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January 18 Preseason All State Positional Scout Analysis: Outfielders

PBR Alabama Staff

Fourteen outfielders went through the pro style workout at the Preseason All State event at the Top Gun Indoor Facility in Leeds. Several players really showed plus arm strength during the defensive portion of the workout while many others showed big time power at the plate. Here are those outfielders:

Christian Sutphin (2022, OF/RHP, Grissom) Sutphin showed a potential power arm on the mound as he showed clean actions on the bump. The arm works and the fastball seemed to show late life at 84-86 mph. The secondary stuff showed very well at times and once he can consistently command the offspeed stuff he has a chance to be a big time arm in the ‘22 class. Has potential on the mound. The arm strength was displayed from the outfield as well as he was 88 mph with accuracy. Slightly open stance at the plate with a small crouch. There is a nice rhythmic load of the hands as well and the swing is well synced. He shows nice pop to both gaps. 

Kobe Warden (2020, OF/2B, Brooks) The ‘20 grad jumped out during the OF portion as he showed tremendous arm strength with an 88 mph OF velocity. The ball stayed on line and had some major carry. Good athlete that runs well also. Even stance with the feet at the plate with a small toe tap approach which allows him to be on time with the barrel. Showed a mostly flat swing plane which consistently produced hard contact and pull side line drives. The guy is a competitor with plenty of skills to match. 

Banks Langston (2023, RHP/OF, Florence) Langston continues to prove why he is one of the better arms in the ‘23 class. Really nice arm action and clean mechanics makes him a possible high ceiling arm. He shows an easy delivery and the fastball really jumps out of the hand as he commanded the pitch up to 84 mph with spin rates in the mid 2000’s- low 2100’s. The breaking ball is firm with slider action in the low 70’s that he kept down in the zone. Nice athlete in the OF that can run. Slightly open stance at the plate with a leg kick approach that helps him generate some power. There is nice bat speed and strength in the hands. Slight tilt in the swing plane producing tilted line drives. The arm strength also showed during the outfield portion as he was 86 mph. A lot to like here. 

Dawson Winningham (2020, OF/LHP, Oxford) This was, by far, the best we had ever seen Willingham on the mound as the fastball was up to 86 mph from a high ¾ arm slot. The pitch gets downhill quickly and he also mixed in a 12/6 breaking ball that showed nice downward tilt. The change up showed tumble away from RH hitters and was a very nice pitch with very high spin rates. Nice LHP in the ‘20 class. Showed nice strength in the hands with plus bat speed as he was 95 mph exit velocity off the tee. Slightly open stance with the feet for the switch hitter on both sides that looks a bit more natural from the right side. There is definite tilt in the swing plane and stays through the zone nicely with the barrel. Creates some violence with the hands. Showed nice arm strength during OF work, throwing 83 mph with consistency on the throws.

Brendan Wall (2022, OF/RHP, Auburn) Nice spin rate (low 2000’s) fastball that was up to 83 mph with late movement. He shows a short, compact arm action and the ball comes out of the hand easily. Did a nice job of repeating his delivery pitch after pitch and the breaking ball took nice shape as a slider. The change up was his best secondary pitch that showed late tumble and had the same action as his fastball. Physical bat that starts slightly open with the feet with the hands set high. Does a nice job of getting ready to hit early and showed a mostly level swing path. The hands stayed inside the ball which resulted in a short, compact approach. Was 89 mph off the tee and did a nice job using the middle of the field. Nice arm strength of 83 mph during OF work. Nice looking ‘22 prospect.

Jay Faulkner (2022, SS/OF, Vestavia Hills) Showed a high ¾ arm slot and clean arm action. The fastball showed some late sink and was up to 79 mph. The breaking ball showed nice, late depth and was a definite two plane pitch. Appeared to really locate well to his glove side. Slightly open with the feet in the stance from a tall set up. Showed a solid, short approach with present strength in the hands. He does a nice job staying through the hitting zone and finishes high. The ‘22 grad showed nice skills with the arm strength from the OF as he was 81 mph. Very solid looking ‘22 grad.

