November 10 North Alabama Open Scout Analysis: Pitcher Only's

PBR Alabama Staff

November 10 North Alabama Open Scout Analysis: Pitcher Only's

There were seven pitchers that showed up at Calhoun Community College on November 10 to pitch only. There were fifteen other pitchers that threw off the mound but they also went through the positional workout as well. There pitching notes will be included in their positional write up. Here are the seven that showed up to pitch only:

Brandon Bentley (2021, RHP/1B, Westminster Christian) Nice clean, smooth delivery and the FB has some late life up to 85 mph on several pitches, showing 18” of vertical break and spin rates up to the mid 2400’s. The breaking ball shows hard slider action in the upper 70’s with real late break (shows cutter type action). The change up is a nice pitch as well, showing sink into RH hitters while creating deception. Nice FB but he has feel for all 3 pitches and is confident throwing all of them. Really like the upside of this ‘21 arm. 

Turner Leathers (2022, RHP/2B, Tupelos MS) An impressive looking ‘22 arm that showed a high ¾ slot and did a nice job of repeating his delivery. The FB really seemed to explode out of the hand as he sat 82 mph during his bullpen session with upper 1700 spin rates and late life. The breaking showed nice shape with late depth in the upper 60’s and the change up showed about 7-9 mph difference in the FB (73-76 mph) with tumble into RH hitters. A nice looking ‘22 RHP. 

Wesley Sparks (2020, RHP/OF, Oxford) ‘20 RHP that did a nice job of repeating his delivery from a high ¾ arm slot. The FB was consistently 79-81 mph and seemed to really take off late. The FB had spin rates in the upper 1900’s as he really located the pitch down in the zone. The breaking ball was 69-70 mph with late break and very tight spin. The pitch was tough to pick up out of the hand. The change up was also a nice pitch for him at 70-72 mph and some glove side cut. Showed confidence in throwing all 3 pitches. 

Connor Ford (2022, RHP/3B, Hazel Green) Ford pounded the zone with all 3 pitches from a ¾ arm slot. The FB showed legit ASR that sat in the upper 70’s and bumped 80 mph on several pitches. Spin rates on the FB were upper 1800’s to mid 1900’s. The breaking ball was a good pitch and showed nice slider action and he was able to throw the pitch for a strike at 67-68 mph. The change up was a “plus” pitch in the mid 70’s that showed nice depth. Really attacked the zone with all 3 pitches and is a young arm to keep an eye on. 

Martin Beall (2021, RHP, Westbrook Christian) High ¾ arm slot with a FB up to 76 mph that showed nice sink to it. Spin rates on the FB were mid 1800’s to low 2000’s. The breaking ball showed slider action with nice tight spin in the mid 60’s and spin rates in the mid 1900’s- mid 2000’s. The change up showed nice deception at 69-71 mph and is a nice pitch that he had nice feel for. There is more velocity to come as he showed an easy, effortless delivery. Has a clue how to pitch. 

Zach Keene (2020, RHP/2B, Athens) The FB was up to 74 mph with mid 1880- low 1990 spin rates from a high ¾ delivery. He showed a solid delivery and worked downhill very well as the FB stayed down in the zone. The change up showed arm side sink at 69-71 mph with upper 1700 spin rates. The breaking ball showed well and is a definite weapon for him in the mid 50’s. The pitch showed true 12/6 break and is a plus pitch that he showed the ability to throw for strikes at any time. 

Cameron Hill (2021, LHP/OF, Priceville) The ‘21 LHP showed a low ¾ arm slot and the FB had some “cut” to it in the upper 60’s, topping at 70 mph. Nice movement on the pitch with spin rates in the mid to upper 1800’s. The breaking ball took slider shape but also showed some depth at 59-60 mph. He was able to do a nice job of locating this pitch to his glove side. The change up can be an effective pitch for him as he showed nice feel for throwing the pitch. He did a nice job of creating tumble with the pitch.

Tomorrow we will look at each outfielder present at the event, as several of those players also pitched as well.  

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