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June 12 Athens Wood Bat Showcase Scout Analysis: Infielders

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June 12 Athens Wood Bat Showcase Positional Scout Analysis: Infielders

An impressive group of infielders went through the morning workout on June 12 as infielders. Among the twenty-two players that showed their stuff on the dirt were six 2020 grads, nine 2021 grads, five 2022 grads and two 2023 grads. Check back over the next few days as we will release our scout analysis for the outfielders that were present at the event. Take a look at how the infielders performed:

Colby Hutto (2021, 2B/RHP, West Morgan) 6’1 155 lbs.- Very impressive of the day running a sub 7.0 (6.91) 60 with plenty of arm strength (81 mph) across the diamond. The glove works and the feet showed plenty well in the dirt. Showed nice lateral range and played low to the ground. Slightly open stance at the plate and does a nice job keeping their hands and barrel and inside the ball with a constant middle of the field approach. Did a nice job staying through the hitting zone with a very balanced swing.

Caleb Johnson (2022, SS/RHP, Central Phenix City) 5’10 140 lbs.- Maybe no one impressed with the glove more than this guy on the day. Was always in position to field the big hop and the glove action is as solid as we’ve seen. Did a very nice job resetting his for the throw. Switch hitter who started with an open stance from both sides of the plate and I used a high leg kick yo create juice. Showed some tilt in the swing plane and is a definite 2022 to follow in the next few years.

Carson Villalta (2020, SS/3B, Brooks) 6’1 180 lbs.- Good athlete that runs well (7.19 60). The actions in the field are very solid and he shows the ability to throw from different arm slots. The glow presentation is very solid. No doubt he has a hitter from the left side. Starts with an open stance and is very impressive through the zone with a violent barrel. The tilt in the swing really projects with power from gap to gap.

Carson Daniel (2020, 1B/RHP, Brooks) 6’2 185 lbs.- Turned in a 6.97 60 and those athletic actions carried over to the field. Has an upright even stance at the plate and continually smoked balls to the backside gap. Hands and barrel stayed short through the zone. Really like the set up. Show plenty of feel around the bag at 1B and really liked the arm strength and the glove works. Also a solid RHP.

Ty Hutto (2020, SS/RHP, Lawrence County) 6’3 165 lbs.- Tall, slender frame with the ability to add plenty of weight and strength in years to come. 7.01 runner and was 84 mph across the diamond. Shows a lot of tools (also a solid RHP) and does a nice job playing low to the ground on the dirt and showed solid lateral movement. Tall, even set up with the feet at the plate and the bat path showed some tilt. Has some juice to the middle and pull side.

Ty Scott (2021, SS/RHP, East Limestone) 6’1 165 lbs.- Solid fundamentals on this 2021 grad who impressed with the glove. Really attacks the baseball and stays through the throw. The arm strength is nice and he showed some flexibility in the hips. Showed an inside out approach at the plate from a narrow square stance with the feet. The bat path was flat and he look led like a prototypical 2 hole type hitter.

JW Hopkins (2022, 3B/RHP, Bob Jones) 6’4 190 lbs.- Impressive round of BP in the morning. Showed big-time poolside power and left the yard multiple times during his round. Slightly open stance and leg kick approach allows him to really use his lower half and the hands and barrel stay through this zone. Showed nice range in the field and the ability to move laterally with some arm strength. May eventually end up at 1B.

Mason Mann (2021, 1B/RHP, Priceville) 6’3 235 lbs.- can play both of the corner positions and showed nice glove presentation when building ground balls and the feet worked well after the catch. Really like the swing from the left-handed side. Slightly open with some tilt in the swing path and did a nice job of staying in the middle of the field. Love how the hands worked and the barrel stayed in the zone. Nice pop off the bat.

Zach Harries (2021, SS/RHP, Athens) 5’11 160 lbs.- Nice athlete with some quick twitch actions and strength he uses well in his game. Showed a very short and simple approach at the plate from a toe tap approach and the barrel stayed flat through the zone. Sprayed the ball all over the field during his round. Advanced footwork on the dirt and really had a quick transfer once the ball was in the glove. Also showed the ability to throw from different arm slots. Really like this 2021 prospect.

Brayden Buckner (2021, 3B/1B, Deshler) 6’0 185 lbs.- The swing was well-connected throughout and showed slight tilt in the bat path. The ball really came off the barrel to the pull side. Was slightly open in the stance and did a nice job of getting his front foot down on time so the barrel could enter the hitting zone. Really liked the flexibility he showed in his hips on the dirt and did a very good job of resetting his feet preparing to make the throw across the diamond. Solid fundamental actions for this 2021 on the day.

