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Alabama Outfielders Scout Blog: Deep South Invite

PBR Alabama Staff

Alabama Position by Position Analysis at the Deep South Invite: Outfielders

Some impressive numbers and skills were shown by the group of outfielders from Alabama that showed up for the Deep South Invite. The following is a brief writeup on each one in attendance.

Zac Rice (2020, OF/SS, Russell County) a player that brings a lot of tools to the table. Still getting over a hamstring injury but his measurables were very impressive as he ran a 4.31 H- 1B. He also had the highest OF velocity at the event throwing 89 mph while delivering very accurate throws to the plate. Plus defender that really cover some ground in the OF. During BP he showed a middle of the field approach creating backspin with a flat bat path. During the game he was able to get to a fastball on the inner half and pull a 2B down the LF foul line (90 mph off the bat), and then a pitch later he stole 3B easily. He’s a throwback, hard nosed player.

Landon Singley (2020, LHP/OF, Baker) just a very solid baseball player that seems to do everything right.Tracked balls very well in the OF and showcased 86 mph velocity from the OF and was as accurate as anyone at the event. Offensively, from a slightly open stance with a nice rhythmic load, he showed the ability to use the whole field in BP. During game play, he had 2 of 2 good at bats (an RBI single to RF and a line drive single to RF as well). He’s a ball player!

Noah Threatt (2020, OF, St. Clair County) an athletic, physical OF that had a very good day at the event. Showed very good speed both in OF drills and H- 1B (4.43) with a quick transfer and arm action from the OF. His throws had “carry” to them and he was very consistent with his throws. At the plate, he starts from a very athletic stance and has some major juice. Really attacks the baseball and stays through it with some launch. In game play, he really grinded out at bats and during one he showed major pop pulling 2 balls foul, one off the fence in LF as he eventually lined out to LF. His skill set is very intriguing.

Trey Burrell (2021, OF/SS, Hewitt Trussville) continues to impress at our events. Maybe not the tallest but is well put together and that translates on the field. No problem covering ground in the OF (4.36 H-1B) with a strong arm to go with it (82 OF velo) with impressive accuracy.  Has some juice at the plate (85 mph exit velo off of a tee) and creates some torque with his lower half. Knows his strengths and is impressive on the base paths with his speed. Had a line drive 1B to RF in the game that was 88 mph off of the bat.

Mason Maners (2020, OF/2B, Vestavia Hills) an athletic OF that can also double as a 2B (but projects better as an OF). Was the fastest player H-1B at the event (4.22) whose game is geared toward his speed.Quick transfer in the OF and good feet before and after the catch. At the plate, he has an open stance with hands set low which allows for a definite load. His swing path is level which translates well for his game…….SPEED! A toolsy guy with a lot to like.

Dawson Winningham (2020, OF/LHP, Oxford) showed athleticism in the OF with quick twitch actions and a quick transfer. Showed good arm strength (82 mph OF velocity) as the ball really took off out of his hand. Offensively, he has an open stance but does a good job of getting his land foot square before the swing happens. Nice short swing as the hands and barrel stay inside the ball with a bit of tilt in his swing plane. Fouled off at least 5 pitches after being down 2 strikes in his 1st AB and had a 2B down the RF in his second AB.

Christopher Bryant (2021, OF, Gardendale) a young 2021 that can really run and is a terror on the bases when he gets on. Was H- 1B in 4.22 and showed this same speed during OF drills with a very accurate arm. His arm strength will continue to improve as he continues to mature physically.. At the plate, he started with an even stance and attacked the zone with a level swing plane and kept the barrel through the zone. Will continue to add strength as he grows older.

Caiden Howle (2022, RHP/OF, Vestavia Hills) solid actions in the OF for the young 2022. The skills are there and should continue to advance those skills as he matures physically, adding weight and strength. Nice feet to go along with solid transfer actions set up well for his future. The arm strength will be there. Offensively, he shows a top tap approach from a slightly open stance with a short compact approach with the hands/barrel. His fundamentals should play well in years to come.

Landen Berguson (2021, OF/2B, Hewitt Trussville) a bit of a throwback type player that plays the game with an aggressive nature. Can play a number of positions but has a solid approach in the OF, really attacking balls and getting rid of them quickly. Solid arm action and consistent big hop throws to the plate. Also an attacking hitter that showed the ability to get after the fastball in the games. Has some juice to the pull side with a bit of a tilted swing path. The barrel stays through the zone and creates some backspin.

Pierce Hanna (2022, OF/2B, Vestavia Hills) very solid baseball actions all the way around for this young 2022 and played the game the right way. Tracked balls very well in OF drills and had good arm strength to be so young. Showcased solid footwork before and after the catch. Fundamentally solid! At the plate he showed a middle/oppo approach during BP and really forced his hands to stay inside with some whip through the zone while incorporating his lower half. Had a base hit to RF in the game that he took 2B on when seeing the OF being a bit lazy. Knows how to play the game.

Harrison Long (2022 OF/SS, Auburn) very good runner (4.43 H- 1B) that played the game to his strengths. Will continue to mature physically and get stronger in the next few years. Was fundamentally solid in OF drills tracking balls well and taking good angles to balls on both sides of him, fielding in a position ready to throw. His arm should continue to get stronger. Offensively, he appears to be a singles- type hitter which allows him to use his speed. A quiet load with the hands and a flat bat path leads to a lot of ground balls off of the bat. With his speed, this is his game. Had an IF single in the game and quickly stole 2B. Speed is his biggest asset.   

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