Kellen Mashburn (2022, OF/RHP, Bob Jones) Another nice looking ‘22 grad at the event. The 6’3 Mashburn showed clean arm actions during the OF segment as the ball came out of the hand very well and stayed on plane at 81 mph. Evan stance with the feet and a crouched stance that he used to get his lower half involved. There is very nice bat speed and definite tilt in the swing plane. Showed nice pull side juice and kept the barrel through the hitting zone very well. He was also 89 mph exit velocity off the tee. 

Dillon Williams (2022, OF/RHP, Bibb County) Williams showed a mid ¾ arm slot with a very easy delivery. A nice athlete that repeated clean mechanics pitch after pitch. The fastball was 77-79 mph and had a good bit of late arm side action. The breaking ball showed 12/6 action and broke very late. The change up was a deceptive pitch in the 65-67 mph range and had the same tunnel as the fastball. Open stance at the plate with some crouch in the body and hands set high. He did a nice job using the whole field during BP and handled the barrel very well. Was very short to the ball with a line drive approach. Williams was 80 mph from the OF with a quick transfer.

Harrison Long (2022, OF/SS, Auburn) A 2022 prospect that has shown marked improvement over the last year and has become a much more physical player with added strength and weight. Even stance with the feet and a very simple approach as he keeps the front foot grounded the entire time. Does a nice job getting his weight to the launch position and the swing is well synced throughout. Was consistent with his middle of the field approach during BP. Very short with the hands. Athletic actions during defensive OF work and was 80 mph during the session. 

Owen Beaverstock (2022, OF, St Pauls Episcopal) Very athletic ‘22 grad that can really run (4.06 H-1B) and was 90 mph exit velocity off the tee. Slightly open stance and a leg kick approach to create some torque in the swing. Does a nice job using his lower half and does a nice job creating a short swing path, forcing the hands inside the ball. Loud contact BP with consistent tilted line drives to the middle of the field. Quick transfer out of the glove to the throw and was 79 mph from the OF. There is a ton to like in this athletic ‘22 grad. 

Jackson Crow (2023, RHP/OF, Oxford) Really like the clean mechanics on this ‘23 RHP. Showed a high arm slot and stays compact in the delivery with a very clean delivery. The fastball seemed to really take off late and was up to 80 mph. The breaking ball is a really nice pitch for him with 12/6 action and late depth with spin rates in the low 2200’s. The change up was thrown with the arm action as the fastball and shows some promise for the future. The arm also worked from the OF as he was 79 mph during the defensive portion of the workout. At the plate he started with an even stance and very simple approach on the front side. Worked inside out with the swing and was mainly middle to oppo with the approach. Has some strength in the hands. Nice looking ‘23 prospect.

RJ Brooks (2024, OF/RHP, Oxford) Young ‘24 that showed clean actions on the mound and was consistently around the zone with all three pitches. The fastball was mid 70’s (topped at 76 mph) and showed some late “cut”. The breaking ball showed tight spin and had more slider action and the change up showed very nice deception. Really like this ‘24 on the bump. Brooks is a very good runner (4.06 H-1B) and also shows nice power off the barrel for his age (84 mph exit velo off the tee). The arm strength is very nice as he was 84 mph from the OF with solid athletic actions. At the plate, the switch hitting outfielder started with a slightly open stance on both sides of the plate and utilized a small leg kick to generate pop. Looked more natural as a LH hitter but was advanced with his approach, doing a nice job of staying inside the ball and consistently produced line drives. Watching him it’s easy to forget he is just a ‘24 grad with the tools he possesses. 

Bryce Sanders (2022, LHP/OF, Central Phenix City) This guy can pitch! He showed a nice short arm action and did a nice job hiding the ball from hitters. Very clean mechanically with major arm side action on the fastball that he kept down in the zone up to 78 mph. The breaking ball was mid 60’s with extremely high spin rates (low to mid 2500’s) and nice depth. Seemed to be able to flip this pitch in for a strike whenever he wanted. The change up showed nice tumble away from RH hitters and can definitely be a swing and miss pitch. Showed as much pitchability as anyone at the event. Very solid setup at the plate with slightly open feet and the bat set slightly off the shoulder. Not any wasted movement as he does a nic job separating the front foot and hands to get to a power position. The hands have some quickness and he showed a mostly middle to oppo approach with a fairly level swing plane. Quick transfer in the OF and was 76 mph with throws consistently on line.

Keep checking back as we will continue our positional scout analysis by taking a look at the middle infielders that attended the event. 

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