BC Selects Camp Recap - Day 1

Logan Wedgewood
PBR British Columbia Director of Scouting

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BC Selects Camp Recap - Day 1

The BC Selects Tryout Camp has officially kicked off, as Day 1 of 3 (July 16-18) saw the top 2020-2022 athletes work through various drills/stations and standard BP, attempting to showcase their abilities in front of the provincial coaching staff. BC coaches have a tough job ahead of them in narrowing down a strong class from 48 to just 20. On a hot summer day at Delair Park in Abbotsford, the workout concluded with high-velocity live BP off a pitching machine, incorporating full-speed baserunning and defensive play. Pitchers went through PFPs then worked to prepare their bodies for the two upcoming compete days, where Team SCHAEFER will compete against Team BROATCH in 12 inning contests.

Day 2 will start tomorrow at 9:30 AM. The players will run the 60-yard dash, then hit BP and finish off with a 12-inning game. Each pitcher scheduled will throw 2 innings.


Jack Yaremko OF / RHP / Moscrop, BC / 2020

Report: Jack Yaremko (Coquitlam Reds)
Yaremko earned Coach Eckstein’s inaugural Heart and Hustle award on the opening day of camp. Eckstein remarked that Yaremko earned the award despite having an average day (by Yaremko’s own standards), through all out effort during the BP rounds in the outfield. His speed and reads in the outfield have the make up for a talented and speedy CF.

Gareth Wintjes C / Sentinel, BC / 2020

Report: Gareth Wintjes (North Shore Jr. Twins)
Wintjes showed pop in his BP rounds, putting a few out in limited swings. He has decent power to all fields but excels primarily at pulling the ball currently. Defensively, behind the plate he shows a quiet glove towards the bottom part of the zone, and does a good job being subtle with his movements while receiving.

Matthew Suarez C / John Oliver Secondary, BC / 2020

Report: Matthew Suarez (UBC Thunder)
A stocky presence behind the plate, Suarez gives a superb target, is a big frame to throw to and stays low well while blocking. His footwork while throwing to bases is quick and easy, resulting in a strong/quick throwing arm with good backspin.

Yosuke Fujie SS / C / Yale, BC / 2020

Report: Yosuke Fujie (Fraser Valley Cardinals)
Fugie is a polished and instinctive middle-infielder. His excellent footwork and quick hands make up for an average arm across the diamond. Though small in stature, (5’8” 155lbs), Fugie can hold his own at the plate, showing gap to gap potential and plus speed out of the box.