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2025/2026 Top Prospect Games: Quick Hits

Paul Panaccione
Arizona Scouting Director

On June 21st and 22nd, Prep Baseball Report Arizona held the 2025/2026 Top Prospect Games at Arizona State University. The Top Prospect Games are an "invite only" showcase accessible to the class of 2025/2026 players in the state of Arizona, granting players the opportunity to be evaluated by the PBR Arizona staff while their tools were analyzed by state-of-the-art technologies on-site.

Today, we’ll begin to publish our findings from our first event of the year in the form of this Quick Hits post. In no order, we will state some of our initial takeaways and highlights from Wednesday/Thursday's showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post-event coverage.

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Gavin Mesa OF / 3B / Chaparral , AZ / 2025

6-foot-4 175 pounds, L/R with a great build and room to add strength. Versatile defender with above average tracking ability and routes in the OF, with ability to play 3B. The LHH was towards the top of the charts in all offensive statistical categories and OF velo (86 mph). Middle of the field approach at the plate, best contact in BP was deep line drives to the middle. Tends to lose the top hand at times with soft contact to the offside. Bat/hand speed is advanced, produces back spin flight with the ability to drive the ball to the gaps. Mesa showed very well during the workout portion of the event, and came out in gameplay and showed his projectability. 7.25 runner in the 60 yard, his long limbs and athletic ability show speed should increase over time, and the speed plays well around the bases. Max EV of 92 mph in batting practice, with a max distance of 310 feet. Hand and bat speed numbers on blast were impressive. Mesa went 1-3 with a 3B and BB during game action.

Anthony Montez SS / 2B / Cienega, AZ / 2025

5-foot-11 170 pounds, Anthony Montez showed well at the 2025/2026 Top Prospect Games. 0-3 with a BB and SB in game play, but the upside is there. Compact build with strength and above average ability in the infield. As he continues to grow and learn the game this could be a high level infielder on the left side. Fluidity while fielding and reading hops is clean, with an arm that will play from the left side (85 mph IF Velo). Showed some upside with the bat as well (Mav EV 92, Max Dist 306). Does a good job staying in his legs and hitting from a strong position. Easy actions in the box, swing plane is slightly uphill but consistently strikes the ball well. Flattening out the bat path could play more to his profile. His understanding of infield play is advanced for age and should only continue to grow. Top 5 60 time at the event (7.08). High follow prospect. 

Brady Campbell OF / SS / Pinnacle, AZ / 2025

6-foot-1 180 pounds, Brady Campbell was a huge standout at the Top Prospect Games. His athletic ability, strength, and talent are levels above the competition. He was at the top of each statistical category from the workout portion of the event, then took over in game action. 2-4 with a 3B a BB and lineout to SS. He stole 3 bases on the day and all at bats were quality. Speed plays a big role in his game (6.79 60). He was able to leg out a 3B and an infield single. His base running ability was a standout. In one inning, Campbell manufactured a run solely with his legs. He beat out an IF single, stole 2B, stole 3B, and score a run on a base hit. Baseball actions are still not necessarily clean, but the sky is the limit for this prospect. BP rounds were very impressive, middle of the field approach and consistent hard line drive contact. He left the yard to the pull side and was driving balls deep to the gaps. His bat path is very clean, flat and gains a great amount of extension through the baseball to create back spin flight. With a few tweaks to the set up/mechanics, Campbell could see quick and large improvements to his already impressive swing. Campbell tracks the ball well in the OF with a strong arm (87 mph OF Velo). We also saw Campbell on the mound, where he topped 83 with the FB, and set down 4 of 5 hitters (3 via punch out). Brady Campbell is a name we will be following closely over the years.



Brody James SS / RHP / Desert Mountain , AZ / 2026

5-foot-8 160 pounds, Brody James was just an all around ball player at the Top Prospect Games. Compact build with good actions around the diamond. Has some ability as SS and on the mound. Turned in a good workout on Tuesday, ran a 7.36 60 yard, 84 mph IF velo, 80 mph FB velo, 87 mph EV and max Dist of 286 feet. He showed his arm strength is one of his top tools, with a flat and direct bat path that gets to the top half of the baseball. Tempo and strike throwing ability on the mound was outstanding. 100% strikes with the FB and 60% with the breaking ball. Pitching to contact and getting weak outs, he set down 4 of 5 of his hitters, recording 1 strike out. He played a high level SS for his age. Glove work was clean, turned some double plays and was in the right spot all day. Brody James is a gamer, good two-way follow in the 2026 class.

