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2021 Alberta Rankings - Updated and Expanded

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Alberta Insider: Updated 2021 Alberta Rankings 

We are excited to bring to you the revamped and updated rankings for the 2021 class here in Alberta. This is a class that we have expanded to over 50 players, and it is rich with some potential pro prospects and a lot of players who have a chance to be really good at the collegiate level and can be impact players at college and university. 

With the new leadership take over, and us being able to get out and see players with the 4 events we ran in the tail end of summer and fall (Lethbridge, Edmonton and Calgary Opens, mixed with a Vauxhall Scout day) we feel we were able to get a real good look at players. 

We also thank the coaches for working with our staff, sending updates and videos on their players and speaking up and being a voice for their guys.

We look forward to getting out and seeing the province when we are given the green light and opportunity to do so, until then, get to know the 2021 class here in Alberta with the 2022’s right around the corner. 

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This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but the lone D1 commit in the 2023 class, and our first Not many changes have happened to the top of the 2021 Alberta rankings since the long and lean right-hander from Quebec Simon Lusignan made his way out to the province in 2018. We’ve had some really good looks at the Stetson commit over the years from when he first jumped on the scene at the Future Games in Indianapolis, followed by Canada Cup and Junior National Team appearances.

We saw Lusignan up close last year at the Super 60 where he worked in the low 90’s with his fastball, slider, and split repertoire. There is a tonne to like with Lusignan as the 6-foot-5, 210-pound frame continues to expand and establishes immediate presence with Lusignan. The arm works with quickness and while there are some kinks to iron out in the delivery, he moves well for his size. Lusignan fought arm issues in 2020 and was limited with the amount of times he was able to get on the mound, especially with the year we just had options were even more limited. He’ll look to make a strong impact early as us, along with many others will be looking forward to see the right-hander back on the mound and facing competition in 2021.



Outside of Lusignan, there are 4 other arms in the top ten, with righty Anson McGorman and southpaw Matt Wilkinson following as the number two and three ranked players in the class. McGorman is off to Sacramento State while Wilkinson goes to Central Arizona. It’s a quick arm from McGorman and a slider to go with while Wilkinson attacks with three pitches for strikes and someone who has been winning ball games for a long time, something we fully expect to happen at the next level as well. 


The backend of the top ten see’s Jack Mount, a right-hander with a fastball that works in the 88-91 range and Chas Wheatley, a highly projectable right-hander that stands 6-foot-7 and brings a ton of upside to the table. Lots to like about both arms and can see these guys getting a lot of opportunity over the next few years. 



The only uncommitted player out of the top ten is RHP/1B Tyrell Chadwick. Ask 10 people what position he plays and you’ll get a split decision. The size stands out right away with broad shoulders on his 6-foot-4, 220-pound frame. He will flick balls out in batting practice and will flash 90 on the radar gun. He moves well for his size and there is a lot you can dream on here from both sides of the ball. Chadwick can be a 2022 and re-classify if he doesn’t get the school situation he is looking for, but for him coming back another year, it won’t be due to the lack of tools he has.



This leaves us with 4 more bats in the top ten, and some really good athletes to talk on. LHH Jackson Clemett looks the part and the bat, strength, presence and fundamentals speak to the player he is and what he could be. 


Kaden Zarowny may have the highest ceiling of all, with the ability for game changing speed while playing up the middle, like mostly every position player the bat is going to dictate how it all ends up but you like what he is going to be able to bring to the ballpark everyday. 

Tyler Herron and his bag of tools really stood out to us this summer at our Edmonton event. Right away, you can tell Herron can throw. The hands work from shortstop, and he moves well left to right, showing smooth and controllable actions in the six hole. Behind the plate, you really like the way the arm plays and how easy he made it look. Minimal wasted movement and big upside that you don’t find often behind the plate. 

Aleandro Cazorla is our number ten and the right-handed hitting outfielder is off to Crowder. The carrying tool for Cazorla is the bat and chance to add power to his game as he matures. He really doesn’t do anything terrible as the arm and defence has taken a step up forward as he played really well at T12 in 2019. He runs the sixty in the 6.80 - 6.90 range and he knows the game on both sides of the ball. Solid all-around game with Cazorla and should challenge for every day at-bats as a freshman at school.


