Prep Baseball Report

Arizona Preseason All-State Team

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

Step into the spotlight as we release the Arizona Preseason All-State Team, a distinguished roster that features the brightest stars in high school baseball set to captivate audiences throughout the upcoming 2024 season. Selected and reported by Prep Baseball, these players have earned recognition as the top talents to watch out for in the state of Arizona. As the anticipation builds for another thrilling season on the diamond, these exceptional athletes promise to showcase their skills, compete at the highest level, and leave an indelible mark on the Arizona high school baseball landscape.

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Cameron Caminiti LHP / OF / Saguaro, AZ / 2024

Cam Caminiti, a true two-way standout, showcases exceptional abilities that shine brightest, particularly on the mound where his immense potential is evident. Possessing a lean and high-waisted 6-foot-2 frame, Caminiti demonstrates high-level projection coupled with an athletic and fast-moving pitching style. His delivery, predominantly from the stretch, features a high leg lift that facilitates easy extension, allowing for an explosive fastball ranging from 92-96 mph with notable arm-side life. Renowned for repeatability, he exhibits advanced command of a 71-74 mph curveball and a 78-80 mph slider, both displaying consistent shape. Transitioning to the batter's box, Caminiti displays commendable hip-to-shoulder separation, loose hands, and impressive bat speed, focusing on gap-to-gap hitting. Beyond his individual accomplishments, he made a lasting impact by representing himself with distinction at the inaugural Prep Baseball All American Game. Committed to LSU and recognized as a top prospect for the MLB Draft, Cam Caminiti's future in the baseball world is indeed one to watch.

Smith Bailey RHP / Mountain Ridge, AZ / 2024

Smith Bailey, a right-handed pitcher and University of Arizona commit hailing from Mountain Ridge High School, stands out as the premier right-handed arm in the state of Arizona. At a lean 6 feet 6 inches and 200 pounds, Bailey possesses an impressive physique. His pitching style features a loose mid 3-quarter arm slot, generating easy velocity in the range of 90-92 mph, with the capability to reach up to 94 mph when required. One of his standout offerings is a sweeping slider, effectively disrupting the timing of opposing batters. Bailey emerges as a rising star, poised for potential recognition in the MLB draft or ready to make an immediate impact as a freshman at the University of Arizona.

Mason Russell LHP / OF / Casteel , AZ / 2024

Mason Russell, a talented left-handed pitcher committed to the University of Arizona and representing Casteel High School, played a pivotal role in securing Casteel's first AIA title in 2023. Renowned for possessing one of the best overall pitching arsenals in his class, Russell showcases a genuine three-pitch mix. His fastball consistently sits at an impressive 89-91 mph, with occasional touches at 92 mph. What sets Russell apart is his masterful command of a slider and changeup, both of which he skillfully employs to paint the strike zone and induce substantial swing-and-miss moments. His contributions on the mound underscore his significance as a key player with the potential for continued success at the University of Arizona and beyond. Russell looks to lead the Colts to back to back titles in the 2024 season.

Brett Crossland RHP / Mountain Pointe, AZ / 2025

Brett Crossland, a standout right-handed pitcher hailing from Mountain Pointe High School, commands attention as the #1 prospect in the 2025 class. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 6 inches with a robust and athletic frame, Crossland brings an electrifying arsenal to the mound. His fastball, consistently clocks in the impressive range of 92-96 mph, showcasing both power and precision. Complementing his formidable fastball, Crossland unleashes a devastating high-spin slider that bedevils opposing batters. As a committed University of Texas prospect, Crossland's towering presence on the mound and potent repertoire position him as a force to be closely monitored in the upcoming seasons.

CJ Bott RHP / 2B / Notre Dame Preparatory, AZ / 2024

CJ Bott, the distinguished right-handed pitcher and UCLA commit at Notre Dame Prep High School, stands as the ace of the pitching staff, adding immense strength to the squad. His fastball, a key element in his impressive repertoire, consistently registers in the 90-92 mph range and has the capability of touching 94 mph during his outings. Paired with his exceptional pitching arsenal, including a powerful fastball, Notre Dame Prep anticipates a formidable pitching staff with the likes of Chase Wagner, an Arizona State commit, alongside Bott. As a vital component of the team, Bott's prowess on the mound positions Notre Dame Prep for success as they aim to showcase their pitching dominance in the upcoming season.

Drew Rogers C / 3B / Hamilton, AZ / 2024

Drew Rogers, the dynamic catcher committed to Georgia Tech hailing from Hamilton High School, brings a potent combination of skills to the diamond. Beyond showcasing a plus arm strength from behind the dish, Rogers truly distinguishes himself in the batter's box. His powerful swings and impressive bat speed make him a standout offensive force. With the potential to launch 10 or more home runs in the upcoming 2024 season, Rogers will be a formidable presence for the Huskies in the box. Anticipate him delivering video game-like numbers, as his hitting prowess becomes a key element in Hamilton's lineup this spring.

