Initial Class of 2019 Player Rankings (September)

Jamie Bodaly
PBR BC Director of Scouting

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British Columbia Insider: Initial Class of 2019 Player Rankings (September)

The Top Ten

Eli Saul RHP / 1B / Prince of Wales, BC / 2019

Report: Eli is a right-handed pitcher who plays for the UBC Thunder and was also a member of the Royals Area Codes team this past summer and was recently named to the Canadian Junior National Team. Sauli stands in at 6-foot-5 205-pounds and with his loose arm has some projection to him. His fastball is 87-89 mph and has topped out at 91 mph this past season. His slider is inconsistent but when on can be an out pitch and he throws it 75-77 mph. He has a good feel for his changeup and has the potential to be his best pitch down the road.

Carter Morris RHP / W.L. Seaton, BC / 2019

Report: Morris plays in the BC Premier Baseball League for the Okanagan A’s and is also a member of the Canadian Junior National Team. He stands in at 6-foot-1 and weighs 170- pounds and is our top ranked 2019 in BC. He has three pitches which he can throw all for a strike and when they are all on he is practically unhittable. His fastball is 86-88 but topped out at 92 in the PBL Provincials where he pretty much single handedly defeated the top team in the PBL. His fastball has lots of life with arm side run and a sink. Carter’s CB is 72-75 with depth to it and has the potential to turn into an out pitch. His changeup is also a quality pitch, he likes to start it at the hitters knees and it sinks producing lots of swings over top of the baseball.

Ryan Scott RHP / OF / Langley, BC / 2019

Report: Ryan is a raw right-handed pitcher who has tremendous upside, he is 6-foot-2 195-pounds and is an athlete starring on the hardwood with his high school team and also his Provincial team. His fastball is 86-88 mph and has topped out at 90 mph while down at Oregon State over the summer. Ryan’s velocity has jumped substantially over the course of the season about 8mph. His best pitch is his CB which is an out pitch with sharp break and good depth to it. He throws his CB 72-75 mph and can throw it back door or cut it onto the hands of a LHH. His changeup is a work in progress currently and throws it 73-77.

Joshua Walker SS / 3B / Lambrick park, BC / 2019

Report: Walker, an athletic left-handed hitting infielder with a short, simple line drive stroke and above average speed has made people look twice this summer and sits at number 4 overall in our 2019 class with Walker being one of the purest hitters around. He moves well and makes the plays defensively, but the bat is the big tool and his ability to hit and handle velocity. It’s a short swing with a quiet, upright stance and minimal movement, which suggests there is not a lot of worry about swing and miss and him going into slumps for long period of time. A threat on the bags, Walker is a player schools need to jump on if they are looking for someone who can hit near the top of the order and be a high run producer.

Kayden Beauregard C / Yale, BC / 2018

Report: Kayden re classified from a 2018 mainly because of an arm injury which plagued him earlier this past season. He is a 6-foot-1 190- pound catcher who is a good catch and throw guy with an above average arm behind the plate. His best tool is his bat, he possesses above average bat speed with good extension and a solid foundation which allows him to be one of the top bats in the 2019 class.

Daniel Martin OF / SS / Langley, BC / 2019

Report: Daniel moved to the outfield this past season and has transitioned nicely to right field. He shows an above average arm and tracks the ball well. He has a balanced approach and stays on pitches well with 2 strikes. He has the ability to leave the yard hitting a handful of homeruns this past season but likes to stay gap to gap. He is an advanced hitter for his age and will be a good get for Niagara University.

Connor Dykstra C / OF / Sardis, BC / 2019

Report: Connor is a physical 6-foot, 220-pound right-handed hitter who is a strong receiver and has a good arm with a 1.91 pop time at our ProCase this past May. At the plate, he has good balance and a simple swing who doesn’t get cheated. He has gap to gap power and every now and then will launch one. He has lots of room for growth with his overall game which makes him an exciting player to watch.

Ryan Beitel SS / RHP / Langley, BC / 2019

Report: Ryan has lots of tools and his game is improving daily, he has good actions at Short and moves well to stay there at the next level. His fielding is solid and his arm is slightly above average. His swing has shown tremendous improvement this past year and is a still a work in progress but is able to barrel pitches up and show good power gap to gap.

Madjik Mackenzie RHP / SS / John Oliver, BC / 2019

Report: Madjik is 6-foot-2 190- pounds and had an incredible year this past season in the Premier Baseball League. He dominated the league, lead in ERA and was second in wins. He has tremendous compete level and pitchability. He can throw three pitches anytime for strikes. He has a unique delivery which helps hide the ball and throws from a ¾ arm slot with good movement. His fastball was 82-85 at our ProCase in May and has touched some 87’s during the summer. He isn’t afraid to pitch in or out and his fastball has sink to it. His curveball 66-68 is an average pitch but he uses it effectively to keep hitters off balance and can throw it for strikes consistently. His best pitch is his changeup 75-77 mph which he is comfortable throwing at anytime. He also can swing if from the left side and shows good bat speed with a slight uppercut swing with gap to gap power.

Brandon Nicoll C / OF / Langley Senior, BC / 2019

Report: Brandon is 6-foot 190- pounds and is arguably the best hitter for his age group, he has plus bat speed and has an aggressive swing. He will use all areas of the field showing power to the opposite field as well. His defense is average at all positions he plays and is a super utility guy for his club team. He plays C, 3B and OF but will focus a lot on 3b this fall where he has a good glove and an improving arm over at the hot corner.

British Columbia Class of 2019

Rank Name State School Class Pos Commitment
1 Eli Saul BC Prince of Wales 2019 RHP Sacramento State
2 Carter Morris BC W.L. Seaton 2019 RHP Sacramento State
3 Ryan Scott BC Langley 2019 RHP Sacramento State
4 Joshua Walker BC Lambrick park 2019 SS
5 Kayden Beauregard BC Yale 2018 C Iowa Western CC
6 Daniel Martin BC Langley 2019 OF Niagara
7 Connor Dykstra BC Sardis 2019 C
8 Ryan Beitel BC Langley 2019 SS
9 Madjik Mackenzie BC John Oliver 2019 RHP
10 Brandon Nicoll BC Langley Senior 2019 C

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