Prep Baseball Report

NorCal ProCase Spotlight: SS/2B Elvin Delic

Steve Doherty
Area Scout


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LINCOLN, CA. - Every year there are players drafted purely based on athletic ability and not necessarily on baseball skills. Delic possesses both athleticism and baseball skill, a combination that should serve him well moving into the 2021 season and marching towards the 2021 June Draft. Delic is still a little raw defensively and offensively but has the proper foundations of an all around complete baseball player; something that scouts are looking for in a prospect.

Blast Motion data shows that Delic meets or exceeds all MLB averages in “Plane” and “Connection” metrics, suggesting, in fact confirming that he can, and will adjust to secondary offerings because he has the athleticism to do that. He will rarely strike out confirmed by viewing in person coupled with his early connection metrics; this allows him to stay on-plane longer through the zone, resulting in being able to put the ball in play at a higher rate. All this data implies that his BABIP stat (batting average for balls in play) will be higher than most. Currently Delic’s “Rotation” metrics fall within MiLB averages, but we can predict and assume that he will mature physically as he ages, and no doubt progress naturally into the MLB “Rotational” ranges sooner than later.


Body: Medium, athletic, toned, live body. Can add good weight without sacrificing dynamic movement. 

Hit:  Flashes plus bat speed with excellent plate coverage. Shows potential to spray the ball with high frequency to all fields, indicating a high batting average in the future. Athleticism leaves lots of room for growth, and with Blast metrics where they are currently, his offensive output on all fronts is trending up.

Power:  Average currently, but there are indications that the power tool will develop as he ages and matures. In the meantime we will see gap-to-gap power with high doubles totals. 

Field: Above average. Sound defensive actions and mechanics. Demonstrates quick, smooth double-play transfers from either middle infield position and sets feet when needed. 

Arm:  Carry tool. Above average arm tool for middle infielders.  Proper arm action. Velocity clocked at 91MPH from shortstop. Ideal for any INF/OF position.

Run:  Carry tool. 6.69 60-yard.  Lead-off/top of lineup type speed with powerful, compact acceleration. Plus baserunner with aptitude and  first step quickness. Can steal a base any time. Electric, instinctive, disruptive. Big 1st to 3rd speed.


David Fletcher (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)


A pure athlete with quick twitch qualities, Delic has tools, period. His athleticism is the upside on all his projected tools suggesting there is much more in the tank. Has the body control to stay in the middle-infield. Offensive and defensive polish will come with age and maturity if he continues on his current trajectory.  From an analytics prospective we can assume all of his metrics will get better with age and physical strength, especially his rotational/power metrics, which sit at MiLB averages currently, still pretty darn good for a high school senior. The development of his hit tool will determine his overall impact potential.