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East Coast Sox Scout Day: Session 2 Notes

Austin Sharp
Director of Scouting

This Thursday, June 4th, we traveled over to Meridian, MS to check out some of the top players in the East Coast Sox, one of the top travel baseball organizations in the country. In 3 sessions, there were a combined total of 192 players at the event. Mother Nature was perfect with not a single drop of rain and sunshine the whole day. It was a great event at Q.V. Sykes Park.

Over the next few days, we will be rolling out some post-event content and coverage on our social media and website, so be sure to keep an eye out. There were tons of other talented players at this event. Today, we will take a look at some of the top performers from Session 2 of the East Coast Sox Scout Day.




‘21 RHP Austin Cornelius, Hoover

6-foot-2 180 pound frame that saw an uptick in velocity since we’ve last seen him on the mound. Fastball worked from 84-88 mph while bumping 89 mph once. Pitch has arm side run into RHH’s. Slider had late break to it at 76-78 mph. Swing and miss pitch when located down. Changeup was a solid offering at 78-80 mph.

‘21 RHP/SS Trent Jones, Pelham

A wiry 6-foot-2 150 pound frame that showed some high pitchability during Session 2. Fastball was consistently 84-86 mph with slight run to the arm side. Breaking ball is an average pitch at 71-73 mph. Changeup looked to his best secondary offering. Looked comfortable throwing it, as he landed it for strikes at 74-76 mph.

‘22 SS/RHP Mason Morris, Tupelo (MS)

A primary shortstop, Morris posted some high numbers on the mound during Session 2. 6-foot-4 210 pound frame that allows for more strength down the road. Fastball was 86-88 mph with arm side run during his bullpen. Breaking ball showed tight break at 72 mph with swing and miss potential. Changeup was 71-74 mph. 




‘22 C Eli Berch, Jackson Prep (MS)

6-foot 190 pounder that has physicality in his frame and runs very well. With a controlled aggressive swing, Eli really gets everything out of his lower half to drive balls. Exit velo was 93 mph. 1.97-2.02 pop times with a C velo of 77 mph.

‘21 2B/SS Thaxton Berch, Jackson Prep (MS)

5-foot-10 160 pounder that does numerous things well. Simple swing at the plate that stays short and connected throughout. 87 mph exit velo. Solid defender, 81 mph IF velo. Exceptional runner that was clocked at 6.52. 

‘22 OF/LHP Cy Craig, Jackson Prep (MS)

A 5-foot-7 140 pound frame that has more thump in that bat than the measureables would suggest. Showcased some quick hands and a line drive approach during BP. Sprayed the ball back up the middle consistently. 88 mph exit velo. 81 mph OF velo. Above average runner at 7.00.

‘21 3B/OF Aaron Downs, Heritage Academy (MS)

5-foot-11 205 pound frame that was easily one of, if not the, top prospect at the event. Former PBR Future Games MVP, Downs had the most impressive round of BP out of all sessions. Everything was back up the middle and left the yard to CF multiple times. Ball comes off the bat different. 96 mph exit velo. Elected not to run the 60 but has been clocked at previous events as high as 6.58. 83 mph OF velo. Num. 64 in the ‘21 Overall Player Rankings.

‘23 OF/LHP Seth Farni, UMS-Wright

5-foot-11 170 pound frame that swings with intent at the plate. Switch-hitting outfielder that has the potential to stay one. 97 mph (RH) and 92 mph (LH) exit velos. Power bat that hit numerous balls deep into the OF during BP. Ole Miss recruit.

‘22 C/3B Ross Highfill, Madison Central (MS)

5-foot-11 195 pounder that did numerous things at a high level during the event. Impressive display of power during BP as he continually mashed balls to the gaps. 97 mph exit velo. Soft hands receiving behind the plate and posted 2.01-2.09 pop times. 83 mph C velo. 6.78 60.

’22 C/2B Christopher Lawson Neel, Gordo

5-foot-11 170 pounder that posted exceptional numbers behind the plate. Premium catch and throw skills, as he posted 1.83-1.95 pop times and C velo of 80 mph. Swung it well during BP, 85 mph exit velo. 7.15 runner.

’21 C/1B Jackson Owen, Starkville (MS)

A physical backstop with a 6-foot 205 pound frame. Posted some very impressive statistical numbers across the board. Hits for power at the plate from the right side. Drove the ball to the gaps during BP. 94 mph exit velo. 2.11-2.17 pop times. 

‘22 C/3B Matthew Roncalli, Saltillo (MS)

6-foot 150 pound athletic frame with room for more as he adds strength to his build. Line drive approach at the plate during BP with an 89 mph exit velo. Solid defensively during the workout. Handled pitchers well during bullpens. 1.97-2.06 pop times.

’21 1B/RHP Sean Smith, Piedmont

6-foot-2 225 pounder that continues to impress with his physicality at the plate. Definite pull side pop. HR to left field during BP. Looks to launch on every swing. Some raw power with quick, strong hand speed and a thick lower half. 90 mph exit velo.

‘21 C/OF Hunter Sute, American Christian

5-foot-11 180 pounder that has seem to have added more strength to his already physical build. An advanced BP round, as he sprayed balls all over the field. Showed the ability to go the other way while still being able to lift to the pull side. 87 mph exit velo. Great defender behind the plate that had 1.88-1.90 pop times. 7.2 runner


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