Chris Newstrom SS / C / Chaparral, AZ / 2024

Chris Newstrom, the versatile catcher and shortstop representing Chaparral High School, is set to bring his talents to Tennessee University after his senior season. Newstrom stands out as one of the premier athletes in the state, showcasing his skills both behind the plate for the Firebirds and in the middle at shortstop. Although Newstrom has recently gained attention for his work behind the plate, he has quickly proven his ability to excel in that role. Armed with a plus 84 mph arm and demonstrating swift transitions in his throws, he consistently achieves remarkable pop times ranging from 1.76 to 1.91 in workout settings. As the upcoming season unfolds, expect Newstrom to have a significant impact in both the batters box and behind the plate defensively, contributing significantly to the success of the Chaparral Firebirds.

Landon Hairston OF / LHP / Casteel, AZ / 2024

Landon Hairston, committed to Arizona State and holding the first baseman position for Casteel High School, solidifies his status as the premier defensive first baseman in the state, coupled with being one of the most formidable hitters. In the 2023 season, Hairston showcased his prowess at the plate by boasting an impressive .500 batting average, launching 7 home runs, and tallying 14 doubles, 2 triples, and 34 RBIs. His exceptional defensive skills, combined with his offensive prowess, make Hairston a standout player and a crucial asset for the Casteel High School baseball team as they embark on their journey for a second AIA state title. 

Ryker Waite SS / 2B / Queen Creek, AZ / 2024

Vanderbilt commit Ryker Waite, who recently reclassified in the summer of 2023, emerges as a senior shortstop for Queen Creek High School. Despite being slightly undersized, Waite is a true force on the field, showcasing excellence in all facets of the game. Renowned for his impressive power and contact at the plate, Waite's offensive capabilities are complemented by his highly athletic glove work in the middle infield. His versatility and well-rounded skill set make him one of the top gamers in the state, and his commitment to Vanderbilt attests to his standing as an elite prospect in the 2024 class.

Jackson Forbes SS / 3B / Mountain Ridge, AZ / 2024

Jackson Forbes, a standout shortstop committed to the University of Arizona, hails from Mountain Ridge High School, showcasing his exceptional athleticism and skills as a middle infielder. Boasting a smooth left-handed stroke at the plate, Forbes has consistently demonstrated his power, notably highlighted at the inaugural Procase in Southern California in 2023. During this event, he impressed by launching a home run over the right field wall, showcasing his ability to excel against some of the top talents from the West Coast. As Forbes embarks on the 2024 season, he is poised to play a pivotal role for Mountain Ridge, contributing both offensively and defensively.

Kyle Pettigrew 3B / Desert Mountain, AZ / 2024

Kyle Pettigrew, a San Diego State commit hailing from Desert Mountain High School, has emerged as a formidable two-way prospect, making a significant impact on both sides of the game. His talents came to the forefront at the 2022 PBR Future Games in Lake Point, Georgia, where he showcased his exceptional skills. Shortly after the event, Pettigrew committed to San Diego State, a testament to his promising abilities. Renowned for his stellar glove and strong arm at third base, Pettigrew's versatility extends to the pitcher's mound, solidifying his status as a standout two-way player in the high school baseball landscape.

Ky McGary OF / SS / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2024

Ky McGary, an Arizona State commit representing Sandra Day O'Connor High School, stands out as one of the premier MLB prospects in the state of Arizona. Excelling in every facet of the game, McGary showcases his prowess as a highly athletic outfielder. His exceptional speed not only benefits him in the field but also makes him a force on the bases, adding a dynamic element to his game. McGary boasts a 90+ mph arm from the outfield, a testament to his defensive prowess. Furthermore, his offensive capabilities are equally impressive, as he consistently displays the ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field. With a combination of speed, defensive acumen, and offensive firepower, Ky McGary stands as a standout prospect poised for success at the collegiate and, potentially, professional levels.

Jaylen Payne OF / SS / Hamilton , AZ / 2025

Jaylen Payne, a recent Utah commit hailing from Hamilton High School, emerges as a standout outfielder and one of the top defenders in the state. Despite his smaller stature, Payne's impact on the field far surpasses his size, showcasing a level of play where the frame is not in question. Renowned for his exceptional defensive skills, Payne's ability to read the game, make great jumps in the outfield, and showcase plus speed distinguishes him as a defensive force. In the batter's box, Payne adopts a contact-oriented approach, consistently driving the ball to all areas of the field. A true gamer and playmaker, Payne's on-field presence is marked by his enthusiasm and skill, making him an engaging and exciting player to watch for Hamilton High School.

Ryan Harwood OF / 1B / Casteel, AZ / 2026

Uncommitted sophomore Ryan Harwood, a corner outfielder at Casteel High School, asserts himself as the undisputed #1 prospect in the 2026 class, showcasing exceptional skills in all facets of the game. Harwood's standout quality lies in his prowess at the plate, where his large frame and potent left-handed swing deliver significant power. Making an impactful debut in his freshman season, Harwood played a pivotal role in guiding the Colts to their first state title, boasting an impressive .426 batting average. As the Casteel Colts set their sights on another championship run, Harwood is poised to be a key contributor, bringing his formidable talents to the forefront in pursuit of further success.


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