ reps.  Big time catcher to follow into the spring.


5-9, 180-pound catcher w/ high level catch and throw skills, pull power.  Short, stocky frame w/ some projection, present strength.  Hits w/ a wide, crouched, slightly open stance.  Bat waggle.  Shift of weight, stride to slightly open and proper load.  Short to the ball w/ some natural loft.  Pull power w/ some barrel feel.  Shines defensively, showing above average arm strength and quick release.  Was 1.93 between innings, 2.05 on a stolen base in game.  Developing as a receiver w/ soft hands.  A high level 2020 catching prospect.


60 Time: 7.78, Pop Time: 1.96-2.05, Position Velocity:  C-74, Exit Velocity: 81
5-9, 180-pound, RHH hits from a wide and even stance, uses a short stride to get loaded, hands go back and get a little lower, lower half creates a strong base but doesn't always clear the hips,  swing plane begins a little steep but can flatten out through contact, oppo approach.  Defensively, showed very quick hands and footwork behind the plate, gets rid of the ball with an efficient exchange and a short arm action through a high 3/4 slot.  throws were pretty accurate and popped some sub-2 pop times.

Max FB: 81, FB: 77-81, CB: 66-68
5-9, 180-pound, RHP uses a very slow and calculated motion, slow tempo that builds to quickness only at the very end, stays tall and strides in line but can fall toward the 1B line at times, arm action is short and quick through a near over-the-top slot.  Fastball is mostly straight but can bear down on a righty, curveball showed some sharp 12/6 to 11/5 action through the zone.

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