Jack Petroff 3B / RHP / Pinnacle, AZ / 2026

5-foot-11 165 pounds, Jack Petroff showed his stuff at the Top Prospect Games. He’s got a far above average build for his age, with room to grow athletically. Moves around the diamond well with clean actions and arm strength. The bat gets through the zone very well with some gap-to-gap power potential. Simple set up at the plate with some box presence and hits from a strong position. Stayed to the middle of the field during BP rounds and was able to drive some balls to the middle/offside gap. 91 mph EV with a 290 max distance. Arm strength is a good tool of his, with much room to grow as he adds strength. Petroff’s ability with the bat was a standout in BP and gameplay. He recorded 3 hits in game action with consistent hard line drive contact. We got to see Petroff on the mound as well, where the strike throwing ability was questionable, but the upside is there. Great two-way follow in the 2026 class. 

Cam Jantz OF / RHP / Higley, AZ / 2025

6-foot-3 175 pounds, long limbs and projectable build with room to add strength. The two-way prospect showed very well at the Top Prospect Games. He recorded 3 hits and 2 RBI in game action, and sat down 3 of 5 hitters on the mound, allowing 1 hit and 1 walk with 1 strike out. Hits were recorded both to the pull side and opposite field. Jantz was also impressive during the workout portion of the event. He turned in a 7.12 60 time with long strides. Threw 86 mph from the OF. Posted a top 3 EV at 95 mph, and an event high for max distance at 370 feet. Jantz was 81-83 with the FB on the mound from a higher slot. He used the FB exclusively in his outing and created weak contact and got some bad swings. The build and actions of this 2025 prospect show there is much more left in the tank. High follow. 

Devin Long RHP / OF / Chaparral, AZ / 2026

6-foot-2 170 pounds, Devin Long opened some eyes at the Top Prospect Games. All around great showing for Long on both sides of the ball. Upside in this prospect is huge. He has a far above average build and baseball actions for his age. Arm strength being his clear best tool, he threw 88 from the OF, 83 from the IF, and topped at 87 on the mound with the FB. His arm stroke is loose and clean, and creates true flight to the baseball. In his 5 batters in game play, Long walked 2 and struck out 2, and induced a fly out to center field. Spin rate on the FB was advanced a 2320 rpm. SL showed some promise at 72-73 mph and spun it at 2297 rpm. He also took an impressive BP during the workout portion of the event. Turned in a 96 mph EV, and max distance of 354 feet. Athletic set up in the box, hits from a strong position in his legs, with the ability to drive the ball to the big part of the field. The swing path is flat and direct with some extension through the zone. Devin Long is a clear high level prospect in the class of 2026, expect to see him at the top of our lists as he continues his career here in Arizona.



Jack Lafflam RHP / 1B / Brophy, AZ / 2025

6-foot-5 165 pounds, Jack Lafflam was the biggest standout of the event on the mound in his outing on Wednesday night. Long limbs with a slender build, much room for added strength. Lafflam sat down 7 of 10 batters faced on strikes in his dominant performance. Very easy delivery and repeatable mechanics. The FB sat 85-87 and topped at 88 mph (2301 rpm). His best work was done with the slider. SL velo was 73-76 with far above average spin numbers at 2513 rpm. Strike throwing ability for Lafflam was on in this outing. Good FB/SL mix that showed a potential power FB with a wipeout slider. As strength and maturity is added with Lafflam, this is a big time prospect on the mound. High follow. 

Andrew Jacobs RHP / OF / Liberty, AZ / 2025

6-foot-1 150 pounds, Andrew Jacobs was another one of the very impressive arms out at the Top Prospect Games. Great build with some projectability and athleticism. In his 10 batters faced, Jacobs struck out 3, walked 3, and allowed 2 hits. The arm strength is clearly there, with some above average spin numbers and HM. His loose arm and athletic delivery show much promise, just needs to create some more consistency with his mechanics. The FB topped at 88 mph and spun it at 2476 rpm with a max of 19 inches of HM. SL was thrown 68-69 mph with more above average spin at 2404 rpm and -19 inches of HM. And the CH sat 75-76 mph. As Jacobs continues to add strength and consistency, this is going to be a big arm in the 2025 class. High follow. 

Ryan Caruso RHP / RHP / Desert Vista, AZ / 2025

6-foot 155 pounds, Ryan Caruso opened some eyes at the Top Prospect Games at Arizona State University. He showed his ability to more the ball around and use different pitches to keep hitters off-balanced. Through 10 hitters, Caruso struck out 4, walked 3, and induced a 6-4-3 GBDP. Great athlete on the mound with a live arm and some upside. FB topped at 84 mph and showed some above average spin (2348) and ride at the top of the zone. CB velo sat 69-70 mph with some downward break. And the CH was thrown 75 mph. As Caruso adds strength and gets reps, this could be a very interesting arm with an out pitch in the breaking ball. 


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