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April 28 Jr Future/Future Games Trials: IF Scout Blog

PBR Alabama Staff

Sixteen players went through the defensive workout as an infielder. The glove work in this group was very impressive on the day. Three of the infielders were 2021 grads, six were 2022 grads, three were 2023 grads and four were 2025 grads. Check out the scouting report for each player. This will wrap up our scout analysis for the event. 


David Jalbert (2021, 2B/SS, Hoover) 5’8 155 lbs.-  Showed some juice at the plate during BP with a short, compact approach to the ball. Did a nice job of staying through the zone with the barrel which created juice off of the barrel. Fundamentally solid in the field with very nice feet and solid actions with the glove. The arm works and can play either MIF position. Showed lightning hands on the transfer on the double play at 2B. On the mound he was up to 78 with quick arm action and both breaking pitches showed the same arm action and slot. The breaking bal showed tight spin and was sharp.

Jackson West (2021, 1B/RHP, Lee) 6’5 215 lbs.- Physical young player that showed advanced athleticism at his size. Ran a blazing 6.79 60 yard dash and the power at the plate is there with a 91 mph exit velocity off of a tee. Showed a pull side approach in BP with obvious pop. The swing was synched up with a slight tilt in the bat path. Showed nimbleness and the ability to pick balls in the dirt around the bag at 1B in the defensive portion of the workout. Showed a sight ¾ arm slot on the mound with a FB up to 80 and some ASR. A definite physical 2021 to follow, the bat plays.

Cody Posey (2021, 3B/1B, Montevallo) 6’3 175 lbs.- Tall, lanky build that showed a slightly closed stance at the plate with a small leg kick approach which created some pull side pop off of the bat. Had a slight tilted swing path and did a nice job with his lower half during the swing and the head stayed still throughout. Was 85 mph exit velo off a tee in testing. At 3B, he showed some arm strength across the diamond and did a nice job of glove presentation fielding everything out front of his body. Solid defensive actions.


Thrasher Steed (2022, RHP/1B, Gulf Shores) 6’2 175 lbs.- Solid player in every aspect of the game. Has really filled out since last fall and the skills continue to progress. Showed a slightly open stance at the plate and did a nice job getting the barrel to the contact point. Hands really work through the zone and the barrel stayed in the zone for an extended period with slight tilt creating some middle of the field pop. Nice work at 1B and showed nice a big arm across the dirt (81 mph). Fluid glove action and “feel” around the bag. On the mound, he showed a FB with late life up to 82 MPH from a short arm slot. Does a nice job hiding the ball from hitters. Showed feel for both secondary pitches and the change up showed nice tumble action at 71-72. Really commanded the bottom half of the zone.

Frederick Wessel (2022, SS/RHP, Randolph) 6’0 160 lbs.- Loudest BP of the day, showing big time pop to the pull side. Left the yard several times and was explosive with the lower half. The hands showed some twitch and and some power and did a nice job of staying on pitches. Was 90 mph exit velo off of a tee. Very athletic in the IF and was light on his feet and did a nice job presenting the glove out front. The arm across the diamond works (81 mph) and he showed real “feel” for the position. On the mound, he showed a FB up to 80 and created some run into RHH. The breaking ball showed nice shape and had tight spin. Really solid actions all the way around on the day.

Ben Easterling (2022, 3B/RHP, Trinity Presbyterian) 6’3 175 lbs.- Impressed at 3B during defensive work. The glove is solid and his feet moved athletically. Has really changed his body for the better since we saw him previously. Arm strength is no question making throws across the dirt. At the plate, he showed a middle of the field/oppo approach and did not try to do too much. Showed some pop (84 mph exit velo) and some twitchy hands at the plate. Solid approach at the plate. On the mound, he touched 80 mph with the FB and a slower breaking ball that showed late depth. The change creates deception and late tumble. Mechanics are clean.

William Burgreen (2022, SS/2B, Decatur) 5’11 155 lbs.- Impressive switch hitting MIF that showed uber athleticism all day. Ran the fastest 60 on the day at 6.68. Was 78 mph across the diamond and 87 mph exit velo off the tee. Showed a quick turn at 2B on the double play and the glove work was one of the better ones at the event. Nice feet which allowed him to position for good hops off the bat. Showed a slightly open set up at the plate from both sides and showed juice to all fields. Had a better round as a RH hitter but can swing it from both sides. The swing showed slight tilt and he really tried to stay short with the hands.

