Arkansas ProCase Corner Infield Analysis

Brian Walker
Arkansas Scouting Director

PBR Arkansas - ProCase

Breakdown in class order of the corner infielders from the Arkansas ProCase May 22nd at Arkansas Tech University.

                       Tyler Johnson

Arkansas Commit, 2018 1B, Tyler Johnson, (6-Foot-2), 215-pound frame, physical build with strength, ran a 6.9, offensively, hits from open stance, closed stride, back leg delivers to front leg, barrel rhythm, will lose barrel behind at times, pull side power, loft to swing, high finish, exit velo 97 mph, defensively, fluid actions, glove flip to field, feet are active around bag, funnel to left hip, arm strength 74 mph.

                      Will Richardson

Arkansas State commit, 2018 1B, Will Richardson, (6-Foot-3), 205-pound frame, long levers with strength to the body, offensively, narrow set up with toe tap for rhythm, simple stride lower half works underneath length to swing, line drive approach, long levers with eventual power to swing, exit velo 91 mph, defensively fluid actions, clean funnel, athletic movements, short stroke, 88 mph arm strength.

                      Luke Davenport

2020 3B, Luke Davenport, (5-Foot-11), 205-pound frame, strong build, wide shoulders, offensively, open stance to closed stride, strength to swing, works uphill behind body, lower half loses leverage in ground, strong at contact, short finish, exit velo 94 mph, defensively, average feet, clean funnel, short arm action, strong arm, positional velo 89 mph.

                     Luke Pectol

Kentucky commit, 2020 1B Luke Pectol, (6-Foot-3), 190-pound frame, long and athletic body with present strength, ran a 7.10, offensively, hits from an open stance with toe tap rhythm, barrel rhythm with body, long levered, barrel cocks at foot strike, simple compact swing to contact, line drives with pull side loft and power, repeatable swing, long finish out in front, 96 mph exit velo defensively, easy actions, average gett, glove pat before field, clean arm stroke with carry at 83 mph.

                     Cade Rogers

2020 3B Cade Rogers, (6-Foot-0), 190- pound frame, strong compact frame, ran a 7.4, offensively, simple set up with barrel rhythm, toe tap to load, barrel cocks at foot strike, short compact stroke to front, loses contact with ground at contact at times, elevate to hit, exit velo 85 mph, defensively, average range, fingers up to field, clean funnel to midline, short arm stroke with carry, arm strength at 77 mph.

                    Cayden Wallace

Arkansas commit, 2020 3B, Cayden Wallace (6-Foot-1), 195 pound frame, strong athletic body, present strength, offensively centered stance to leg lift load, slight swing to the front foot to land, barrel cocked at foot strike, short compact stroke to contact, line drives all over the field with proper loft to swing showing power to all fields, exit velo 97 mph, defensively, average range, late with left foot to field, field off right eye, high funnel, clean stroke, strong arm at 91 mph.