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June 19 Top Prospect Games Scout Analysis: Outfielders

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June 19 Top Prospect Games Scout Analysis: Outfielders

Twelve players went through the outfield portion of the workout at Troy University as part of the Top Prospect Games. No doubt, this is the best collection of outfielders we have seen at any of our events as we had a couple of arms that were 90 + mph from the outfield. The athleticism of this group was off the charts. We will release our infield positional scout blog over the next few days but let's take a look at that impressive group of outfielders. 

Zac Rice (2020, OF/SS, Russell County) Skills abound in this athletic outfielder. Big time runner (6.53 60 yard dash) and there is no doubt of the arm strength as every throw from the grass was 90+ (including recording two 95’s). Shows strength in the barrel as well recording a 91 mph exit velo off of the tee. Even set up with the feet at the plate with a very simple, but powerful approach. The bat path shows slight tilt and really stays on the ball through the hitting zone, showing nice top hand strength. The skills this ’20 brings are off the chart.

Mailon Reese (2020, OF/RHP, Lee Scott) Did a ton of nice things on the day and has really seemed to refine his game. The skills are there (6.81 60 yard dash, 92 mph from the OF and 91 mph off the tee). Where he showed big time improvement was on the mound as the FB was up to 88 MPH and he sat 85-87 mph. Showed much more pitchability and is not just a hard thrower. The breaking ball took nice shape with tight spin and when located, is a definite swing and miss pitch. Does a nice job of getting his weight back to the launch position of the swing and the hands and barrel stayed short. No wasted actions in the swing as he uses a small leg kick approach. The ball really jumps of the bat. Especially to the pull side. Throws from the OF were very accurate and the ball really carried out of the hand. This is an uncommitted ’20 that shouldn’t stay uncommitted long.

Richard Brinson (2020, OF/LHP, UMS Wright) Athletic outfielders were the name of the game at the event and Brinson is no different. Big time runner (6.57 60 yard dash) and plenty of arm strength from the OF (89 mph) as well. Showed nice feel on balls in the OF with a very quick transfer. Throws stayed on line and were easy for the catcher to handle. Solid OF play from this ’20. Love the approach at the plate from the left side as he showed some thunder in the hands. Even stance with the feet and a small leg kick as he showed nice timing with the swing. The swing is simple but powerful and he showed juice to all fields with plus bat speed. One of the more impressive players at the event.

Drew Nelson (2022, LHP/OF, Pike Liberal Arts) A young ’22 grad that more than held his own against the older guys at the event. Showed 89 mph from the OF with a quick transfer. The throws stayed on line and he did a nice job keeping his momentum moving through his throws. At the plate, he, he showed a very simple approach with no wasted movement but created plenty of pop off the barrel from an even stance. Was able to hand pitches on both sides of the plate. Really gets the barrel through the hitting zone. The bat path shows slight tilt. Really like this ’22, also a nice LHP as well.

Treyce Byrd (2020, SS/RHP, Saraland) Athletic player that can help in a number of ways. Went through the defensive workout in the OF and showed the ability to track balls well and nice arm strength at 87 mph. The actions are solid and he also showed nice glove work at SS during the game. On the mound he showed a FB up to 83 from a quick arm action which he made it look easy. Did a nice job of locating the pitch to his glove side. Attacked the lower half of the zone. At the plate, his left handed swing continually produced hard ground balls up the middle and he was real short with the hands.  

John Michael Boles (2020, RHP/OF, Arab) This ’20 grad showed very well on the day. On the mound he was up to 76 mph on the mound but that can be a bit deceptive as he attacked the zone from a ¾ side arm slot that produced a ton of movement on all of his pitches. The FB showed big time ASR and the breaking ball was more slider type from his arm slot. Attacked the zone and consistently forced soft contact from hitters. Slightly open stance at the plate and was very short with the hands and barrel. Showed a very nice middle of the field approach and a balanced swing with slight tilt in the bat path. Was 85 mph from the OF and did a nice job getting himself ready to throw after the catch. A very versatile ’20 grad.

Carson Herring (2020, C/3B, Rehobeth) Offensively, the hands are set fairly low and the feet start slightly open. Does a nice job getting his foot down to trigger his swing. Solidly built, he does a nice job of using his lower half in the swing. Showed some tilt in the swing path which created some pull side juice off of his barrel. The actions in the OF were smooth and the feet showed athleticism. The arm action is clean and the ball stays on line with no tail at 85 mph. Also athletic enough to play 3B as well. Hard single to the left side during game play.

Jacob Wright (2020, RHP/OF, Saraland) Slightly open stance with the feet and he showed some lift in the swing that produced some loud barrel swings during BP (also 92 exit velo off of a tee), with a middle to pull approach. He showed well during OF drills and was very accurate with his throws to the plate at 83 mph. Showed nice “feel” for moving around in the OF as well with natural actions. On the mound, his FB was up to 81 mph and he pounded the bottom half of the zone with this pitch and was able to get ahead of the hitters he faced. Worked quick and really messed up timing of hitters by flipping a breaking ball in in the mod 60’s.

Jack Poist (2020, OF/2B, Spain Park) Even stance at the plate with the feet and shows nice rhythm in the swing and with the hands. Does a very nice job of staying through the hitting zone showing top hand strength and a polished swing plane with the hands. A simple, but nice looking approach from the left side. Moved extremely well in the OF and showed a quick transfer and nice work of the feet. Used his momentum well and the ball seemed to really explode out of the hand. Super accurate throws to the plate.

Noah Watkins (2020, OF/LHP, Lee) A bit of a throwback type player that is athletic in the OF. Seems to just glide to the ball as he approaches it in the OF. Nice arm action and very quick transfer from this athletic OF/LHP. Even start with the feet with a bit of a leg kick approach that allows the weight to work form back to the front. The swing is simple and the barrel really stayed on the ball through the hitting zone. Showed nice tilt in the swing and stayed exclusively in the middle of the field during BP. Had a loud 2B during the game. On the mound, the FB was up to 80 mph but he has the ability to mix all three of his pitches at any time and count. Really located all of his pitches with clean mechanics and showed the ability to “paint” both corners of the plate with the FB. The breaking ball showed some late depth with tight spin. This guy is just a competitor.

Preston Owens (2020, OF/3B, Crenshaw Christian) Nice athlete that ran a 7.03 60 yard dash and those actions carried over to OF play as well. Tracks the ball well in the OF and did a nice job of getting rid of the ball quickly. Had two big time plays in game play, including a highlight reel diving play in CF.  At the plate, he started with an open stance and used a leg kick approach to create some pop off of the barrel. The hands were set high which created a level swing path and the result was consistent middle of the field line drives. On the mound, he showed a mid to upper 70’s FB from a long arm slot. The mechanics are clean and he did a nice job of getting balanced over the rubber. Creates nice tilt on the FB. Showed a breaking ball with depth and did a nice job of finishing this pitch down in the zone.

Dylan Paseur (2020, OF/1B, Buckhorn) Even setup in the stance at the plate and really did a nice job of getting his back side through on the swing. The swing is well synched and with very slight tilt in the bat path. Showed consistent line drives during BP and had a well struck 6-3 in the game. Nice frame in the OF with easy and pure actions. Throws were consistent and on line and he showed a knack for being able to get glove side on ground balls. Did a nice job with his momentum through his throws. Athletic ’20 grad.

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