Prep Baseball Report

Norcal ProCase Spotlight: SS Trevor Haskins

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting

LINCOLN, CA. - Haskins, presently the 34th ranked 2021 in California (10th among SS) had as strong of a showing as one could have expected. He's been on the radar since his freshman year and was one of the earliest verbal commits in the 2021 class (Stanford), while also playing for one of the higher profile HS programs at Valley Christian. So scrutiny of his talents and game is something he's dealt with for quite awhile.

From being around him on the field and having watched him play on numerous occasions, it's clear to me that Haskins can handle the scrutiny, the criticisms, and also the praise. What I see is an unflappable and talented young player, one who clearly works at his game, and the type of player who is approach his ceiling down the road. His professional approach will serve him very well, first in his college years (unless he's the rare Stanford commit to sign out of HS), and then at the pro level.


Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Lithe and lean, well-proportioned and streamlined body.

Hit: RH - One of my criticisms of Haskins, most recently in the spring season, was that he had a tendency to be long to the ball, particularly vs higher velocities. The swings I saw were those of a player trying to get to his power. Well, what we saw at the ProCase was a tightened up swing, much shorter, on plane and mechanically sound. His Blast plane score of 60 rates in the above average range (13.6% achieve that average). His average bat speed was 70.2m average rotational acceleration was 16.3 (g), with an average attack angle of 15 degrees. His early connection score of 89 degrees rates right with the target 90 degrees in the Blast ideal ranges.

Power: 101 EV w/wood during the BP round is a pretty sound indication of his hand speed (average peak hand speed 21.4) ability to be on time with his body fully in sync to drive the baseball. As he gains strength in the years that he physically matures, there will be power that shows up. His attack angle will play as doubles and line-drive type home runs down the road and play from gap to gap. If I had to grade the future power grade for Haskins it would be above average. 

Field: Quick feet, moves quicker than his raw footspeed. Soft hands, plays well on the move where he gets more smooth than on balls right at him. Footwork around the bag showed well at both SS and 2B. Good concentration to and through the ball. Could play a little lower to and through the ball while eliminating some of the choppy steps and allowing his arm to not have to rush to keep up with his feet.

Arm: SS mph - 89 - The arm is not only strong but tracks accurately and true across the diamond. Plenty enough arm to play from the hole on backhand plays and play around the bag when he might not have time to get his feet underneath him. Finishes his throws well and that same concentration he has through the catch also shows up in his throws. Grades out as a future above average defender at SS.

Run: 7.01 - Smooth runner, powerful strides, not a burner but certainly not slow by any means.

Summary: The tool set, the professional approach, the trend of continued improvement to the various aspects of his game, all of that suggests he's got as good of a shot to reach his potential ceiling. Likely heads off to college, gets some important time as a freshman if not a full time starting gig, settles in as a starter by year two and as the 2024 draft rolls around he projects to be one of the top college SS in that draft.