Jack Carson (2022, 2B/SS, Grissom) 5’9 135 lbs.- Showed an event set up at the plate and did a nice job with the hands through the hitting zone. The approach was middle/oppo and did a nice job of keeping the barrel on the ball throughout. During IF drills, he was very solid with nice fundamentals. Had one of the better DP turns on the pivot at 2B and he the ball really carried out of the hand. His footwork was solid and did a nice job of fielding ground balls out in front of his body. Solid makeup on this 2022.

Ashford Fowler (2022, RHP/1B, Moody) 5’10 175 lbs.- On the mound he showed a long arm action and the ball seemed to come out of the hand well. His mechanics were clean and simple which will probably equate to a good bit more velocity in the future. The curveball took good shape and showed late bite and the change up seemed to really back up. Offensively he showed some pop to the pull side with a very balanced swing with some tilt in the swing path. At 1B, he moved well around the bag and showed some feel with the glove. Solid fundamental approach that will continue to progress.


Andrew Hall (2023, SS/3B, Buckhorn) 5’10 130 lbs.- Athletic 2023 that started from an even stance at the plate with slight tilt in the swing plane. Did a nice job of keeping the barrel through the zone with a short, compact approach. During IF drills, he showed advanced footwork and played very low to the ground, showing looseness in the hips. Showed solid arm strength across the diamond. Athletic follow.

Lee Rodgers (2023, 1B/LHP, Gulf Shores) 5’8 132 lbs.- Nice skill set on this young player. Starts with a nice square set up at the plate and does a nice job getting his weight back to the launch position. Hands worked inside the ball and he showed an oppo approach from a level swing path. Long, wiry frame with room to grow that does a nice job of sinking his hips on ground balls. Quick transfer starting the 3-6-3 DP from the bag at 1B. On the mound, he showed a loose arm action with typical LHP movement. The breaking ball showed some nice depth and the arm speed was good on the change up.

Brodee Bartlett (2023, SS/2B, Cold Springs) 5’7 134 lbs.- Young infielder with a very solid approach to the game that did some nice things on the day. The actions are there and will only improve as he continues to get stronger and physically mature. The swing is very short as he forces his hands inside the ball which resulted in a middle of the field approach. Looks like a prototypical 2 hole type hitter. Slightly open stance with a level swing path through the zone. Very good feet on the IF and the glove has some nice actions. Impressive MIF with solid actions.


Myles Johnson (2025, 3B/RHP, Madison Academy) 5’3 129 lbs.- Offensively, he started from an athletic square stance and did a very nice job getting his hands loaded and kept the barrel through the zone. Showed a solid middle of the field approach with some whip through the zone. Did a nice job gathering himself after fielding the ball in the dirt and getting his weight moving toward 1B. Had good rhythm in his motion on the mound and the arm worked. Will continue to develop as he grows and matures physically. Showed 12/6 action on the breaking ball and his FB showed some 2 seam action.

Parker Medley (2025, 1B/RHP, Hazel Green) 5’11 225 lbs.- Showed a slightly closed stance approach and a small toe tap approach at the plate. Weight gets a little forward at point of contact but has some power to the pull side. Nice job gathering the feet after fielding the ball and does a nice job with the glove away from him at 1B. Should add some more velocity on the mound in the future but the actions are clear on the rubber. Front side stays closed and the breaking ball was over the top showing late depth.

Tee Foster (2025, SS/3B, Madison Academy) 5’2 120 lbs.- Young MIF prospect with some athleticism. At the plate, he started with an open stance and a level swing path with some pop to the pull side. Showed nice load of the hands and a synched up swing. Did a nice job keeping his head still and stayed tall throughout the swing. Showed very solid glove skills on the IF with a very athletic set up and approach to ground balls. Nice skills and will continue to develop as he matures.

Will Waggett (2025, 1B/RHP, Hazel Green) 5’10 225 lbs.- Showed some arm strength on the dirt and the glove was solid. Did a nice job of squaring up and fielding balls out on front. Showed a slightly open stance at the plate and some pretty quick hands with a toe tap approach. The barrel path was fairly level through the zone and did a nice job using his lower half which resulted in some pop to the pull side. Did a nice job getting some weight back pre swing.

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