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Fresno Preseason ID: Catcher Reports

PBR California

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FRESNO, CALIF. - As an open event, this was conducted as a straight traditional showcase, though due to space contraints of the indoor facility, players ran a 30 yard dash (with 10 yard split), BP round (with Blast Motion sensors and TrackMan), defensive workouts, and pitchers ending the day on the mound throwing 15-20 pitch sessions.

Here are the reports of those who showcased as catchers, including video. Click on a player's name for access to his full profile.


Logan Pontecorvo, Central HS (CA), 2023
Positional Profile
: C
: 6-0, 205-pounds; 4.06 30-yard, 22.5” max jump height; Physical body type with chiseled muscularity.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 103.3 mph, hand speed max – 23.9 mph, bat speed max – 78.9 mph; Wide base with even feet, deep reverse lower half move before getting out to stride just outside where front foot starts, cocks barrel early to create knob angle to catcher, loads straight back with some depth, physical swing with extension and collide/crash at contact, can overpower the baseball even if not 100% on time, varied between two hand finish around back to occasional top hand release depending on pitch location, showed ability to impact ball over 100 mph both to pull side and through middle, raw power is real.
Defensively: C mph – 79, Pops – 1.94-2.10; Compact arm with plenty of natural arm strength to impact the running game, throws were accurate while giving MIF a chance to make a play, quick feet with in-line stride to target, finishes throws well while staying in his legs to drive the ball, glove arm creates firm front side leverage, able to set-up low with right leg out, heel down and knee up, comfortable seeing pitch early, strong soft hands, works from below the ball up through reception, knows when to let a ball be a ball and when to frame borderline pitch.

Peyton Barsotti, Buchanan HS (CA), 2025
Positional Profile
: C
: 6-2, 200-pounds; 4.03 30-yard, 23.3” max jump height; Powerful body type, physical with muscular proportionality.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 95.7 mph, hand speed max – 25.0 mph, bat speed max – 77.0 mph; Taller set-up, slightly open with narrow feet, smooth gliding stride while staying fairly tall throughout swing, loads straight back with depth, sweeps barrel through the zone with significant bat speed and physicality, quiet head, swing plane to punish mistakes mid-thigh level, his raw power is real with potential to develop usable power gap to gap.
Defensively: C mph – 75, Pops – 2.04-2.15; Physical arm, ball appeared to come out better than raw velo showed, in-line stride after cleanly replacing feet, efficient exchange, stands a little tall during throwing mechanics which costs him a little time, received with left knee down, strong hands, can stick pitches in multiple locations, deft glove work, blocked well while showing ability to recognize pitch early.

Alex Velasquez, Clovis North HS (CA), 2024
Positional Profile
: C
: 6-0, 180-pounds; 4.11 30-yard, 21.6” max jump height; Lean strength throughout an athletically proportioned body type.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 91.0 mph, hand speed max – 22.6 mph, bat speed max – 70.1 mph; Wide base, open stance, hands start high before getting to a deep load, has ability to create bat speed and flashes impact contact ability, short follow through with two hand top hand finish.
Defensively: C mph – 69, Pops – 2.15-2.20; Sat a little high for pops while showing quick efficient footwork and a quick exchange that allows arm strength to play up a bit, utilized left knee down receiving set-up, sat comfortably, worked below ball up and through, blocked well with sound technique and ability to control the block, made adjustments to balls out of zone easily, showed to be an above average receiver.


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