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Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Outfielders

PBR Alabama Staff

Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Outfielders

Eight outfielders from Alabama were at Auburn University for the Deep South Invite on Sunday, September 29. The group showed plus athleticism and several were very impressive offensively while a few showed upper 80's velocity from the outfield. Two players also went through infield drills while two others took the mound also. Here are the individual scouting analysis for each outfielder.  

Carson Herring (2020, OF/3B, Rehobeth) Herring hasn’t been pitching long but was impressive on the mound as he showed a FB up to 86 mph and was consistently 84-85 mph. The powerful Herring (6’2 215 lbs.) does a nice job of using his strong lower half in his delivery. Did a nice job of creating creating downhill on the FB with spin rates in the high 2000’s- low 2100’s and showed an “over the top” breaking ball that showed late depth and true feel for the changeup, creating serious deception from the same FB arm action. Considering he has only been pitching of late, he is an interesting arm to follow. He has some juice at the plate from a slightly open stance. He showed a very short, compact approach but did a nice job keeping the hands and barrel inside the ball. The ball came off the bat very well and showed gap to gap juice from a tilted swing plane. In the OF he showed nice arm strength at 89 mph from the OF and can also play 3B. Could be a nice pickup for someone in the ‘20 class. 

Brayden Merriweather (2021, 2B/OF, Madison Academy) A ‘21 player that has improved immensely since we last saw him as he has added both size and strength. In the OF he tracked balls very well and the arm strength is there with a fairly quick transfer. During IF drills he showed nice lateral range and played low to the ground. Arm strength is not an issue at either spot (88 mph from the OF, 84 mph across the diamond). Really creates some juice off the bat (91 mph exit velo off a tee)   from an open stance and a fairly level swing plane. Created carry and backspin off the barrel and showed some violence in the swing and strength in the hands. Really liked the rhythm of the load in the swing of this versatile ‘21 grad. 

Trey Burrell (2021, OF/SS, Hewitt Trussville) Athletic OF that can also play on the dirt in the middle (SS/2B). Does a very nice of attacking balls in front of him in the OF with a very quick transfer and carry on his throws at 86 mph from the OF. Repeatedly gave the catcher big hops and the throws stayed on line. The athleticism showed well on the IF as well where his footwork before and after fielding ground balls was fluid. Did a nice job with the glove presentation and gathering himself to make throws to 1B. Really short, compact approach at the plate as he starts from an open stance and showed quick hands to the hitting zone. The swing plane has some tilt in it and he consistently shows gap to gap juice each time we see him. 

Rashad Robinson (2021, OF/2B, Mobile Christian) The stance at the plate is just slightly open and he does a nice job of getting the front foot down on time for the barrel to follow. Showed a mostly pull side approach. Robinson did a nice job with his top hand, staying through the hitting zone with the barrel and finished fairly high with the swing. The athleticism in the OF obviously jumps out and the arm strength is there (86 mph) as he was as impressive with throws to the plate as anyone at the event. Showed a quick transfer and throws stayed on line and were ultra accurate. 

Harrison Long (2022, OF/SS, Auburn) Has added some nice size and strength since we saw him earlier this spring. Shows a very short approach at the plate as he doesn’t even pick up the front foot but did get his weight back to launch the swing and really got his back side through with the swing. Showed a nice middle of the field approach and really kept the barrel through the hitting zone. Defensively, he showed nice feel for the OF position and did a nice job attacking balls in front of him. The arm has definitely gotten stronger as he showed 82 mph from the OF as the ball really seemed to come out of the hand easily. Showed solid feel and actions in the OF with throw. 

 Zachary Kitchens (2020, OF/RHP, Macon East) On the mound he attacked hitters from a low ¾ slot and a FB that really showed some late arm side action. The FB was up to 76 mph but was effective with tons of movement. From the low arm slot, the breaking ball showed slider action and the action on the pitch was very late. The mechanics are clean and he showed a repeatable delivery. Both pitches had spin rates in the mid 2000’s. Offensively he showed a mostly level swing path and a middle of the field approach from the right side. The stance was slightly open and he used a small toe tap approach. In the OF he showed a quick transfer to the throw and the throws were very accurate to the plate. 

Matthew Kitchens (2023, OF/RHP, Macon East) On the mound he did a very solid job of repeating his mechanics and stayed on line to the plate. Worked from a high ¾ slot, creating big time action on all three of his pitches. He showed nice feel and confidence in all three pitches. The FB was up to 76 mph and he did a nice job of commanding this pitch down in the zone. The change up was delivered from the same arm speed as the FB and was very deceptive showing a 10 mph difference in the 2 pitches. His best pitch on the day was his breaking ball as he showed slider type action and it was very late breaking and difficult for hitters to pick up. The breaking ball showed a spin rate of mid to upper 2500’s. Offensively the stance was even and the hands were set high in the stance and he used a small toe tap approach in the box. Stayed short with the hands and used the middle of the field. In the OF he showed a very quick transfer and gave the catchers something easy to handle on the back end. A lot to like in this ‘23 grad, especially on the mound. 

Thomas Farley (2023, OF/1B, Southside) A young ‘23 grad in attendance at the event. Did a nice job of getting the hands back to the launch position of the swing and showed some strength in the hands. The swing had some intent in it. Does a nice job job using his lower half in the swing and showed a middle/oppo approach. Handled the barrel very well. Very solid fundamentals in the OF and really transferred the ball quickly and was on line with his throws. Showed solid footwork before the catch as the arm will continue to get stronger as he adds size and strength. A ‘23 to keep an eye on.

Check back on Monday as we conclude our coverage of the event by taking a look at the Alabama infielders present at the event. 

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