Gracin Wilson (2022, SS/RHP, Bob Jones) 5’9 147 lbs.- Even stance with the feet with the hands set back in the stance. Showed a very simple approach getting the hands and barrel straight to the hitting zone. The barrel showed a flat path which consistently produced line drives during his round of BP. Really aggressive coming to get ground balls in front of him and look very nice on the backhand play. Did a nice job of fielding everything out in front and getting his momentum moving with the throw. Showed some quick twitch actions.

Julian Cyree (2021, LHP/1B, Bob Jones) 6’0 185 lbs.- Big-time open stance from the left side with a leg kick approach that allows him to get his front foot down on time so that the barrel enters the hitting zone ready to go. The swing had some tilt in it and he showed a poolside approach. Solid actions around the baguette 1B. Showed natural instincts coming off of the bag to start a 3-6-1 double play. Physical kid.

Carson Dennis (2020, 1B/3B, Kate Duncan Smith DAR) 6’0 230 lbs.- No doubt, this guy has some power at the plate evidenced by his exit velocity of 104 mph off of the tee. The approach at the plate is simple and does a nice job of getting his weight back to the launch position and the hands and barrel really stay in the zone a long time creating juice off of the barrel to the pull side. Showed nice athleticism around the bag at 1B and feel for the position. Did not make throws as he is coming off an arm injury.

Carter Wells (2023, 3B/RHP, Sparkman) 5’11 185 lbs.- A young player that held his own at the event. Showed a very simple approach at the plate from an even stance and a middle of the field approach. The hands worked well and a bad path was level. Did a nice job staying on the ball through the hitting zone. Impressive at 3B with the feet in the glove. He knew when to take a drop step and showed some lateral range. Everything worked well together in the field.

Colby Reeves (2022, RHP/1B, Austin) 6’2 160 lbs.- Tall, lanky build with plenty of room for added strength and weight over the next few years. A very quiet, simple approach at the plate from an even stance and hands set back. Showed an inside out approach at the plate and did a nice job of staying balanced throughout the swing. Played very low to the ground at 1B and did a nice job with the feet around the bag. Also showed the ability to dig some balls out of the dirt on throws. Pitched the day before in a game so did not make any throws.

Graham Ellis (2021, 3B/RHP, Hartselle) 6’4 200 lbs.- Switch hitting corner infielder that showed a very simple approach in the box from both sides as the stance was even in the set up was simple. The hands and barrel really worked inside the ball and he showed a middle to oppo approach. Solid skills on the dirt and threw the ball well from different arm slots on balls he fielded on the run. The glove presentation was solid and he did a nice job of resetting his feet to make the throw.

Davis Elliott (2020, 2B/3B, Athens) 6’1 185 lbs.- Slightly open stance from the left side and really did a nice job of loading his hands to launch the swing. Everything was a middle to oppo during his round. He could stay through the ball a little bit longer to create some more juice. Showed very solid actions in the dirt and the feet worked well before and after fielding the ball. Was very natural on fielding the ball in front of him on the run.

Grant Wakefield (2022, 2B, Haleyville) 5’8 145 lbs.- Very short compact swing and a level swing path from this 2022 grad. Sprayed the ball to all parts of the field during his round of BP and looked like a typical 2 hole hitter. Solid fundamental approach to building ground balls who played low to the ground and showed some short, choppy feet. Showed solid 2B actions.

Mitch Russell (2021, 2B/3B, Athens) 5’11 180 lbs.- at the plate he started from an even stance and did a nice job getting the weight back to begin the swing. Slight toe tap approach and a level swing path. The hands worked inside the ball which created a middle of the field approach with some pop. Really liked the actions in the field as he worked his feet well before fielding the ground ball. Did a nice job keeping his weight moving toward the throw after fielding the ball. Very solid defensively.

Cody Collinsworth (2020, 2B/OF, Deshler) 5’11 155 lbs. - ran a 7.14 60 yard dash to open the day. Nice presentation of the glove and showed a very quick transfer on his throw across the diamond. The lateral range is there and his actions are solid. The stance is even at the plate and he showed some slight tilt in his bat path. Hit off the front side a little bit and sprayed the ball to all parts of the field during his round.

Mikel Booth (2023, 3B/RHP, Bob Jones) 6’1 165 lbs.- 2023 grad that showed some big time tilt in the swing path. The approach was simple with a slight toe tap approach and he did a nice job keeping the barrel through the zone showing a pull side mentality. Move very well at 3B and showed well on the ball to his glove side with the DP feed. Showed a quick transfer and the arm strength will increase as he matures physically.

Zac Shelton (2021, 2B/SS, East Lawrence) 6’0 145 lbs.- Started with a slightly closed stance and is a definite front foot hitter. A quiet approach and a level swing path produced mostly line drives during his BP round. In the dirt, he did a very nice job of resetting his feet after fielding the ball and moved well to his glove side and did a nice job on the slow roller in front throwing from a different arm slot.


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