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2020 Lower Mainland Fall Open - Quick Hits

Jordan Broatch
PBR BC Scouting Director

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We would like to thank all who participated in PBR British Columbia's 2020 Lower Mainland Fall Open. This was a great opportunity for the class of 2021-2023 prospects to get into the system, see where they match up from their peers and showcase their tools and talents. We have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2020 Lower Mainland Fall Open - Quick Hits

The Bats

Aidan Malish OF / 1B / Kelowna Secondary, BC / 2022

Aiden Malish (Okanagan Athletics, Uncommitted 2022) showcased a big athletic body and a smooth lefty swing that creates easy loft to right field. He topped the event in Exit Velocity at 92MPH.

Noah Cassie 1B / RHP / Sands Secondary, BC / 2022

Noah Cassie (North Delta Blue Jays, Uncommitted 2022) had the best raw power at the event. He has true power to all fields, and with gained athleticism and speed, he can turn himself into a legit hitter.

Adrian Orioli OF / Princess Margaret, BC / 2021

Adrian Orioli (South Okanagan Tigers, Uncommitted 2022) had one of the purest hitter approaches to batting practice on the day. While most were trying to lift to pull side and hit one out, Orioli was content peppering the opposite field gap with line drive after line drive.

Glove Guys

Willy Wilson SS / 2B / Sands secondary, BC / 2022

Willy Wilson (North Delta Blue Jays, Uncommitted 2022) was regarded as the infielder with the event's best hands. He moves well around the infield and creates angles well moving side to side. His arm strength plays at 76MPH across the diamond and is supported by good footwork and quickness.

Aidan Malish OF / 1B / Kelowna Secondary, BC / 2022

Aiden Malish (Okanagan Athletics, Uncommitted 2022) was impressive with the bat and his defensive capabilities in the outfield. His throws showed great carry, as well as the ability to transfer quickly. He moved well around the ball and demonstrated a real feel for the spot. He led the day on positional velocity at 83MPH.

Kyle Hepburn C / OF / Steveston London, BC / 2021

Kyle Hepburn (North Delta Blue Jays, Uncommitted 2021) had by far the strongest arm among the catchers on the day, recording the second-highest positional velocity out of any position of 82MPH on his 2.01 Pop time to second base. During bullpens, he received well and blocked balls within his radius with ease. He is a big target behind the plate and demonstrates a great feel defensively for the position.

The Arms

Nick Frers RHP / SS / Argyle secondary, BC / 2023

Nick Frers (North Shore Twins, Uncommitted 2023) had the top mound velocity on the day at 86MPH with room to grow. He has a live arm and a good ride on his fastball. He showed us a decent four-pitch repertoire with a slider ranging from 71-73, a CB hovering at 70, and a CH in the 73-75 range. He showed great intent with his off-speed pitches and will be an exciting arm to watch. Also swings a good bat.

Hayden Cuthbertson LHP / OF / Delta Secondary, BC / 2022

Hayden Cuthbertson (North Delta Blue Jays, Uncommitted 2022) showed flashes of a high ceiling with his three-pitch mix. With the combination of his cross-body throwing motion, and long, lean arms, he will be a tough at-bat for left-handed-hitters. He topped at 85 on the day and had a good arm side run on his fastball. He threw two breaking balls, a slider and curveball, with the CB sitting between 67-69MPH with the slider at 71MPH.

Joel Robinson RHP / Yale secondary, BC / 2021

Joel Robinson (Abbotsford Cardinals, Uncommitted 2021) had an easy delivery and a high arm slot, topping out at 85 on the day., Fastball/curveball type pitcher with a decent change-up as well. His CB ranged from 64-66, and his CH was around 75-76 on the day with a little arm-side fade. He had an excellent demeanour while pitching, enjoying every second of his time on the mound.

Ryan Heppner SS / RHP / Vancouver College, BC / 2022

Ryan Heppner (North Delta Blue Jays, Uncommitted 2022) showcased arguably the best three-pitch mix on the day and excellent command. He was around the zone with all three of his pitches with a free and quick arm moving down the mound. He topped at 85MPH with his fastball, ranged from 65-67MPH on his CB and between 72-74MPH with his CH. High-athleticism on the mound with Heppner, duals as a shortstop, and can swing it too. Younger brother of UBC Fr. and Team BC standout pitcher at 2019 Canada Cup, Sean Heppner.