Bennett Freiter C / 1B / Okotoks Dawgs Academy, AB / 2021

Report: Bennett Freiter is a bigger set catcher with his 6-foot-3 frame and has been one of the better performers in 2020 with him showing the type of power he is capable of a lot of inter-squad games that took place this summer. He is still going to have to work hard on the hit tool, but there is lots to like from the catcher who is off to North Dakota State. 

Tyler Boudreau RHP / OF / Vauxhall Academy of Baseball, AB / 2021

Report: Tyler Boudreau fits in that category of you need a win, give him the ball. We’ve seen Boudreau multiple times and on a big stage at the Canada Cup where it was win or go home. What he lacks in height Boudreau makes up for in stuff with strikes to both sides of the plate with multiple pitches. He doesn’t waste much time and goes right after hitters. The delivery, actions, are all going to play up and he will put on size and muscle as he gets to the next stage of his career. We saw him make quick work of college lineup versus Prairie Baseball Academy last fall and can see him doing the same from here on out.


Dryden Howse SS / C / Okotoks Dawgs Academy, AB / 2021

Report: Howse stayed back for a victory lap like many other canucks this year and the extra time he’ll be able to spend and focus on his development has a chance to pay off, especially as he keeps getting on the mound and putting innings under his belt. Always been one of the top players in the province, there has always been interest in the bat and when we’ve seen him on the mound, it's typically been impressive with some velocity and a curveball. The polish isn’t there yet with Howse, but the raw tools he has gives you lots to work with and dream on.


Cole Alguire RHP / 3B / Vauxhall Academy, AB / 2021

Report: Aguire looks the part on the mound as the 6-foot-3, 195-pound right-hander works with a downhill angle and fairly easy delivery and effort out of a ¾ slot. The action in the back is smooth and clean while he repeats his delivery, stays online and gets out-front over his front side well. The fastball has been up in the 90 range and there is feel for the secondary and the stuff is only going to continue to improve. 

Tyrese Johnson OF / SS / Okotoks Dawgs Academy, AB / 2021

Report: Johnson is someone we have liked since we first saw him over three years ago. The actions were there but the speed and strength just hadn’t come together. Now Johnson is running in the 6.60 - 6.70 range, he’s driving balls during BP and the actions have improved where there is versatility to his game defensively. Johnson has continued to get better over the last few years and look for this toolsy player to continue to trend up and be one of the more complete packages coming out of Alberta. 

Hunter Porter 1B / OF / Vauxhall , AB / 2021

Report: Porter and his frame make you take notice as he walks off the bus as it is every bit of 6-foot-4, 210-pounds with present strength with broad shoulders and room to carry some more weight and size. It is a bat first profile with Porter with power in there and some feel in the box to hit. It will be a corner position when all said and done, and if the bat can thump, it won’t matte where he is as there is a chance it can be a middle of the order bat down the road that is a run producer for someone looking for offense. 

Aidan Newton OF / RHP / Notre Dame , AB / 2021

Report: Newton is a very intriguing left-handed hitting outfielder from ‘21 class and still uncommitted, and the swing is something that should be garnering attention. It’s a strong frame at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds and is going to carry more muscle and size. There is bat speed to work with right now that comes out of the upright stance from Newton, and there is whip through the zone and when he gets extended, the ball jumps off his bat. Newton is a guy that you are going to buy the bat with as you are only going to get more as Newton matures and grows. 

Davis Jack C / 3B / Okotoks Dawgs Academy, AB / 2021

Report: It wouldn’t be a list if we didn’t have a left-handed hitting catcher with upside on it. Davis was one of the top performers at our first event in Lethbridge this year. The left-handed swing stood out as it was smooth and worked gap to gap with hard contact during his BP rounds. He showed balance, bat speed and good rhythm to the swing. He handled himself well defensively, he is going to have to improve his arm strength and just fine tune his actions for the position, but we think he is athletic enough to make the adjustments needed and are really looking forward to seeing this uncommitted bat. 

With this updated list of over 50 players in the class of 2021 here in Alberta, we as a staff are excited to get out and see these players off into their final high school season and get as many early looks as we can and continue to add and make tweaks to the list, while continuing to give our athletes a platform to show what Alberta baseball has to offer.