April 28 Future/ Jr Future Games Trials: OF Scout Blog

PBR Alabama Staff

There were six players that went through the defensive workout as an outfielder. Three of these outfielders were 2022 grads, one 2023 grad, one 2024 grad and one 2025 graduate.  This group showed some nice athleticism and there was some arm strength among this group as well. Check out the individual report on each player below. Over the next few days we will release our scout blogs on the infielders and pitcher- only participants. 


Jackson Harris (2022, RHP/OF, Opelika) 6’2 166 lbs.- Slender frame with plenty of room to fill out with nice athletic actions. Nice job tracking balls with nice arm strength (83 mph OF velo) and accurate throws from the OF. The ball seemed to really take off out of his hand. Offensively, he started from an open stance with a nice load of the hands showing a consistent gap to gap approach. Showed some twitch in the hands. On the mound, he is very projectable with a very loose and showed nice plane on his fastball. Good rhythm in the delivery with a FB up to 80 with ASR and the The breaking ball took nice slider type action

Jay Faulkner (2022, SS/OF, Vestavia Hills) 5’10 170 lbs.- Solid build with nice instincts. Light on the feet during OF drills and a quick transfer with arm strength and ball stayed on plane. Showed solid skills with the glove on the IF and did a nice job getting in position for the nice hop. Threw 71 across the IF. At the plate he did a very nice job keeping the barrel through the hitting zone which created jump off of the barrel. The hands showed some strength with a slightly tilted bat path. On the mound, his FB was up to 75 with run and he showed a slower breaking ball with depth at 63 while mixing in a changeup at 66.

Harrison Long (2022, OF/SS, Auburn) 5’9 130 lbs.-  On the mound he showed a smooth delivery with a FB that reached 74 mph with some late action. The breaking ball showed over the top action and was a 2 plane pitch while the change up showed deception with similar arm action. Defensively he did a nice job working behind balls and getting rid of the ball quickly. The arm strength is adequate but was ultra accurate. At the plate, he showed a middle to oppo approach with good balance in the lower half. Showed nice timing with the load and a level path of the barrel through the hitting zone.   


Banks Langston (2023, RHP/OF, Florence) 5’10 140 lbs.- Impressive young player. Very natural actions in the OF with big time athleticism shown by his 6.79 60 yard dash. The OF arm is plus showing accuracy and an event best 84 mph OF velo. At the plate he started with an open stance and did a nice job of getting the hands to the “launch” position. The lower half was balanced throughout the swing. Very nice stuff on the mound with quick arm action showing a heavy FB up to 81. Had the same arm action with all 3 pitches, showing tight spin on the breaking ball and the change up showed plus tumble. Will be an interesting follow in the ‘23 class.


Waylon Jackson (2024, OF/RHP, Knights Baseball Academy, TN) 5’9 175 lbs.- Solid built ‘24 grad that showed long arm action on the mound and an over the top breaking ball with depth. Has a nice foundation to progress with as he continues to get older. In the OF, he was over the top with his throws and the ball came out of the hand well and stayed on line to the plate. Did a nice job working through the ball. He had an even stance at the plate and showed some juice to the pull side. He did tend to get long with the hands at times.


Davis Parker (2025, 2B/OF, Madison Academy) 5’1 95 lbs.- Very solid young player that showed athleticism. In the OF he did a nice job of working through the ball and had a nice transfer. The actions are good and his arm strength will continue to evolve. During IF work, showed nice feet and nice rhythm with his body. Really played low to the ground. At the plate, he started with an even stance and showed a nice, quick approach with the hands and barrel. Nice load of the hands, keeping the barrel through the hitting zone with a flat barrel path.

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