CA CCS Focus: Upperclass Week 1

Ryan Ozella
PBR Northern CA Scouting Staff


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Central Coast Section, CA: The first week of Central Coast Section coverage kicked off with such a bang, I had to break down the players I saw into an Underclass and Upperclass grouping.

In these pieces, I'll group players into:
- Quick Hits - Players I liked but didn't get a deep enough look at
- Follows - Players that fit at the next level and include Video (For Subscribers)
- Commits - Players already committed to schools at the next level with Video (For Subscribers)

With all that said, let's get into the players who stood out this past week!



‘20 RHP Mitch Nagel (Live Oak) - Long and very lean frame with high waist and narrow build. Senior pitcher that looks like he’s still got a chance to make some leaps. FB 82-83 MPH with heaviness from a M-¾ slot after an athletic, over the head delivery. Didn’t see a breaking ball in the two inning stint, but the arm worked well.

‘20 3B Isaac Velasquez (Monterey) - Physical and muscular build especially in the shoulders showing nimble feet at 3B. Has fair lateral range and arm that can make throws needed. Aggressive approach at the plate with upward barrel path that shows quickness. Hopped on the hill late in the game and was working 75-77 MPH with the FB. 

‘20 SS Justin Deal (Monterey) - Athletic build and actions to play in the middle of the field. Continues to show the defense to play at the next level at multiple spots in the infield. Glove is soft and works out front independently allowing him to show strong range and the release to get the ball out. During his AB’s he was right on pitches with a good approach looking for pitches up he can attack; squared up an 85 MPH FB to mid-CF. 

‘20 C Nathan Schwartz (Leigh) - Has added strength to frame continuing to show catching skills that can make jumps. Arm goes right to the ear and was able to keep balls on base (2.18-2.20 between innings, with one in game stolen base at 2.08 Pop). Glove works below the baseball and showed flexibility in stance with a quiet body. Barrel has an upward path and he can run into some balls when on time. 

‘20 1B/LHP Evan Cooper (Leigh) - Two quality AB’s against Los Altos showing loose easy swing with some hand speed; one deep and solid F9 in his 1st AB. Upward barrel path was easy and a chance for some gap carry from it. Showed good footwork around the bag and was able to make picks during pre-game. Heard from the coach that he's also a key pitcher, but did not see in my look. 

‘20 1B Aidan Shaw (San Benito) - Menlo College commit. Physically strong and wide shouldered 1B shows strong bat speed during look. Balanced stance, loose hands pre-pitch with hands swinging up on big front knee lift; three strong AB’s picking up a hit through the 6-hole and well struck F9. Moves well around the bag and showed the arm to fit there and make throws as needed. Frame should have some power as well. 

‘20 C/OF Marcus Aranda (San Benito) - Coming back from Winter Sports (Plays both Football/Basketball) was being eased into game action, but showed he’s got the catching skills and athleticism to be an impact player again for San Benito and beyond. During pre-game was consistently 1.89-1.94 Pop time on throws to 2nd with arm that plays better than average. Caught the last couple innings and was solid behind the dish for working into full speed. Opened stance with low hands lifting in load; hooked a ball down the 3rd base line beating it out and showing his athleticism (4.4 H-1st).

‘20 RHP Jared Esparza (San Benito) - Squared shoulders in long and athletic frame with plenty of space for added growth. Righty had an up and down outing getting hit hard in the 1st inning before cruising through 2nd inning. Frame should easily continue to add strength and make big jumps in velocity. Arm works compact out of the glove before H-¾ release; controlled effort in delivery but can keep improving the lower half plane on pitches. FB 84-86 best to gloveside but worked flatter through top half of the zone during the 1st inning. CB 66-68 loose overhand bend; best one had some depth, but came out looking and acting more like a SLD. CHG 76-77 hard bottom selling the pitch well; went to the pitch more consistently in 2nd inning leading to more success. 

‘21 RHP Callum Olsen (Palo Alto) - Showed good athleticism on the hill and stuff that can still tick up. Frame was soft and long, showing the projection to be stronger as he keeps growing. Hands stayed at waist with longer depth and full swing out of the glove through H-¾ release. FB 78-81 T82 with heaviness through the zone. CHG 71-72 with arm side bottom; sells the pitch well and can fade it when needed. CB 64-68 showing small depth with late slow bend in 11/6-to-12/6 shape. Two strong innings with a K in the outing. 

‘21 1B Tommy Wilson (Sobrato) - Thick and wide frame still young for the age with some current strength and the space to tighten for future promise. Moved well around the bag and understood his footwork and showed he has in-game instincts; runner went first move against a LHP and he stepped in and threw a strike to 2nd base to get the runner. Easy, slightly upward path swing with good posture; was right on mid 80’s FBs just getting under a couple foul and swing should create some damage with his bat path and body type. 

‘21 OF Jackson Ortiz (Monterey) - Very long and lanky frame with strong shoulders; athletic projectable build. Raw skills currently after taking a year off baseball, but the athleticism can’t be taught. Showed his range in CF and the burst needed to go get the ball tracking balls across gaps with ease. Arm strength is present and showed fair accuracy from CF during Pre-Game. Swing has some flashes with loose wrists and upwards path, but loses head and barrel needs to tighten up. 

‘21 C/1B Dylan Page (Monterey) - Athletic, high waist build showing lean strength. Showed some projection behind the plate with ability to catch and throw; caught a runner during game (2.2 Pop). There’s some bounce in his step and though he was caught trying to steal 2nd it was on a good pitch to run and I liked the aggressiveness. Two walks so I would need to see the bat more. 


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